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Varus Build Guide by Boomproof

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boomproof

Varus, the Armor stacker nightmare

Boomproof Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first Guide :)

Hello, fellow summoners, I got an Idea for a Varus build based on edging his % damage without loss of AD damage. Let me know what you think!

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I pick them this way because loosing 4 points ArP and 3% Lifesteal for 4% CDR and 10% Spellpen is good, due to the fact that this build bases up to 30% on his AP. For the rest, they stay standard for AD carries.

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Skill Secuence

I pick my skills in this order for following reasons: THe 1st point on Q lets you trade hard early game with your opponent if u manage to hit them with a fully channeled Q. Afterwards I scales W 1st, due to the fact that it makes farming a damn joke. It's basically as if you would get extra 26 damage per hit for free, and not to forget the 15% max health in magic damage that it causes if you proc the stacks!
The next spell I take is the E. why the E? It cuts healing on 50%. Period. It basically allows you to 1 v 1 any ad carry and win. ALso its slow is so potent that it possibly assures kills. AND! Dont forget your Cutlass/gunblade! Both slows together are pretty mouch a root, believe you me.
Last but not least: Piercing Arrow. Tremendous skillshot with high output. But! Its channeling time makes it a weak spell for a 1 v 1 situation. You do by far more damage by autohitting and using your E on the enemy (spell witch has no channelling time, its instant cast) to proc your W stacks. you can use Q to proc the second group of stacks you charge on your opponent, it this one didnt die already, by using the no cast time Q, only to proc W stacks. In late, use Q having blue buff to harass and bite off the HP bars of your enemies sitting at their towers.
ANd of course, Ulti always then when you can. Remember: NEVER use ulti offensivele on an enemy before stacking W! CAST ULTI AFTER 3 STACKS ALWAYS! the burst is huge :)

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WEll! I start up with boots to give extra mobility and harass power. then I build directly a Bilgewater cutlass, that gives me a second slow with burst damage, AD and 18% lifesteal. What do you want more? After that I go deep attack speed, Building Phantom dancer ASAP, followed by hextech Gunblade, with the consecuent Sorc boots, for the magic penetration (NOTE: Due to the fact that varus mainly does % magic damage, he scales very well with magpen. With this build you get up doing 24% max health as magic damage with 3 charges, instead of poorly 10%, counting that you play varus as a standard AD carry.). As soon as you have gunblade, you have infinite sustain in lane. Every spell, every attack you do will heal you 20% of the damage done. No need to B unless its to buy. Following gunblade I max the best carry item: Infinity Edge. with this and phantom's crit chance you will just rape those squishy targets easily. To end up for late game Teamfights, get the 1600 gopd piece from raba, to add extra punch to your % damage. Top it up with a black cleaver and end the Rabadon. You will now be GOD MODE.

NOTE: YOu may ask yourself why I dont build Last Whisper. The reason is that having souch an awesome W spell lets you do high damage ont of an alternative source rather then autohits/AD, being yourself an AD carry. This damage, for bein % damage, destroys tanky enemies FAST. Faster then you think. Think about Vayne. Yeah. :) And anyway, having Black cleaver gives you effective 60 ArP after 3 hits, being waaaaaaay more then enough for enemy carries.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty mouch as you like! I take heal bcoz I never trust my mates that mouch.. :-(

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WEll, just try it out and let me know! ^^