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Vayne Build Guide by DawnOfEve

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DawnOfEve

Vayne - Middles Final Hour.

DawnOfEve Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone, I'm DawnOfEve. This Is My First MOBAfire Build.
This Build Is On
Vayne,The Night Hunter.

In This Build I Will Explain How I Use Vayne And What I Believe Are Great Ways To Use Her In Order To Be Not Only An Effective Mid, But Also A Great Carry.

CC = Crowd Control (Stuns, Fears, Slows)
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
CD = Cooldowns
DPS = Damage Per Second
DOT = Damage Over Time
OP = Overpowered
APS = Attacks Per Second
HP = Health Points

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Pros / Cons

-Tumble Gives Great Movement And Harass
-Her Silver Bolts Kill Creeps And Tanks Easy
-Her Ultimate Is Good For Downing Towers And 1v1s
-Her Ultimate May Also Grant Short Invisibility For Initiating Or Escaping
-Her Condemn Is Useful To Add Some Control Into Battles
-A Great Carry
-A Fast Killer

-Normally Ganked Early, Be Careful
-Early Game Tanks May Cause Problems
-Exhaust ABSOLUTELY Ruins Vayne
-Spammy Low CD Champs Can Hurt Pretty Bad

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Skills & How To Use Them


Night Hunter
Night Hunter Is Vaynes Passive Ability Which Gives Her 40 Bonus Movement Speed When Running Toward An Enemy Champion. This Makes Vayne A Great Assassin Or Chaser, A Lot Of Vaynes Strength Comes From This, When You Attack An Enemy, Most Try To Run, This Is To Vaynes Advantage. As They Run You Can Keep Up And Maintain Damage.

Tumble Launches Vayne A Short Distance Toward Your Cursor, After Tumble Vaynes Next Attack Will Deal 40%/45%/50%/55%/60% Bonus AD. This Ability Is The MOST Useful Early Game, Especially If You Have The Crit Damage Runes, This Can Secure First Blood With Constant Harass.

Silver Bolts
Silver Bolts Makes Vaynes Bolts Tipped With Silver Making Every Attack On The Same Target Put A Silver Ring Around The Target. When A Target Hits 3 Rings They Will Take 20/30/40/50/60 Bonus AD Plus 4%/5%/6%/7%/8% Of Their Health As True Damage (True Damage Neglects All Armor And Magic Resistance)

Condemn Launches The Target Backward About The Distance Of Tryndameres Spinning Slash Or Slightly Larger Than Tumble And Deals 45/80/115/150/185(+ 50% AD) Bonus Damage. If The Target Is Knocked Into Terrain (Wall, Turret) They Will Take Double Damage And Be Stunned For 1.5 Seconds.

Final Hour
Final Hour Gives Vayne 25/40/55 Bonus AD And Will Also Grant 1.5 Seconds Of Stealth After A Tumble, During Final Hour The Bonus Movement Speed From Night Hunter Is Tripled. Final Hour Lasts 8/10/12 Seconds.

How To Use Them

I Always Like To Grab Tumble First, Mainly Because Of The Ability To Dodge Skill Shots Or To Put Yourself Into Position For A Nice Attack, Being That Her Next Attack Will Deal Bonus Damage, There's Nothing Not To Like.
Be Careful When Up Against Champions Like Annie Or Ryze Because When You Tumble They Can Stun You And Deal Huge Bursts Of Damage. Wait For Them To Try And Use Their Spell On You, Tumble Away, They'll Turn Around Then Because Of Night Hunter You Can Quickly Turn Around, Launch Your High Damaging Attack And Run Away Again. Harassment Is Key.

Silver Bolts Is Great For Creep Farming Though I Don't Suggest Grabbing It First Because It Isn't Great On It's Own Early On, Grab This Second So You Can Shoot The Creep Twice Then Tumble For The Extra Damage From Silver Bolts And Tumble, Keep This Up Until You Can Three Shot Creeps Without Tumble, Which Is Around When You Get A BF Sword. Silver Bolts Is Also Well Used For Zoning, Try To Hit Someone Twice, Naturally If The Person Is Smart They Will Run Away, If Not, Tumble, Hit Them Again, Depending On Positioning, Grab The Kill.

Condemn Is Quite Useful When Deciding To Initiate On Your Target, Keep In Mind Your Surroundings And Try To Position Yourself For The Stun, This Will Almost Always Secure A Kill. Though Make Sure To Not Use It Wrongfully, Sometimes Condemn Can Ruin The Positioning You Are In And Leave You At The Disadvantage.

Final Hour Is AMAZING This Ability Will Have You Fed In No Time, The Moment You Get It You Should Gank Your Target, Especially If You Have The Exp Lead, If Your Level 6 And They're Level 5, GRAB THE KILL. Use This For Initiation, Try To Use It When Out Of Sight, Then Tumble Out Of Hiding So They Won't See You Then Pop Out Using An Attack, And Keep Control, This Ability Gives Vayne The Element Of Surprise. This May Also Be Used For Survivability, When Stealthed The Enemy Can't See You Or Target You, Use This Chance To Get Away If You're In Trouble Or To Reposition Yourself For The Kill.

