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Vayne Build Guide by Darmonic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darmonic

Vayne is not ashe

Darmonic Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Vayne " I'm not ashe!"

I am seeing so many player play her like ashe they go doran's blade, then boots of swiftness, and start spaming phantom dancer and zeal.... no no no she is vayne the night hunter, i'm not saying you shouldn't give her attack speed this build gives her 95% attack speed but you should really focus more on being a heavy hitter so damage damage damage!!!

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Starting item
well people will ask why not doran's blade.... please that weapon is horrible an d regrowth pendant is ehh, doran's shield keeps ypi on lane longer a lot longer then the two.

Mid game
Try to get your boots asap just to help your night hunter out and catch your beautiful prey, I see people after go zeal or blood thirster... I found that wriggler gives you decent life steal to keep you alive, okay attack and it's ward is awesome to watch you back and help out the whole team after that go battle fury this item is beautiful on her not only do you have silver bolts but now you will lower their armor for you normal shots.

Late game
Get the blood razor this item is gorgeous personaly get the recurve bow and madred's razor this item is more attack speed it has nice stats and an awesome passive after you get that it basically depends on choice you can go bloodthirster if your having trouble living or infinty edge to add even more attack.

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Skill Sequence

Rumble at begining is good to do a little harrasment and maybe escape a death i really wouldn't go for a real kill till your level 3 or at least have silver bolts just due to you going a more defensive starting weapon that will help you get that little more attack, condemn is good for it's awesome stun but i feel maxing your arrow and tumble is way more important then a stun that may happen depending where your enemy is.

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Pros / Cons

High damage
good at ganking
lovely passive
awesome in 1v1 and if your doing well even 1v2
(hard to gank if you use wriggler well)

Shouldn't be the first to run into a team fight you WILL be focused on and killed
CC is situational
oom at low levels
not realy squishy but not really tanky

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Unique Skills

USE TUMBLE!!! some players use tumble to just attack but it is such a great defensive item also, I was playing mid vs Morgana and every time i would tumble to evade her trap and same vs this Articuno(aniva)a, also tumble plus flash usually gives you good enough distance to survive.

Bloodthirster- your dmg will get up to at least 400+ with its passive pretty lovely

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Creeping / Jungling

She can get buffs pretty well once your lvl 12+ and still have decent HP and mana left usually take out two minions tumble to get a dmg buff on main creep and then condemn it to the wall is usually a KO and a yummy buff

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The Night hunter- This makes it really difficult for your prey to run away from you, it is an awesome passive

Tumble- it's a dodge, gives you more damage, great for harassing and it show's off your flexiability, can't go through walls though

Silver bolts- awesome it takes of a percentage not and X amount of dmg which i feel is a lot better it is great to get that finish hit on minons and champion err I mean prey

Condemn- It is great if your in the right sitation or if you can push them to towers, pretty good way to help run and also good in small corners in the jungle

The final hour- great ultimate it helps tumble so much also your so fast people shouldn't even try to run from you >:D