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Varus Build Guide by lamfate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lamfate

Varus- The way to right click then left click Top-Mid viable

lamfate Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, This is my first build so it may not be as fantastic as other builds. I decided to dedicate this to Varus. Before we begin I would like to point out that my english is not what you call the best. Okay beginning; summing up varus, hes basicially a male ashe, less chest, less ice, and no volley. Varus however is special because he has the ability to snipe, given with more time he has the ability to compete with Xerath on terms of range and possibly beat his poke at early game.

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Skill Sequence

Living Vengance-[/b Passive
On Champion kill or assist Varus gains a 40% atk speed increase for 6 seconds.
On a minion kill Varus gains 20% atk speed for 3 seconds.
- This passive is quite handy for minion pushing or during teamfights. During teamfights when an enemy champion dies you notice the sudden increase in speed and tends to make killing easier.
- During a 1 v 1 you can kill a low minion if you can spare a few hits and it suddenly gives you a jump allowing you to get more blight stacks to kill faster.
Piercing Arrow - Q
Varus starts dragging back his next shot, gradually increasing range and damage
- This skill is your main poke and incredibly useful throughtout the whole game, used to pick off enemies or just deal pain.
- If the enemy runs away too far out of your range it's not a must to fire, after a few seconds the skill stops and you gain back half the mana cost
- Requires small bit of mana per use, spamming at early levels may not be a smart choice

Blighted Quiver - W
Varus's basic attacks deal bonus damage and apply a blight status to the enemy, the blight is consumed after varus hits the enemy with a skill dealing damage per health percentage
- Useful skill that shaves down tanks or to even secure kills easier.
- At max level it does 5% hp per stack, assuming you have enough attack speed you can potentially damage over 20% hp just by adding 3 blight stacks and firing a random skill

Hail of Arrows - E
Varus fires a hail of arrows that does damage, enemies within the area is slowed and afflicted with a grieveous wound status.
- Varus's other attack skill that costs less so it would be cheaper to consume blights with at end game.
- The slow on the skill is surprisngly high and if you manage to aim the skill correctly it would slow the enemy long enough for your team to catch up.

Chain of Corruption - R
Varus flings out a tendril of corruption that deals magic damage and immobolizes the first champion it hits. Later it moves towards uinfected champions and imobolizes them too.
-Ah Varus's ultimate, where should i start? dead useful during teamfights or even as an escape mechanism, keeps the enemy long enough to launch in a few blighted shots and a skill to scare the enemy off or even secure a kill.
-Also can be used to set off blight stacks
-At level 6 it's always smart to keep reserve mana for your ultimate to stop ganks or to even save a teammate if aimed correctly.

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Summoner Spells

The Good
Flash: always a good choice to use, flash over walls, avoid ultimates, etc etc.

Teleport: Not a must but it always proves good to teleport on a nearby ward to gank an unsuspecting teemo or to protect a tower

Ghost: Escape mechanism, nuff said

Ignite: A good pick to finish off the enemy if you aren't too sure if you would be successfull, always a good pick

Exhaust: Great for 1 v 1s or chasing down an enemy.

The Decent

Heal: Heal seems to have gotten much more useful lately, HOWEVER you usually would not need this skill since you would be using pots.

Surge: I know this Varus build is not aimed for AP, however it proves have its perks, Increased attack speed which makes it easier to burst down enemies, a little bonus would be the Ap which also increases Blighted Quiver's damage.

The Ugly

Revive: If you already died once, I dont see the point of rushing to die again

Clairvoyance: You normally would not need this unless you want to double check yourself, usually not the case

Clarity: No

Promote: This skill has its uses from time to time but generally not a good idea.

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Boots & 3 health pots
- This is a good way to start. You generally would be aiming for last hits on both top or mid lane, perhaps even sneaking a few hits on the enemy champion.

Going back once
When you get back to base once assuming that you don't die, you should get a vampiric scepter to stay longer in lane, next would be an avarice blade for the crit and gold up

Mid game
You should be already getting your Berserk greaves, Bf sword/Brutalizer, Avarice, Scepter, dagger at this point, if you early good you snowballing, if not then you should probably push the BF sword /Brutalizer back and focus on last hitting.

Late game
At this point you should be getting your Frozen mallet which ends your game build and you should be dealing enough damage to make them run away from the sight of you or at least the sight of your Q
- Also buy the 250G pots, useful for last games

Situational Items
Trinity Force- Yes i know Trinity adds a 1.5x multiplier to your damage, it is truly an expensive build but also makes you a tad vulnerable, you can switch it out with Frozen Mallet if you have other teammates they fear and prevents them from focusing you

Maldreds Bloodrazer- Yes another expensive item, also known as the tank shredder. Very useful in taking out tanks and falsifying damage which makes you seem strong ( Force the fear into their fingers ), not really a must but it makes it easier to kill people

Last Whisper- Nice Attack, close to a Bf sword. What we really want would be the Armor penetration. Used on high defence Champs or tanks too

Guinsoo's Rageblade- Not really what i call the best to use, Gives a small bit of Ap and Attack, the real use of this would be the Ap and the Atk speed increase per hit- summing it up the more you hit the stronger it gets.

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Unfortuantely I still have not learned how to insert Pictures into this Build guide, if I did I would, also would make this build more interesting to look at. Although I have made this build, this is only my opinion, feel free to make changes yourself for this is not a bible to Varus or any other champ. Varus is made to poke and make you feel like a sniper, not a Garen rushing into battle dealing damage and surviving in the end, you look like an archer, archers stay away from the front line and snipe from the back.