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Runes On Vayne Are Primarily Only To Help Her Early Game, To Secure That First Blood And Get Fed, Once She's Fed, You Can't Stop Her.

Greater Mark Of Furor Is Great On Vayne Just Like On Any Other AD Champion, Having The Crit Damage Will Get Kills Easy Early Game, You Can Crit Around 250 - 300 With Tumble At Level 1. Extremely Useful.
Greater Mark Of Strength Works The Same Way As Furor But More Consistent, Using This Will Increase Your Damage Early With Tumble Without Getting A Crit, Some May Prefer This Approach.

Greater Seal Of Furor Is Used For The Same Reason As Mark Of Furor, Use These Too For MORE Crit Damage, Or Maybe You Want The Strength Marks And Crit Damage, So Drop Crit Damage In Other Slots.
Greater Seal Of Evasion Gives Vayne That Extra Chance To Dodge, Which Is More Useful Than It Seems, Sometimes You May Find Yourself In A Battle Against A Tryndamere, Or Master Yi, The Dodge Gives You A Great Advantage And May Be The Difference Between Life And Death.

Greater Glyph Of Alacrity Is A Very Strong Rune For Vayne, This Will Allow You To Pump Out Very High Damage Bursts With Silver Bolts When You Hit Level 2.
Greater Glyph Of Furor Is Again For The Crit Damage Which Is An Option, Although They Don't Give Very Much, I'd say Stick With The Attack Speed.

Greater Quintessence Of Furor Really Pumps Up That Crit Damage, For Only 1025 IP They Pack A Punch Giving 5% Crit Damage Each. Really Helps The Early Damage Output.
Greater Quintessence Of Swiftness Gives Vayne That Bonus Movement Speed To Help With Initiating, Escaping, Keeping Up, Movement Speed Is Never A Bad Thing, But It Won't Really Help Your Damage Output Early Game.

Other Runes

You Can Use Other Runes That May Help, Such As Magic Resistance, Armor, Armor Pen. I Just Really EMPHASIZE The Need For Early Damage, You Need To Get Fed, The Runes Above Allow This, Which Means You Can Buy Items That Make Up For Armor Pen If Needed Or Magic Resist.

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I Like To Run A 22/8/0 Combo, Really Boosting Vaynes Early Effectiveness.

Nothing Wrong With Crit Chance, Especially If You Have The Crit Damage Runes.

Cripple Really Improves That Exhaust, Always Run Exhaust On Vayne, This Is So Useful For Getting First Blood.

Alacrity Helps Get The Silver Bolts Going.

Sorcery Lowers Your CDs Which Is Really Helpful, Possibly Allowing You To Get More Than 1 Condemn In Per Battle, As Well As Allowing You To Tumble More often While In Final Hour

Sunder Gives You That Slight Damage Boost Early Game.

Brute Force , Again Helping With The Early Damage Output.

Lethality Gives A Huge Crit Bonus For The Early Game. Like I Said, It's All About First Blood On Vayne.

Havoc Gives A Great Damage Boost Throughout The Game, It's A Must.

Resistance Just To Add That Shift In Survivability.

Hardiness Also Just For That Touch Of Survivability.

Evasion, Like I Said, Dodge Is Quite Useful

If You Feel That I Am Wrong With Some Of These Please Comment And I Will Explain More Thoroughly.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust I Find Is A MUST On Vayne, It Will Almost Always Secure A Kill, And Your Safety, The Damage Reduction It Puts On Someone Is AMAZING, Also, Since Vayne Is So Weak To Exhaust, When She Gets Exhausted Herself, Use It On Them. Try To Always Keep The Advantage

Flash Really Helps Close The Distance On A Target, Allowing You To Get Really Close Really Fast. It Also Gives A Way To Get Over Walls If You're In Danger.

I Honestly Think These Are The BEST Spells For Vayne, Any Others Are No Where Near As Useful As These Two. Please Feel Free To Tell Me If You Think Otherwise.

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Necessary Items
Berserker's Greaves Give You That Attack Speed Boost And The Movement Speed,

Black Cleaver Is A GREAT Item, The Armor Reduction Stacks Really Pump Up That Bonus Damage From Silver Bolts, Especially If You Tumble For That Last Hit, This Item Can Double Your Damage.

Bloodthirster Gives Vayne That Good AD Bonus And The Lifesteal, Keep This At Max Stacks!!

Infinity Edge Gives Huge Damage And Crit, Really Pumps Up The Damage Output On Vayne, If You're Runed For Crit Damage, At This Stage You Could Be Getting Close to 800-1000 Crits.

