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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bantoon

Vayne do a barrel roll!

bantoon Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction- Story

The world is not always as civilized as people might think. There are still those who would follow the blackest paths of magic and become corrupted by the darker powers that flow through Runeterra. Shauna Vayne knows this fact well. As a young privileged girl in the heart of Demacia's elite, her father tried to convince her of the constabulary's ever-vigilant eye. Young and nave, she truly believed that her world was one of perfect safety, until one night, when a twisted witch took interest in her father. The malevolent woman overcame her father's conciliar guard, then tortured her family before murdering them. The young Shauna escaped only by hiding herself and then fleeing once the hag had departed, plagued by the screams of her loved ones as she ran. A burning hatred was born in her that day, one that could never be denied.

Vayne was able to take care of herself using her father's money, and she began to train as soon as an instructor would have her as a student. By the time she was a fully grown woman, she had become a grim warrior. However, the fields of battle were not to be her home. Demacia needed a protector, one who hunted those lost to the darkness. Shauna used her family's contacts to become the first Night Hunter, and now her prowess is the stuff of legends. It is said that those who practice the black arts quake when they hear that the Night Hunter is on the prowl. Despite her crusade, Shauna has looked at the League of Legends in horror. There are champions who have clearly lost themselves to the blackest of magics, and who have been embraced within the League even though they should be put down for the safety of all. The time has come for the Night Hunter to execute her secret mission � to purge the League of Legends.

Not all shadows are to be feared. At least, if Vayne has her way.

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Pros and cons

+Pretty good farmer
+awesome dps
+Low cooldown on her ult
+Great early game harasser

-very squishy
-can get pressured easily
-items are a little gold hungry

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For runes i always grab armor pen marks, 6 vitality seals, and 3 fortitude seals, armor pen quints, and magic resist per lvl glyphs.

Armor penetration marks: pretty basic for every ad champion

6 Vitality seals: These are useful past lvl 6 because it gives you that extra health later on

3 Fortitude seals: So you have a little bit more health early game, not much but i have been saved plenty of times with just 2 or 3 health.

Armor pen quints: Once again pretty self explanatory.

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Picking up 21/0/9

Offense: pretty self explanatory

Defense: None

Utility: Grabbing helping hands and improved ghost. i used to use the mana regen, but after reading the long debate between that and helping hands, time spent less dead is alot more useful. improved ghost because i use ghost, quite helpful in use with her passive, or even better her ult when chasing down someone. 4/4 for the experience boost because i usually like to go mid, so i lvl the fastest and get ganks off for top or bottom faster. and 1/2 for the neutral monster buff so you can have it for a little longer.

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Night Hunter
Vayne ruthlessly hunts evil-doers. She gains bonus Movement Speed when moving toward nearby enemy champions.

Vayne tumbles, maneuvering to carefully place her next shot. She rolls toward the cursor and her next attack deals bonus damage.

Silver Bolts
Vayne tips her bolts with a rare metal, toxic to evil things. The third consecutive attack or ability against the same target deals a percentage of the target's maximum Health as bonus true damage. (Max damage vs. Monsters is capped)

Vayne draws a heavy crossbow from her back, and fires a huge bolt at her target, dealing damage and knocking them back. If they collide with terrain, they are impaled, dealing bonus damage and stunning them.

Final Hour
Readying herself for an epic confrontation, Vayne gains increased Attack Damage, stealth during Tumble, and quadruple the bonus Movement Speed from Night Hunter.

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Skill order

Now, i experimented a lot with how i like to put my skill order, well in order. so my conclusion is start with silver bolts, because it makes last hitting creeps a lot easier. when you lvl get tumble twice then grab condemn at lvl 4, i only grab it once until its the last skill because i find myself only using it to stun someone, or push them back into a team fight. and tumble/silver bolts has a better damage out put then condemn does. get final hour when you can (of course).

