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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neverine

Vayne - Hit like a truck!

Neverine Last updated on May 22, 2011
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This is my first build and as such I'm not sure how to tag items but will explain everything I can!

I've seen quite a few builds on mobafire and none of them were quite how I envision Vayne. One of the best things I read on this site was when deciding what items to build on a champ look at their strengths and weaknesses.

So what is Vayne good at?

Great at closing gaps and chasing targets that are fleeing, especially with her ultimate.
Fantastic with dealing damage quickly due to Silver Bolts.
Her auto attack resets after a Tumble.

What are Vayne's weaknesses?

Incredibly squishy
Often primaried
Can't initiate team fights effectively

What does this mean for you? It means that Vayne NEEDS to be used with guerrilla tactics. As such we're not going to build for attack speed like a ton of the builds available. Remember, her tumble resets an auto attack so auto, tumble and you get two hits in quickly. We want as much damage as possible so you can get in an auto attack or two and a tumble to finish the silver bolt bonus.

You're going to mostly be behind team mates and wait for either the enemy to slip up and get to close or for someone on your team to initiate. You don't want to get primaried and being in the front is what happens when you do. Your tumble will keep you relevant in a fight and will get you plenty of kills.

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When building Vayne I always go for damage items first. Doesn't matter what it is, if I'm building something and one of the components gives +dmg I get that first every time. Remember we're doing guerrilla tactics here right? Get in hit 'em hard and get out.

As soon as a game starts I always grab a Vampiric Scepter. Some people prefer a doran's blade but 3% life steal is pitiful and why use an item that isn't going to build into something you need later? The reason for Vampiric Scepter first though is because with this you can go the entire game without needing potions (90% of the time).

Now depending on how the game is playing out will determine what gets purchased next. In an ideal situation I'd save and get BF Sword first followed by boots. Sometimes though the game isn't going in your favor and I'll get boots first followed by pick axe. Regardless though you will always want to finish Infinity Edge before your boots. The reason why we want Infinity Edge first is it gives a huge damage bonus early game PLUS it's all the crit you're really going to need.

Once the Infinity Edge is done go straight for completing the boots. Since a stunned/feared/rooted Vayne = a dead Vayne I pretty much always go for Mercury Treads for the Tenacity bonus.

Here is where some divergence comes in and it's really up to the opponents team makeup for what you do. A lot of time I actually get a Sword of the Occult and let the stacks roll in. However, if I've died more than a couple of times I'll skip the Sword of the Occult and go straight for Madred's Blood Razor.

Madred's is your speed bonus but it's also a great +dmg item with the unique passive. One of the great secrets of Vayne is that she absolutely demolishes tanks. Madred's + tumble + silver bolts = massive dmg to tanks.

Next on the list we've got the great Bloodthirster. You're going to get the bonuses on this pretty quickly and it gives a huge dmg bonus plus +25% lifesteal when it's done is incredible. At this point in the game if you have over 10 stacks on Sword of the Occult you're critting well over 1000 (that's conservative) and the heals are amazing.

The next item will depend on if you got the Sword of the Occult or not. If you didn't a great substitute is The Black Cleaver, more speed, more damage and armor pen = win.

Final item should always be a Frozen Mallet. The extra hp gives you quite a good buffer. And since you're already amazing at hunting fleeing targets why not make it easier on yourself and slow them at the same time :D.

Games really shouldn't be lasting this long to finish this build but it does happen and when it does you can expect to be absolutely deadly to anything that's not building a tank. I've 3 shotted pretty much most champs that aren't tanks and nothing will bring a smile to your face faster than watching Tryn go from half HP to dead before he can ult LOL :D

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Unique Skills

Now let's talk about what makes Vayne oooooh so amazing.

Tumble- This is your bread and butter move. When it's done upgrading it's on a 2 second CD. It will save your *** as many times as it will get you some one else's :P. Ideally you'll always want to finish a Silver Bolts combo with a tumble for massive damage but at such a low mana cost don't hesitate to just use it at any point in the combo.

Silver Bolts- This is the move that your opponents will hate you for and hardly ever pay attention to it. It leaves a circle underneath the target for each subsequent hit on them. At 3 hits a huge damage bonus + a % of their total HP. This is the destroyer of tanks when combined with Madred's Bloodrazor.

Condemn- This is your OH SH** button. This move is what separates pro and noob Vaynes. Master it and you'll be unstoppable. It will knock targets back from you if they get to close (ie Tryn, Yi, Alistar, etc). But that's the simple way of using this ability. The more fun ways of using it are interrupting ults or channels. Like Malzahar's ult or Katarina's ult, Yi heal etc. But where this move REALLY shines is when combined with terrain for the stun and decent damage bonus. It knocks back enough that you can pretty much always get a stun in a lane if you aim it right. In the jungle? EVEN BETTER. Some of the more fun things to do though is to hit people into turrets. They will work too! Even the rubble of a dead turret will still work. It's also a great move to use when your team mates are being chased. Nothing quite satisfies as having an enemy tower dive to get your team mate just to knock them into the tower for an easy kill :P

Final Hour- Vayne's uber ult that gives +75dmg fully upgraded. That's like an extra Infinity Edge! Also makes it so you turn invisible for 1.5 seconds after a tumble. Which can save your *** at times but also confuses the fk out of people when you do it lol! Also quadruples your passive when running towards enemies. This is why Vayne is amazing at catching champs that are low and running away.

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By now I hope you get an idea of what I'm going for with Vayne. She sits in the back and tumbles in during team fights to pick off targets and keeps up the pressure. With her knock back and tumble she should be able to get out of a pinch and a handy flash if needed. Since you're doing so much fking damage there are plenty of times that during team fights people get distracted and will primary someone besides you. When this happens you're able to shred through the enemy carries and quickly turn the tide of battle.

I hope you liked my build and PLEASE provide any criticism of the build if you find fault. I'm not the best player and will readily admit it but this has worked rather well for me and wanted to see what the community thought. :D