Phantom Dancer Gives Vayne Huge Attack Speed And Crit Chance Bonuse, Also Movement Speed, This Item Is What Turns Vayne Into A Quick Assassin, Once You Have This You Can Jump At Someone Hitting 1k Crits, at 2 APS.

Situational Items

Frozen Mallet Should Be Used If Your Team Doesn't Have A Lot Of CC, Also Adds Some AD And HP, Good Item.

Last Whisper Should Be Used If You're Up Against A Team With Tanks Grabbing Armor, This Gives Good AD Plus Really Nice Armor Pen.

Banshee's Veil Should Be Used If You're Being Focused By A Mage Heavy Team, You'll Get That Nice Hp/Mana As Well As Some Good Magic Resistance, This Item Also Blocks A Negative Spell Cast On You Every 45 Seconds.

Guardian Angel Is A Good Item For When You're Dying Too Fast, Getting Focused, Or Just Feel Weak. This Gives Some Good Armor And Magic Resistance And Will Also Revive You After Death. This Is An Item That Will Keep You In The Game.

Phantom Dancer Is Sometimes A Good Item To Have 2 Of. Grab A Second One If You're Doing Good And Really Don't Know What To Get.

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Farming Should Be Quite Simple Once You Get Silver Bolts, The Third Attack On Any Minion Will Naturally Get The Kill, Remember To Tumble For That Third Hit. Last Hitting Is Still The Same As Any Other Champion.

Once You've Gotten Your Bloodthirster Immediately Start To Build Those Stacks, Jungle, Push Lanes, Do What You've Gotta Do To Get Those Creep Kills.

Farming Is Quite Simple On Vayne.

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Team Work

Vayne Should Always Grab The Ganks, She Is A Powerful Ganker And Can Normally Get People Off Guard With Her Speed, The Best Place To Gank Is A Lane Where Your Team Has A Stun Or Root.

If An Ally Is Coming To Gank Your Lane, Cover The Gap With Flash For Initiation, Aim That Condemn For A Wall Or In The Opposite Direction And Just Pick Them Apart. Final hour If You Have It, You'll Down The Target In No Time.

Use Your Exhaust As You Seem Fit, It Always Helps When In Battle, It Almost Always Secures The Kill In 1v1 Situations.

You Don't Want Ganks To Be Wasted, If Your Target Has Flash, Try To Scare Him, Make Him Waste It Before The Gank Starts. Or A Similar Ability Such As Vladimirs Pool, Or Ezreals Blink, In Cases Like These You Have To Try And Get That Condemn Into Terrain, Try Your Best To Bully Them Down A Bit So You're Able To Down Them Quicker.

Condemn Can Be Used To Push Enemies Away From Allies.

Also If Your Comfortable Enough, If You Have Low Health, Chances Are You'll Get Attacked, People Are Greedy, If You Have A Gank Ready, Then The Moment You Are About To Get Ganked, Final Hour And Tumble, While You're Stealthed Have Your Ally Come In And Get Their Attention, Then Pop Out And Clean Up.

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Ranked Play

Ranked Games Are Normally Taken A Bit More Seriously, Try To Keep Your Area Warded, But Remember, First Blood Is A Must!!!!, Try To Play Like Normal Keep The Bullying Up, But Chances Are You'll Get Ganked Before You Get Final Hour. You Have To Be On Guard At All Times, Especially If They Have A Character Like Nocturne. Keep Condemn Ready To Knock Him Away And Tumble Ahead, Don't Get Feared. Try To Keep Control And Position At All Times.

You Always Have To Keep In Mind What Your Opponent Can Do And Try To Work Around It, Use Tumble To Dodge Bullying Such As Caitlyns Piltover Or Nidalees Spear. These Can Hurt A Lot Early, You Can't Let Them Get The Advantage, Tumble To Dodge, Then Shoot Them, But Becareful If They're Ready Such As Annies Spell Stun, Or Twisted Fates Stacked Deck, The Goal Is To Get Them While They Aren't Ready.

Once You Get Final Hour Act Like Your Going To Recall, Or Make It Look Like You Are Going To Gank Somewhere, Go Around And try To Gank Your Opponent Using Final Hour, Watch Out For Vision Wards Or Sight Wards Though, Sometimes A Vision Ward Of Your Own Helps A TON!

Once You Secure That First Blood, Try To Grab A Few Ganks. Always Be More Careful If They Have A Jungler. Try To Jungle Yourself Here And There If You Don't Have A Jungler.

When Initiating On Some One, Pop Your Final Hour And Tumble, Get In Range And Attack Then Condemn Them Into Your Turrets Direction, Or Into A Wall, Keep Up The Tumbles, Exhaust If You Have To! Rinse And Repeat, Keep Getting Kills, You Need To Secure That Black Cleaver Early, From There On You Should Have No Problems.

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Thank You For Reading My First MOBAfire Guide. I Hope It Helped. Even If You Don't Use The Build Maybe The Tips Helped.

Comment To Let Me Know How It Is, Maybe Teach Me Something New.