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Summoner spells

For summoner spells i grab flash and ghost. pretty much i see flash for escaping, and ghost for hunting. flash is usefull for getting out of sticky situations and a great way to use it is when your final hour is up, tumble, then flash out. ghost i use when i use final hour, so i can haul *** towards my target and catch him. when you do this, try to run to the side of your target so if hes close to a wall or something you can get your condemn off and get the stun.

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Early game get that mid lane

Finally the interesting part right? haha. ALRIGHT! so you've been ported into the league, you're sizing up your team and opponents and you're singing to yourself your version of rebecca blacks song: WHICH LANE WILL I TAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. its fri-..... nvm.

okay so you mostly want to ***** and complain about how much you want mid. not really but i find if you ask if you can mid, they let you. just shouting mid in champion select really annoys people and then a sion wants mid. ( no joke). okay so you got mid YAY

Start off with a dorans blade. ill explain items in the next chapter. "MINIONS HAVE SPAWNED" alright now the game begins, now right now i'm finding myself laning against other vaynes because shes new. do not fear, for i am here to help you. just keep last hitting staying on the opposite side of the other champion. always try to harass the other champion. while staying in a safe spot. let them know you mean business and if they hit you you'll go crazy on their ***. always play mind games with your opponent.

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Aw damn, you didn't get mid

Oh well all is not lost. Just lick your tears off and go to a lane. being top or bottom is actually not a bad thing at all. because you do GREAT early damage and now you have another damage output-your lane buddy. when i lane i usually get first blood. or my lane partner does. /sadface. Just keep doing what i said in the above chapter and you'll be fine. just don't harass as much as you can mid unless your partner is ready to commit. cause the other 2 champs will know how squishy you are and probably jump you. if its 2 melee champions you could easily harass them a little more, and even keep them from last hitting by staying inside your melee creeps. just don't grab aggro. vs ranged champs you're probably not going to do so well.

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Item explanation

Dorans Blade: good extra damage, 100 health is nice, and lifesteal.

Berserker's greaves : i grab these because i like the attack speed on them, and this build doesnt have massive attack speed. Ionian boots is also another choice. i wouldn't grab merc treads only because even with that +35 tenacity if you get CC'd or stunned.. you're dead.

Vampiric scepter: great lifesteal, heal yourself after you get harassed by those *******s. also builds into another item later.

Sheen: Must i explain this? Sheen is an amazing item on Vayne. Tumble + sheen proc = Massive damage. even if you suck at math you should still see why that equation rapes.

Infinity's Edge: great crit chance, damage, and increases critical damage.

Bloodthirsters: Great damage, and the unique passive is nice. run around the jungle a bit to get it up. go for the lane with the most creeps. don't over extend for it though. you might die and get pissed because you lost it.. ( i learned the hard way lol)

Frozen mallet: I like this item, nice health boost, great slow and a little damage. you can grab phage earlier if you want.

Trinity force: duh

banshee's veil: With this item you can block a spell. which i find amazing for vayne because end game spells ****ING HURT. also good to get away from a CC or a Stun.

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Skill combo's

ill explain some great combos that i like to pull off with vayne.

AA= Auto attack Q=tumble E=condemn

This is a standard combo i like to use. AA>AA>Q>AA then chase their *** down


If your in the jungle and find yourself against someone: E(into a wall)>AA>AA>Q>AA

Ofcourse using Final hour when ever you feel like you need to use it.

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1. Don't over extend by yourself, you'll probably end up dead because the enemy team knows how squishy you are.
2. if your getting chased try to condemn the person chasing you, very helpful.
3. use tumble all the time its up.(mid to late game)
4. dance around in team fights, because your most likely be the one targeted.
5. always use your ult in team fights.
6. if you can Ult then tumble through the team fight and go for the annoying carries in the back.

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This is a way i love to play Vayne. she rips people apart. you can find yourself 2 shotting a carry or a support, and find yourself ripping through a tank. ive actually targeted a shen in team fights first, taking him out before my team could take down anyone else. and ive actually solo'd barron with this build. i have no proof, but it was done. i tried again and it didnt work out, so i guess it was pure luck lol. anyways have fun, and hunt those evil doers!