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Vayne Build Guide by Bluprint

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bluprint

Vayne Carry Game!

Bluprint Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Hello everyone, this is my second League of Legends guides, this time about the great Champion Vayne, the night Hunter!

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As you can see, the Runebuild consists of Armor Penetration and Attack Speed.
The Armor Penetration offer you some more Damage and the Attackspeed is brilliant on Vayne, I will tell you below why!

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I recommend 21 0 9 as Masteries.

Of course you go for a higher crit chance and 1 Point in AP, if you take Exhaust on Vayne you should skill this, but this should be obvious.
Just skill normally in the Offense Tree, if youre going to build the Attackspeed, you can skill 2 Points more in AS instead of 2 AD.

In the Utility tree I usually go for the Health & Mana Regen instead of the "Deathtimereducing". Of course, 1 Point in Ghost's Mastery Point!
4 More Points are good to gain more XP and the last Point is pretty unnecessary.
You can put it in greed or to enlarge your redbuff or you just go for 22 0 8 as Masteries an put another Point in Offense. I leave it to you.

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Skill Sequences & Purchase Orders

There are 2 different ways how to play Vayne!

Of course we've got 2 different ways how to skill Vayne, too.

WAY 1: Attackspeed!
Personally I max out Silver Bolts because of the True Damage. Combined with your Attackspeed it is pretty painful!

WAY 2: Attackdamage!
Another Way is to max out Tumble what is pretty nice for harassing.

1 Point in Condemn should be obvious.

Now I will explain Way 1!

Way 1, tbe AS Guide!
Personally I start with Dagger to get a higher AS at the start. But Doran's Blade
is pretty nice, too.

This is how to start Way 1:


First, at Level 1 you should skill your Q, because you will get a nice Harass-Burst Damage with a pretty low Cooldown. Concentrate yourself on lasthitting Minions and if your lane-enemy comes too close just hit your Q towards the enemy and Autoattack him.
At Level 2 skill , your E to push your Enemy away if he comes too close and it gets too dangerous.
At Level 3-5 skill your W, the , what is an amazing skill, because of its True Damage!
Now you should be at Level 6 and ready for your Ulty. Wou it's such an amazing Ulty with so many Ways to use.
Use 1: Ganking! Just imaginate this: You are at the Mid Lane in the Brush at the right.
Now activate your Ulty, Final Hour and Tumble out. So your stealthed for
1,5sec so he wont notice you that early. Now use Condemn to push him at the
wall to stun him.
Notice: Just use this way, if you're sure that you can land a stun!