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Varus Build Guide by War0305

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author War0305

Varus - The guilty will know Agony!

War0305 Last updated on July 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, this is my first guide for mobafire (I readed a lot of guides before deciding to write one) so who is better to write about, rather than my favourite ad ranged, Varus. In this guide, I will help you picking the best build, masteries, and fix for runes.

Please note that this is the way I build Varus, and may not be the perfect way to build him in every game, so don't rate bad becuase I use an item you don't.

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Pros / Cons

• Good damage outcome
• Just an awsome passive
• Easy to farm
• Good range
• Nice crowd control

• Mana consuming early-game
• Squishy
• Really slow
• Usually hated, and focused >.<

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Skill explanation

Living Vengance (passive): THIS is another skill that makes me love this champion, with this, in teamfights, fed, you easely get a penta-kill by killing their ad carry first. (Explained below)

Piercing arrow: This is, for me, the best of Varus skills, since it will boost your range and damage incredibly, letting you take that kill of your running oponent, works better when your target have 3 stacks of blighted quiver.

Blighted Quiver: This will help you deal some bonus damage, but it won't just end here. When you apply 3 stacks on someone with this skill, and you use any of your other skills on someone, you will deal bonus magic damage based on their max health, making this your best friend.

Hail of Arrows: I use this mainly to trigger blighted quiver passive, but it have other 2 functions: Prevent targets from heling too much, and slowing them.

Chain of Corruption: This is the skill you will use when they try to escape, shot this, and they won't be able to move. There are 2? No problem, it will split, stunning them as well.

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For Varus runes, I picked plain damage marks (will later explain why), plain armour runes for seals, plain magic resistance for glyphs, and damage runes for quintessences.

Now you will ask yourself, "Why not armour penetration for marks?" Yes, those runes will do if you dont have damage ones, but then, there is this awsome skill with an awsome range, and damage ratio, that will assure you to get first blood with the help of your support, your Piercing arrow. Damage runes will work better on this becuase of the damage ratio.

Plain armour and magic resistance runes for early game, becuase if you do EVERYTHING that I will detail later correctly, you won't just need anymore until later.

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This is the fix for masteries of must of the AD rangeds, since it will give you a little bit of everything, and then that +30 health, wich will be the great difference early game. You have no idea of how much times I've picked first blood with Varus, with only 15 hp left, what makes me think "My masteries are perfect for this".

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is really easy, max your piercing arrow, then blighted quiver, and last hail of arrows. There is a simple explanation for this: Early, you want to poke them, get a good cs, and prevent them from getting a good one, and this skill applies for all of those. Second, blighted quiver, specially becuase of the active passive, and you will max it later becuase it will be usefull to vs champs with a lot of hp. Last, hail of arrows to slow and take that kill.

The next combo will assure you a kill if done correctly, at level 9:
First, engage, 3 basics --> ult --> piercinga arrow + 3 basics --> hail of arrows = You have slain an enemy.

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Varus can solo top too, just be sure to buy a vampiric sceptre after buying berserker's.
For early levels, with your Doran's blade, you will have enough health to survive, plus your 6% lifesteal from masteries, and doran's, will let you survive at lane enough time to get your berserker's greaves. If you are more of an agressive player (as I play) start to poke their carry. When their carry gets desperate of being hit with your basics, and Qs, they will attack agressively, making an easy kill for you by comboing them with your 3 skills, as stated above. Last hit minions and don't push hard enough until you are sure you can kill your oponent easely, or your jungler is ganking.

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Getting ganked

So lets think about this situation: Thier jungler ganked, your support forgot to buy wards, and you are about to die, everything is reduced to your next action:

What should I do? First, try using Hail of Arrows, be sure to buy boots soon enough so you can escape. Their jungler is fast? Just ult him, and you will be ok. Flash if you need to.

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Getting dat Penta-Kill.

By your passive, Living vengance, you get bonus AS when you kill an enemy unit. The bonus is increased if you kill an enemy champ (Also activates with assists). In teamfights, Varus should, by NO means, initiate. You will get focused, and killed in less than a second. Your worst enemy, that nasty spell called exhaust. This will reduce your damage outcome to none, as well as your AS, just stay behind your team, when the teamfight starts, focus directly on their ad carry, or their squishy champion, as soon as you drop him, you will get a huge AS boost, focus next on their ap, will be an easy kill if you are not getting focused, as soon as you get this double kill, killing the other 3 will be no problem. There, penta-kill, as easy as that.

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Additional tips.

I will talk about some situations that are match determining, yet they are thing of seconds.

-My target is running, I won't be able to basic attack him, and I know if I charge my Q, he will get away, what should I do?
A: This is a move that happens a lot! If you readed the guide down here, you will get it, You can charge your Q, and flash, without shotting the arrow, just remember, you can get interrupted by crowd control.

-We just got counter-ganked. They may ace us. I think if they do, we lost this.
A: AS easy as this, your ult. It will break any gank by stunning everyone.

-Oh well, even though I know I will die, we may win this if I initiate, how should I do it?
A: I would do this only, and only in a desperate situation where the tank thinks he needs to be protected, so he stays behind, and everyone in your team does nothing but follow you (be sure they'll follow you, or you will die as a minion): Start with your ult, if you don't hit it, you won't ever win that teamfight. When you hit your ult, wait for your team to think you'll jump in, and when they do, "follow" them in, drop their ad carry, and win that game.