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Vayne Build Guide by ShadowDrake

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowDrake

Vayne, AS > AD

ShadowDrake Last updated on June 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction - Who is Vayne?

I would assume that if you are reading this, you would at least know who Vayne is. Regardless, i will go through the trouble of telling you that she is NOT easy, and only OP when fed. So stop you moaning and learn how to fight her instead of screaming OP CHAMP when a pro Vayne scores a kill on you for the tenth time in a row.

Onward to the guide!

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Skill Sequence

Many people get her Silver Bolts first. And that is perfectly understandable. However, I believe that it should be postponed a level for the all important Tumble. This is the bread and butter of Vayne. It lets you harass, dodge, and get in that necessary last shot to activate your true damage proc to take home the kill.

I level Silver Bolts secondly because it's damage scales with enemies' health. And as we all know, people get more health as the game goes on. So it isn't that great as an early game killer.

And lastly I level Condemn. And before I go anywhere with this spell let me say this: THIS IS NOT A DAMAGE ORIENTED SPELL!!! In my eyes this spell has 3 uses: knocking enemies into towers, against walls, and away from you. This is almost always to be used in a teamplay situation. Vayne excels at hiding in bushes behind her enemies, Stealth-Tumbling into their midst (Thanks to your handy-dandy ult), and pinning a champion into your allies or into a wall for an easy stun. And never use Condemn as a last hitter! Your basic attacks do just as much damage, more so with Tumble, and you never know when they might survive that one shot. And guess what happens if they survive that last-hitting Condemn? They are officially out of range of another shot.

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Despite common beliefs, Vayne is actually extremely adaptable. She can be amazing against tanks, a mage hunter, or even a pretty decent support with a Frozen Mallet and defence items. I prefer to play her as an attack speed DPS, with a Banshee's Veil to help with survivability. Unfortunately, not all builds will work. Such as a crit strike build. Vayne is NOT a crit strike champion.

I focus on attack speed because her Silver Bolts passive is a purebred tank slayer, and the faster you can get it to proc, the faster they die. And as for damage, I tend to only get a pure damage item, such as a bloodthirter, as my last item (with an exception of Black Cleaver) because her ultimate gives her almost as much damage as an Infinity Edge, with stealth and movement speed to boot.

However, any and every build with vayne is NOT a solid linear progression. Depending on your enemies, you may get your Banshee's Veil right after your boots. Or you may suspend survivability in favor of more attack speed and maybe some damage. There have been many cases where a rushed Banshee's Veil as my second or third item has saved my entire game from catastrophe. It is particularly helpful against champions who either have a nuke harass, such as Jax with his Leaping Strike/Empower combo, or champions who need to chain spells together, such as Brand.

Finally, if you notice in my build, I left the final item spot open. This is because of two reasons. The first is that I have rarely gotten to that point. The enemies usually either surrendered or the match has otherwise ended. The second reason is that by the time you DO get there, the item you need is entirely dependant on the situation. Too much damage on the enemy team? Warmogs. Too many successful runners or kiters? Frozen Mallet. Just need some more damage? Bloodthirster. You get the drift.

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I will come out and say this right now: I am not a huge fan of runes. They are a massive drain on IP, and I tend to just stick with my one completed rune page, regardless of who I play. Call me a noob, but that's just how I roll. And it works pretty well for me :P Anyway, the best quints would be, as I see it, are attack speed runes. As I have said numerous times, attack speed it just beautiful on Vayne. However I just love my Armor Penetration Marks and couldn't let them go! And for the other two, I just got armor and magic resist to help with early game durability. Anyways, this is the one section I did not put much thought into, so tweak as you desire!

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells, in my opnion, are best suited to the individual player. I have had many cases where a Mundo has managed to drag himself to safety due to a well timed ghost and ult. This is why I like to take Ghost AND Exhaust. Yes, Vayne is a good chaser. But she has absolutely no slows, unless you choose to get a Frozen Mallet. She relies entirely on her superior speed to kill enemies. And some champions can outrun out valient mistress, such as Doctor Mundo, Master Yi, and the occasional Gangplank. But Ghost, when in synergy with her ult, lets her catch just about anyone. And the Exhaust will both help with the occasional speedy demon like Mundo, and even with a common cocky DPS like a Jax screaming I'M A BEAST!!! But after you Banshee's Veil absorbs his leap, just roll, pin to a wall, Exhaust, and activate your active on Sword of the Divine and he can't do diddly squat! (Whos a beast now, Jax?)

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Early Game

Mid Lane:Yes, Vayne can mid. Yes, she is good at it. No, she is not good against everyone. Many champions are very good at eliminating Vayne. Anyone who can out-harrass her Tumble-shot will generally beat her at mid. I find brand to be particularly irritating. This is because if he places his pillar perfectly with you in the dead center, your Tumble will not carry you out of it.

Side Lanes:Vayne does not particularly excel in this situation. She is most definately a carry. She can indeed be deadly early game, but only with a lane partner who can keep the enemies at bay, like an Alistar or a Mundo. Xin-Zhao will kill you. He is most likely the best solution to Vayne that I have seen. But maybe that is just my opinion.

In any case, BE CAREFUL!!! Vayne is VERY fragile, and cannot take sustained damage. Hit and run when you can, but be watchful of ganks and don't push too hard.

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Team Work

Vayne excels at assassinating single targets in the midst of some anarchy and chaos. In the midst of a team fight, Vayne's primary spell combo (Ult, Tumble, Condemn, Attacks, and maybe summoner spells) will almost always land a kill, so long as you don't do anything too risky. If a small team fight is about to break out, like a 2v2 or 3v3, and the enemy has not spotted you yet, you can usually stealth-tumble in for a nice pin for a nice kill, and the speed of it often makes the unlocky enemy's allies recoil for a second or two, letting you get the kill and be on your merry way towards the safety of your cuddly allies.

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All in all, Vayne is an adaptable True Damage DPS Chaser Carry with situational Stealths and Stuns/Knockbacks. Hopefully this guide will help you to master the Night Hunter. So go forth, hunt your prey, and make them fear the very mention of The Night Hunter. Au Revoir!

(If anyone finds a build or guide that you believe is far superior to this one, feel free to send it to me and I test it myself. If I find it substantially superior, I will delete my Guide here and send the link of the other build in place of this one)