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Vayne Build Guide by ZeeWolfz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZeeWolfz

Vayne Attack Speed (Anti-All)

ZeeWolfz Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Vayne is an EXTREMELY powerful champion when played in the right hands. Luckily In dominion she stands out like no other. In my build I go for Attack Speed and With this item build you will be wrecking champions left and right.
Keep in mind, Vayne is not just Right click and blast away, She actually takes some skill to play due to her HP. She can Burst you down in 3-4 seconds, yet If you are not careful or happen to Attack too late, you will be dead before you know it.

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Pros / Cons


* Superb at killing Tanks/Beefy Fighters/Amything in her way
* Attack Speed helps her react faster and Counter champs like Jax/Kog
* Very Scary if played right
* Great passive that lets you catch up to your apponent


* Stuns are your enemy
* Can be easily Killed if not aware of your surroundings
* Has to be in action All the time In order to build her items faster
* Horrible at farming (Bot Lane)

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Build #1 VS #2 (Try Build 2 First)

Both Builds are very similar, yet different. I personally Use build #2 Most of the time due to it's flexibility.
It allows me to have Kitae's Bloodrazor Within 5-6 Min mark of the match, Which allows you to destroy targets faster. Also, It gives you life steal early on which increases your survivability by a ton. You can Still take Exhaust Over Promote, It is just personal Preference.

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How should I play Vayne? (Dominion)

In dominion its about Reacting to your surroundings, Knowing your Enemy, Knowing your Weaknesses.

Vayne, With this build, Is able to defend her turret as well push from it.

In MOST cases You do not want to attack your enemy out in the open. What do I mean by it? I mean, learn the map, Learn the Shadows (Fog of War) - Parts where enemy can see others and can not.

* How to Defend My turret? *

If you are defending a Turret (for a short while), You want to hide in the bush Nearby and Wait out on your enemy. Once enemy approaches, If you have your ultimate, Activate it, Tumble So your enemy unable to see you for a short while, Use Condemn To stun them against a wall/rock, and Destroy them. If you Don'tt think You will be able to burst them, Tumble around your turret and Kite. Turret will deal Significant amount of damage on your target while they try to chase you around it. Don't Forget to Harass.

* How to Attack My apponent? *

For Solo-Ganks, When you see your enemy pushing minion wave, Pop out of the Fog of War, Tumble > Condemn Against a wall/rock and Destroy them.

* For Team / Solo Pushes *

If You are using Promote Clear the minions, Summon your Big Guy, Tumble And Harass your apponent. Their Turret will go down in No time.

* Note *

Get The buff from the middle as much as you can, It will allow you to approach 2-3 Champs at Your turret. Play it smart, Target Squishies.

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What can I do wrong?

It is very easy to get carried away with vayne. Since using this build you will become very powerful. Sometimes you will meet teams that are performing poorly at the start and You will take advantage of killing them over and over again. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? It can be. Unfortunatelly killing is not everything in Dominion and Turrets still take huge chunk of the game. Killing is fun and all but if you do not help your team capture, You will lose even with 30/5/X Score.
Admit It, Winning is More fun.

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Runes are obvious:

Greater Mark of Desolation

Extra Armor Pen is always great vs Tank units and Beefy Champs. Reason I dropped few Is because of the Dominion Buff that already gives you Armor Pen.


Well One thing I say in dominion that as Vayne you can die exceptionally fast. She has very small HP pool and Can be destroyed if stunned by any good player. I do like Armor runes, But really didn't see much of a Use mid/late game, Yet it is still good choice.

Personally I prefer Alacrity Due to additional Attack Speed, But it is up to the player. It is a Choice non the less.

Cooldown Reduction is always a bonus in any combat. GET EM!!!

These babies will allow you to rush from a point to point faster than most. Also, Great Rune to catch up to your apponents.

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Early On:

Is a great item to start With due to it's stats. Since you wont have enough money for boots, You will cap Middle and ghost towards the top. It is as fast and at the same time you will have more damage than just boots.

Why These over any other boots? Well, Having Zeal and these boots will boost you up enough as you would with any other speed boots.

Mid Game:

IS AN AMAZING ITEM! With vayne's Silver Bolts You will be wrecking Enemy's HP like there was none.

Obvious Choice, Counters Akali/Twitch/Eve and At the same time Once enemy been hit and they run to the bush You are still able to see them and DESTROY THEM! NO RUNNING FROM VAYNE!

Late game:

Now Its time for you To build up some Life Steal

Extra attack speed, Extra Life steal. Why not?! Because you Can, You Will, You will LAUGH upon their corpses. (If you are used to having life steal early, build this after boots, Wont hurt you)

Excellent choice: Some damage, Life steal, Amazing Passive. Since by now you Shoot like a maniac, This item will make sure you will dominate anything 1 v 1.

Time to finish up your Zeal, So why not finish it with Trinity, Superb Item, Extra Damage. But most games will not last up to Trinity, So if your 17+mins into the game and able to Get Trinity, Go for it.

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Summoner Spells

Now WHY not have Flash??? Well First of all, If you chose Flash it shows that you will play the game Defensive, Will be Afraid to approach your enemy and will set up your mind to "Run Away". You just waste your Skill / Potential using It. Plus, Ghost is a great spell to get from one turret to another.

If you are still new to vayne and havent mastered her, This is by far best choice for you. Using it on your enemies will dramatically weaken them as well as make sure you will stay alive longer.
BUT!!! Once you Master Vayne, Chose Over Exhaust. Why? It is great for pushing turrets as well as gaining extra gold from Super Minion kills. having your attack speed and Super Minion will make sure that turrets will fall once you summon this beast.