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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wantox

Vayne - a short guide to victory

Wantox Last updated on May 29, 2011
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This is my first build I put up on this website.

The reason why I made this is because I've seen a lot of people playing as Vayne but almost no one have ever got a very good build.

Before we start I want to excuse my bad and failing english.
And don't rate this guide before you have actually tested it out yourself.

Well let's go ahead and see what to do.

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The reason why I use the attack speed marks is to boost up the damage of Silver Bolts in early/mid game.

Why do I use Seals of evasion?
Well that's because Vayne dies very easy in early/mid games, and we want to avoid that.

The reason why I use these glyphs is the same as the reason why I use the marks, to boost up the Silver Bolts.

You can also go for a flat attack speed rune page.
With this you will start with about 0.85-0.90 attack speed, Which makes you a very good DPS in early game.

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The masteries is, as you can see, 21-9-0.
I use these defense masteries to have a good chance to survive early/mid game fight, especially if I play against a CC champion.
And I guess that you can guess why I use 21 offensive masteries, Vayne is a great damage DPS hero, and to make her a bit better, I use these masteries.

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Summoner Spells

I use Heal and Flash for one reason, as I've already said, Vayne is very easy to kill, and you will need to get away fast some times.

Why heal and not one of the offensive spells?

Well if you get hit by a DoT spell, like ignite or teemo's toxic, I can flash away, but there's still a chance that I die, but if I flash away and then heal, I can stay on the lane, and if I lane with another champ, I can help him to survie aswell if I heal both of us, or if he is in combat, I can help him without getting 1-hitted.

Other spells that works pretty good:

Instead of Heal:

Instead of Flash:

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Like I've said a lot of times already, Vayne is easy to kill.
That's why I start of with a Ruby Crystal, and then build it into a Phage.
To get a great hunt-kill-escape ability I use the Boots of Swiftness.
With these boots I can easilly run away from my opponent, or hunt him while he's running away.
The reason why I go with the Zeal ---> Phantom dancer is to get both movement speed, crit and attack speed, Vayne needs all of it.
As you can see on the rest of the build, Vayne needs a pretty decent ammount of damage and hp.
You may buy the Frozen Mallet right after the phantom dancer if you need to.

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Pros / Cons


* High damage output.
* Great hunt/escape abilities.
* Good ganker.


* Too easy to kill.
* Final hour is a bit too weak.
* Final hours needs to last longer.

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Early game, level 1-6.

To get a good start, I usually buy a Ruby crystal or Doran's sword.
This depends on who your enemie's are.
If you play against powerful heroes when 2v2 like Xin Zhao and Tryndamere you should absolutely get a Ruby Crystal.
Of you solo mid you can take either the Doran's blade or the Ruby Crystal.
I'd still recommend Ruby Crystal because you can build it into better items.

After a few minutes, or about level 4-6 you should get back to get a Phage.
This is only to deal some extra damage, which will be needed.
If the game is going well you should also have enough gold to get Boots of Swiftness.

Mid game (At level 6+ and while you're still fighting in standard positions, which in most cases means 2-1-2.)

Now you will need some extra attack speed to increase the DPS, and also to prepare for unsuspected ganks from the enemies.
You can buy a Zeal, but if 50% or more of the enemies has magical damage, get Wit's End.
This will make you last longer in fights.

Now when you have some attack speed, you will need more damage.
I would recommend a B.F Sword, and build it into a Bloodthirster ASAP to get lifesteal and stack damage.

Late Game (When you have left your lanes for teamfights etc.)

Now, try to follow the build, finish that bloodthirster, get a Black Cleaver and an Infinity edge.
If you aren't getting focused in team fights, swap Wit's end for a Phantom Dancer.
You will absolutely need a bigger chance to crit.
You should swap these items as soon as you realize that you are not getting focused, which can mean that you get it before the Black cleaver and Infinity Edge.
If you are getting focused, get the Frozen Mallet ASAP.

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I really hope that this helped everyone who tried it.
And please tell me what to do better when I make my next build, 'cause I really want to help you
as much as possible.