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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sellop

Vayne, Get Some

sellop Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Hey guys, before you read this build, i just want to let you know i joined MOBAfire just recently and this IS my first build. That being said, do not shy away from this because of that fact. This is a solid build and has worked for me perfectly, and I am a very capable summoner.

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Summoner skills

These are completely opinionated and i leave this section up to you to decide. The reason i chose these is because of these reasons
Shot tumble shoot (Bonus dmg from passive)
Exhaust, ignite
Tumble, shoot, tumble
Dead. simply put. if they get away with low health, ignite cleans up the trash.
If you are ganked, you are so much more likely to live if you exhaust the ganker.
But like stated before, they are completely up to you.

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Runes and why i chose them

Vayne is a little squish, thus why i have added the health quintessences, this give her a nice little cushion on top of the dorans blade. Secondly the armor penetration runes are superb for smacking around people at low lvls and later lvls as well, it gives you that extra oomf. The cooldown is self explanatory to me, the more cooldown, the more u can annoy with tumble, honestly, its a skill that deserves to be exploited. Lastly the armor adds for protection just in case of a gank occurring or just for your own sake, a little goes a long way especially early game.

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Skill squence

Tumble has ridiculous damage at such a low lvl. Honestly i can kill a ryze in four hits if he let me. Order is Tumble, then one point in silver shot, tumble, then one point in condemn. Once you do that, max tumble asap and grab your ult on the way. After tumble, then max condemn and then move on to silver shot.

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Farming is fun!

Just kidding. Its not, at least in my opinion. Last hit minions only. Hopefully their mid laner attacks the minions constantly and pushes. This is where you strike. Once they have pushed far enough, jump on them, after all, you have devastating skills. Last hitting minions give you more exp and more gold. More gold means quicker sheen, quicker you get sheen, the quicker you get kills.

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Mid is good, wandering is bad

Mid laning gives you great amounts of exp, and vayne is a one versus one kinda girl. When she wanders, sure she may get kills, but the experience she loses does not make up for the gold. Also if you are wandering, and gank, if the gank fails, that is time, money and exp you miss out on that you will never get back. Your in it for the long haul and you need every advantage you can get, so take them. Stick to the mid and it will be easier for you and your team to get kills. Sure you can gank, but dont waste time, because in this game, thats not something you can sacrifice.

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Team work makes your dreams work.

I just made that title up, does it fit?
Anyways, vayne is a squish. She is a careful baby that need a mommy and daddy. Though she is a very capable little girl, when big bad bullies come to pick on her in groups, she is helpless. DO NOT jump into a group by yourself unless you have back up. Vayne is very capable of soloing a person, but 1v2 maybe, 1v3, hell no. She is fragile and needs friends. Stay in the back and use your range as an advantage. If you are targeted, lose them or stun them with condemn. As long as you have your teams back, they should have yours. If not, then you are super F!@#ed, and thats not a good thing at all.

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Items, you want them, you love them, you want some more of them.

Sheen. Sheen. Sheen sheen sheen. OMAGOD sheen. I have never seen so much damage occur from one little item at such a low lvl. Shoot, tumble, shoot, dead. That is honestly what happens. Start off with dorans of course though, then move swiftly to sheen. Once you have bought sheen, get your beautiful ionian boots. Their cooldown helps amazingly and makes harassment a breeze. From there move to phage for the health, and damage. From there to zeal, and then to Trinity force. Trinity force is an amazing item and goes good with almost everything, it has everything! Move then to Madreds for the magic dmg, and after that, its opinionated. I go for black cleaver because it further makes tanks and all other people easier to melt, after that (if the other team doesnt surrender) get situational items.

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On to the Goods (Laning)

Vayne has extremely high damage output at level 1, take advantage of this, harass the living **** out of laners. I play vayne as a mid soloer, and she is damn good at it. Last hitting minions and harassing with tumble is bound to make their summoner run and cry. That being said, vayne is not wonderwoman and should be treated with a certain discretion.

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Ganking and destroying

Tumble, Shoot, Final out, Condemn, tumble, shoot, tumble, shoot condemn. Rinse and repeat. Remember though, vayne is a feared killer, and will be targeted without mercy, you must be careful when getting into team fights. She is not invincible.

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As stated in the beginning, this is my first post on mobafire and im very open for input, i do not take offence very easily so criticism is very very welcome. I understand that opinions will vary, and i thank you for reading this post. Hopefully it is helpful. thanks again!!!