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Vayne Build Guide by Ludvigy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

Vayne- Best duelist ww?

Ludvigy Last updated on July 21, 2013
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Hi my summoner name is Lylyly and i play on the eu west server and this is going to be my guide on how to play vayne. If u have any questions after reading the guide feel free to add me and ask questions or leave a comment in the comment parts. Now its time for me to show how i think vayne should be played.

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Pros: Very fun to play.
Can be built in plöayed many diferent ways.
Has a huge mid game spike with botrk.
One of the best duelists.
Her q is a great utility abilty that allows u to kite around easily.
Her stealth is very strong if used well.
Great late game only outmatched by trist and kog pretty much and trist has a huge mid game slump and kog is easily duelable in mid game if u did okay in lane.

Cons: Weak early on.
Can get destroyed by oracles and vision wards cause they deny her the protection that her stealth normally grants.
Very abusable by higher range acharacter for example cait and varus.

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Early game

In the early game u should usually just farm but you should not forget to abuse the enemys mistakes which is a mistake many ppl do. One good trick u can do is to have your support ward their bush and then pin the enemies support to the wall at lvl 2 with your e which can sometimes lead to a kill. Except from that you should probably try to use your power spikes at lvl 6 or 9 or simply wait till you get botrk.

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Mid game

The mid game is where vayne really starts to shine her mid game is very good compared to lets say trist our cait. In the mid game u should have a botrk and should be working towards a shiv this is the time were you should be trying to pick off ppl that are splitted off from theyre team cause your dueling is the best. I normally choose to try to split push and pick up some kills on the sidelanes while my team tries to drag or something for the early parts of mid game. After that point i go with my team and try to win some fights and end the game if possible.

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Late game

Be careful during the late game cause if you fall your team is gonna have a hard time but your dmg is gonna be huge here but my build is not made for extreme late game scenarios so at this point i recommend selling shiv or pd for a last whisper cause at this point armor pen is very crucial for your sucess.

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I want to thank JaeYoong who is a high elo asian player who si the guy who inspired my item path. I also want to thank a plat 2 player who inspired my runes and masteries i dont know his name but i would like to thank him. This is my vayne guide and i hope u find it useful and helpful on your path to new adventures with this amazing character. Peace im out. BYEBYE :).