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Vayne Build Guide by ArSiC NiKKuH

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArSiC NiKKuH

Vayne: OP guide

ArSiC NiKKuH Last updated on January 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*First off*

a 22 minute game of me playing Vayne. but played on double speed so it isn't as long.
please take your time to watch this video. and give me feed back! please!

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Vayne is the best champion.(in my opinion) the runes, masteries, items, all fit very perfect for this champion. they all fit together like gears in a machine. and they run smooth. she is very Over powered if fed, farmed, or played safe. she can maneuver in any situation, and is an escape artist. her damage is very acceptable, and attack speed is an added bonus. you can almost take down any champion you desire. vayne can tumble backwards and shoot, shoot. condemn and tumble back again and shoot 2 more times. those are the ingredients to take down an opponent, and that sequence of skill button mashing, is the key to success.

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you have to farm with vayne.
with her silver bolts, it's a numero primero. you just have to get last hits. and build up your money so you can dominate in farming, if you aren't dominating in kills.
farming also will help you level up faster than the other champions. so you have an upper hand against enemies, as well as your allies.

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night hunter

night hunter is a very cool passive if you are fed and you like to play aggressive.
which means you get a speed boost chasing an enemy champion. so if you are aggressive and like to get more kills, go ahead. chase that champion. i bet with tumble you will snatch that AP champion in a heart beat.

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final hour

very awesome ultimate skill.
the CDR is amazing. only 70 seconds, plus you can get more damage! who wouldn't love more damage? the special thing about this is, when you need to escape from a heated back door attempt at the enemy base. simply smack final hour in to play and hit tumble to activate vayne's invisibility. she goes invisible for 3 seconds and a great way to escape those pesky AD enemy carries. also use against squishies in team battles. it is a smart choice to hit final hour whenever you can

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Tumble, it's so affective while laning. I don't reccommend using tumble 1v1ing in the mid.
simply because you need to stack on silver bolts. because silver bolts have a good damage if you stack bolts on champions. and it requires no mana!!!!
Use tumble if 2v2ing, you get the upper hand if you're chasing champions, plus an added damage bonus!

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silver bolts

Please select silver bolts more often rather than tumble. because you don't have to waste as much mana hurting an enemy champion. because silver bolts do not require any mana!!! plus the 3 stacks of hitting an enemy champ doubles the damage and hurts them more severely!

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Condemn is a big no no if you are solo'ing a lane. it's a huge waste of mana and you don't push many enemies into walls. so try and conserve this ability until mid-late game. try to only use when pushing enemies backwards towards your ally. or against the terrain.
note- turrets are in fact a part of the terrain. so why not push a foe into the turret?

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Summoner Spells

you need to have teleport.. you can save towers and when you go back to buy an item. you can get back in to the fight and destroy the enemies.
flash, like i said. vayne. is. easy. to. maneuver. flash away, tumble and condemn. you can escape any team fight... plus flash is just a world wide savior its self.

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These runes are the best runes you could choose for Vayne. Many people use these runes in other guides. The armor penetration is THE BEST when you are fighting defensive tanks! mana regen runes are good too. when you use condemn, tumble a lot. the mana regeneration will defeat the purpose of mana potions. the movement speed helps a lot too, it adds to the passive night hunter. so you can move faster and chase down that champion.

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okay first off. the armor penetration from weapon expertise and sunder. make you have 16% more armor pen! executioner is good for vayne as well. you hit 6% more damage when the enemy champion is below 40% health. which kicks in very well when vayne runs 20% faster while chasing them. alacrity's attack speed goes well with the item sequence too. attack speed with vayne is a must.

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Skill Sequence

i believe this is the hybrid between middle lane 1v1 and 2v2 laning.
very effective skill sequence, i have used this sequence for over 50 games and every game i go positive. :)

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i like to get greaves for attack speed, and right after, the black cleaver with attack speed and damage. the zeal adds more attack speed. after that, the life steal makes u invincible. then i stack damage with the blood thirst and added Crit with the infinity, plus phantom dancer for crit and attack speed. for infinity i buy crit damage first, and then get the pickaxe for damage.

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Pros / Cons

pro- she's very good if well fed
condemn the squishes in to walls to initiate team battles
does a high damage with runes at a low level
easy to manuever with the tumble
tumble - op in beginning
con- very squishy
sucks if not fed or farmed
difficult to learn how to play at first
sucks without armor...

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this is a pretty chill guide for new vaynes, if u wanna see a ranked build just ask.
i think this is very different than other builds concidering i build different for one, and i put item order instead of the main item build..

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