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Vayne Build Guide by 1mattdog

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1mattdog

Vayne just recks

1mattdog Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and i may or may not change this later but this is what i build as Vayne.I Have been playing Vayne for awhile now and i seem to be doing really well and have gotten a few pentakills and decided to make a guide just to try and help other people hoping to get better at Vayne. Now as most of you may realize Vayne is EXTREMELY powerful if played right but is in the top 10-20 squishiest characters so if she gets targeted shes almost always dead UNLESS of course you know how to use her stun and ult to your advantage.

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Skill Sequence

The reason i max my roll first is because it has a reduced CD to about 1 second and is the most used Vayne ability used by good or even great Vayne players. The reason for maxing your E second is because for one the cool down is long at level 1 but it shouldn't be the first thing because you shouldn't need it to often early game but that's why you have your roll to dodge peoples skill shots or to line yourself up for your E to stun a person against a wall. Finally i max out my W last because as nice as it is to have that extra percent of true damage every 3rd attack again its every 3rd attack and you may not hit the enemy 3 times therefore not doing the amount of damage you were intending to do.

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Summoner Spells

The point in these spells can help your escape or catch your enemy but have a really long CD so must be used at only the right time to chance down an enemy and get a 90%-100% sure kill and to make an escape your sure you can make, but even if your not sure about escaping an enemy try it anyways you can escape an enemy pretty easily with Vayne if done right. I've been chased into a bush with there entire team on me to i wait till they get close, pop my ult, roll (going stealthed in case you didn't know) and pop my ghost but of course once i become uncloaked if i need to get over a wall had my flash ready, but i didn't that time but maybe you will i don't know, but these are great spells for Vayne players. Even though her passive makes her faster while chasing it still doesn't always make me fast enough to get em before reaching their turret so i pop ghost to ensure the catch up or the vice-versa.

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Team Work

Teamwork is essential in this game for ANY character because it gives your team that extra DPS and also if your a carry you know your character can get wrecked easily without a tank (preferably Rammus because of his taunt plus most people don't like him) so they take all the damage

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Farming, Vayne is probably one of the best farmers without an AOE because of her bolts and the high amounts of damage she does. If you last hit alone as her its not a bad thing but since you have silver bolts its possible to take out the caster minions before the melee ones are pushed by your minions into the casters giving you gold and the sure gold (unless your teammate over there decides to...) anyway, again last hitting is good but try to do damage to the minions as well pushing to the turret and hitting it whenever you get a chance. Another reason why i go after the caster minions it makes the enemy stay clear of that area in case you decide to switch to them and most people know Vaynes reck.

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This summary explains most the stuff i didn't explain above, like items runes ect. The Reasoning for my runes instead of having full AD like i used to is I've noticed that armor-pen marks with a Doran's blade is about as much damage as a full set of ad mainly because again its the ad is blocked by there armor and if you get past there armor you do true damage, But the reason i don't have full armor pen instead is because early game and even late game Vayne runs out of mana very fast especially when the person is playing aggressively you'll be using her ability's constantly draining her mana so you get mana re-gen to while your waiting to use your next ability your mana is rising decently fast. Magic resist Glyph's, the reason i use these is because i usually go up against magi and makes there attacks to less, note the mastery page, i still have increased armor and not fully increased armor to at least somewhat balance it out, and the reason i like to go for resistance is because, as a Vayne player you will realize she is squishy! Finally my build the reason i don't build a bf sword right off the bat like i see in most builds is because yes its nice to do more damage but if you use your ability's at the right time and after taking damage can still lane and can hit faster the your opponent you pretty much win that battle, besides people like to rush items but that can be expensive and can be countered by the time your get it. While working on a bunch of different items can such as life steal attack speed and AD keeps your enemy's (even with armor) unable to counter you.

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This is just how i specifically play Vayne and you might just disagree with how i play, but if so please try a couple of times before devote it and if it still doesn't fir your liking then by all means please tell me why and i will take in to account your suggestion and see if i can make the guide better, so i thank you for reading and trying my guide if you did and if it did help you i ask of you to please vote my guide. :D