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Vayne Build Guide by Wigluf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wigluf

Vayne 3's

Wigluf Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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This build is for Vayne on the T(wisted) T(reeline) map. In the following chapters I will explain my choices and talk about general "how to play this champion" stuff. If you like it, enjoy, if you don't feel free to leave a comment bashing this guide or perhaps giving constructive criticism.

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Pros / Cons

-Great early game damage
-Great chase
-Good stun with Great damage
-Great Ganker
-Can use Tumble and condemn to escape from ganks easily
-Can use her ult to stealth tumble into a lane you're going to gank so that you can then condemn the enemy into a wall easily and just melt their face with damage

-Squishy (wriggles helps minimize this, or laning with a Sona or Zilean)
-will get focused (if opponents have any intellect)
- Her tumble doesn't go through walls Q.Q although it would be OP sometimes I just wish it could would make Vayne freakish on TT

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Ranked Play

Although TT doesn't see many carries because they need farm Vayne does amazingly on it because her early game damage / chase / CC is so powerful. Sure she destroys in 5v5 because she has time to get farmed but she also destroys in 3v3 because she does such good damage without farm. Vayne is great in ranked but you need the right team. Zilean / Vayne / Mundo is one annoying *** team comp, since you have AP nuke, CC, and revive from Zil, high damage and stuns from Vayne, and a very tanky DPS from Mundo whose cleavers CLEAVE! (see what i did there?) through enemy flesh.

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Armor pen reds = no thought.

MP5 Yellow + Blue = Vayne can get mana hungry and you never want to be running from a fight and realize you have no mana for a tumble or condemn. Alternatively you can switch out the yellows for flat armor or blues for flat MR depending on what the other team is drafting. If in solo queue you can just go with flat Armor Yellow if you don't need the MP5 (I do this 1/2 the time) it really depends on how aggressive you are. If you're constantly tumble / condemning enemies for harassment out of lane then go with the MP5, if you play more defensively go with the Armor or Magic Resist.

Armor pen quints = see marks.

XP quint = I really like it, even though it's only 2% 3's is all about getting those extra levels and it helps you get up quicker than others so that you may better kill them. If playing with a Zilean this quints effectiveness plummets so you should switch it with another Armor Pen.

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Pretty standard here 21/0/9

Another build I've been playing with is 8/0/22 going


Deadliness x3 Cripple x1
Alacrity x4



Good Hands x3 Perseverance x2
Awareness x4
Greed x1 Meditation x3 Utility Mastery x2
Quickness x3 Blink of an Eye x1
Presence of the Master x1

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Creeping / Jungling

Here is where I diverge from the Vayne talk. In 3's last hitting is VITAL you have less time to farm so every minion that dies to someone else is a good chunk of cash that could have gone to you. JUNGLE every character on every team should be hopping in and out of the 3v3 maps jungle and this build really helps with that. Vayne herself does pretty good damage to the jungle creeps so she can get in and out of the jungle quickly and with Wriggles you get the ward (which you should always be warding Red buff or Dragon with) and the Proc. The ward helps against getting ganked while in the jungle getting that extra XP and Gold and Wriggles Proc helps you to just speed through the entire jungle. If wanted you could even take out Exhaust and put in Smite (it's very common to see 1-2 members of each team having Smite, I will talk about this in the summoner spells section).

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I will start off by saying OMFG WRIGGLES IS SO AMAZING. It's cheap (less than a B.F. Sword)it gives you free wards, it gives you armor and lifesteal, and damage! It's just all round amazing.

Berzerkers greaves for movement and AS.

Blood Thirster for more lifesteal and AD. You probably won't get too many stacks but it's base stats are good enough to get it.

Phantom Dancer for crits AS and MS.

Those are the core items for 3's since the game most likely won't go longer than it takes to get them.

Optionals (or if the game goes into late game phase):

Infinity Edge damage, crits, crit damage.

Frozen Mallet Damage, health, and slows.

The Black Cleaver this really increases your DPS, AS, AD, and Armor Reduc = dead enemies

Madreds Bloodrazor (only really good if enemy team is very tanky otherwise it's not worth it's weight in gold) get it?

Banshees vs AP teams. It's proc is just amazing and WILL save your life.

Cloak and Dagger is a very underrated item that is great vs CC teams it gives good stats and tenacity!

If the game goes too long and the enemy team is balanced damage go a head and get a Guardian Angel after the core build, it's just great, even though it's passive is a 5min thing just it proccing one time can turn around the game.

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Skill Sequence

I max Tumble first but this is preference either go with Tumble or Condemn. Silverbolts just isn't that great Maxing tumble gives you a low cooldown and more DPS with it so more sustained damage where as getting Condemn gives you massive bursts.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Flash = amazing. flash is very useful since there are so many walls to jump and exhaust to turn fights in your favor.

Smite is another great option it lets you steal buffs get buffs faster. In most higer elo 3's it's not uncommon to see 1-2 smites on each team just because it gives you such an advantage by being able to hop in and out of the jungle netting you gold and xp.

Ignite is very good but i typically don't take it because with wriggles I easily get redbuff early and keep control of it.

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Yep well that's my guide if you like it leave a comment telling me why and same if you don't like it. I will probably update my guide depending on if they change Vayne or change some items.