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League of Legends Build Guide Author iJesus69

Vayne, Makin' em RAGE

iJesus69 Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vayne, the 1v1 champ

Vayne is truly the best 1v! Champion in my opinion. thats why Vayne should ALWAYS MID Vayne can get first blood nearly every game unless some idiot decides to get ganked or tower dives.. (sigh). A Skilled Vayne can beat any champion at about level 2-3. I recommend harassing your opponent in middle lane as sooon as you can. a tumble now and then adds up. 100 damage each tumble, prly 800 MAX health some1 can have at lvl 2-3 unless its alistar with crzy hp runes/masteries.. so yeah but thatd be f***ed up. (the *** is uck if you didnt know.) Although, I experience crazy lag when I play so I end up hugging their tower for a few seconds which causes my team to hate me xD so if you lag, stay AWAY from turrets! they hurt.. almost as bad as vayne ^.^
As i was saying.. Tumble towards them (or away, depending on situation) and hit them, move towards, hit again. if they are below 2/5 health, flash in, exhaust, tumble, condemn into wall/away from turret. FIRST BLOOD I've done this atleast a hundred times because you can do it to any champion with Vayne.. she is just amazing at low levels.

Although, I do have problems with Caitlyn, only because her traps and her attack range screw us vaynes up. your one tumble = two of her shots, and her shotgun ********. If your facing a champion in middle with blind, Heavy CC or just a Champion you think will beat you, get the 15/5secon health regen item for 435 Versus Teemo for example.

A reason why Vayne should NEVER NOT SOLO A LANE is because she will lack experience, farm (which is very VERY important to vayne) and she will not get enough mana from leveling up quick enough to harass constantly. even if you get First Blood and 5 kills youll still be behind because a good Vayne can get 150+ CS by level 12 at mid. my records 187 ;D.

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xD i realised i did this all backwards.. sorry for that ^.^ but.. imma jus do all the other chapters or w.e on this one cuz.. im lazy ^.^ and playin atm.. so yeah.

Btw, This build for Vayne, is meant for early/late game. mid game.. weakish unless you farmed amazingly. you cant do amazing damage until you get damage items (BF Sword usually)

Also, i wasnt sure what to get after 21/0/0 so i just went for exp/mana/1gold/10sec bcuz i like money..and experience.. ^.^ so yeah

Vayne is an AD based champ, no AP based spells at all. Although, i always have 30 ap when i play Vayne. NEVER GO AP EVERSo anyways.. Imo, the best build for vayne is a crit/damage build. ive never been able to get all my items because ppl always Rage quit or QQ and afk. but the highest crit so far has been 1300 with tumble. i had greaves, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Baron buff, and a 45 damage thing that u need for cleaver.. op right? imagine if i had 1-200 more dmg. ^.^

The one thing i dislike about my build, and i usually dont have enough money to get it life steal. vayne has crzy damage and with armor pen would help alot. but sadly, other items are more important so you can 3 shotting an Ashe


-tumble is awesome
-ulti.. 50 damage or w.e + stealth.. op?
-stun, stealth, true damage, tumble..OP

-squishy.. so so squishy its sad..
-Countered by heavy CC (malz ult//WW's ult.. crzy)
-Rumble cant go over cliffs n stuff
-****py if you dont solo imo. cant 1v2 or 2v2 lanes well .

Btw, its good to lane with some1 with a stun if ur forced into goin top or bot. you can atleast get kills. atm im playin a game with me and amumu vs nasus and malphite, i got a double kill, first blood at lvl 3. now we r gettin owned bcuz to much cc:/ so yeah.

Farming is essential to vaynes success. without a good amount of cs or kills your screwed. late game youll be fine.. kinda.. but w.o damage, movement and crit chance ur ****ed

Team Work
I cannot stress this enough. you need your team. if you dont have some1 stopping every1 else from focusing you your screwed. id suggest this team.
Vayne (you), Shen(taunt ftw/tank), Ashe (mainly cuz of ult), Any a support, any strong ap champ.

The spells i got are cuz exhaust makes it hard for vayne to die 1v1 unless its ap. but even then, you can move around them and use condemn to push em into a wall or to your turret or away from their turret ect..

Flash bcuz i find ghost wont get you away from cc and slows. only flash will. when you flash youll hopefully have enough time for stun/slow to end and since you have your high movement speed, youll be fine. and tumble ^.^

Also. for items, the main ones are Greaves, Infitiy Edge, Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force. the last two you can change depending on what you lack or what your team needs. For example, heavy cc on opposing team would mean banshees veil and maybe tenacity + more magic resistance. if they have a armor/tank heavy team, get madreds. ect. and armor pen ofc ^.^


I'm not really sure what else im missing.. oh.. NEVER EVER JUNGLE WITH VAYNE!

And hope you all enjoy my build/guide on how to use and abuse ppl with Vayne ^.^

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Skill Sequence

this is obvious..
Tumble most important
Silver bullet passive is op.. true damage +more dmg
condemn doesnt do much dmg so it goes last
ulti. thats obvious.. 6/11/16 on all champs

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Dorans blade is a no brainer.. damage, lifesteal, hp.. I got Sheen because it makes her Tumble incredibly op. Trinity force.. same thing. all the movement speed items is for chasing/running. vayne is easily killed by CC but with enough movement you should be able to run away from your opponents. Banshees veil just because she really gets pwnt by CC and targeted in fights

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I chose to go 21/0/9 because Vayne needs phys damage, crit dmg/chance and other masteries for her to excel early game.

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The reason I chose Armor Penetration, Crit Chance and Attack Speed is because my early game depends on Crit. With tumble and Sheen, I can do a good 250+ damage easily. Having the early game Armor Penetration helps kill any champion and get First Blood.
I decided to change Seal crit chance with Attack Speed, it helps alot more early game.

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Hi, im iJesus69, I haved used Vayne since she was released and I have to say this build has helped me carry my team and get alot of penta kills. This is good beginning, mid and end game build. Vaynes specialty is making others rage quit. i have a record of 3 ^.^ or QQ'ing.

So anyways.. this is my first build and i'd appreciate if you all could vote/comment on it because i just want to see what other people think of my Vayne build.

Also, i wont be explaining why i chose each and every item and every single mastery because i see it pointless. its quite obvious why i picked it. if it is exhaust i picked it cuz it slows movement and attk speed.. obvious right?