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Vayne Build Guide by PauseIBreak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PauseIBreak

Vayne - Simple but Effective

PauseIBreak Last updated on September 7, 2012
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Vayne Build

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Hear Me Out...

Okay, this guide is my first and probably one of a few if I ever do any more - I'm a totsl noob to the game, I played some time ago and have recently got back into it, decided to try some champs and there I found her - Vayne.

Seriously, she is a machine, been playing with her for free recently and found that she is my first IP champ for sure, the only thing is - Im low level, I have little masteries and no runes (Dont buy runes till high lvl anyways) and generally, still getting used to the game.

So... My guide is bad, really bad - Only because it is short and entails nowhere unless you use the build I say works (Which it does, for me) So, test this out, I have just put the small chapter in explaining the build and that is all - It's simple as that, my reason for making this - Without masteries, runes, etc is simple - The build works, I've seen recent players using Vayne and going for what I think, are stupid builds. Enjoy.

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The Build. Part 1

Vayne has a moderate difficulty level, she is expsensive and generally, she starts off pretty slow and can be boring at times. This is the reason I'm posting this build, because it makes her, quite simple, an easy to use champion that can be used effectively, over and over again.

Vayne has a nice attack damage, though her speed is not so good, it can be made quite early on into something much better. Her defense is very low, but, don't start thinking build her with complete armour or HP items, it is not needed. You should not have to take loads of damage without a surprise, if they surprise you, sometimes there is nothing you can do - If not, Vayne's defense can be countered by using her abilities to quickly escape - As long as you were never too close in the first place.

Let's put it much more organised,

Work with the positive, don't let the enemy exploit the negative:

+ Vayne is range, she may have low defense, but it can be countered early - Learn to run, even if they get past with 1 bar of health, unless you don't mind the trade, or 60% sure you can make it - Fall back. It is not neccessary to get yourself killed.

+ Vayne starts off with average mobility, but chasing is not too important - He ability on the Q Key, Tumble, allows her to roll forward and catch up with anybody running away, and even better - It increases you damage, meaning when your in range, they go down faster = Less chasing time.

+ Vayne's attack speed is mediocre compared to other range champions - But the damage can easily suffice at the begginning of the game - Once you get the build it works much, much better.

A good way to look at Vayne is to simply know what she lacks - Then build upon it. Lets show the example of Tryndamere - The weaker he gets, the more critical hit chance he has, his critical hit chance is what makes him a very good champion - So build him upon critical grounds, with Vayne, she does high amount of damage for her range - So exploit it and add speed.

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The Build. Part 2

So, if your going to use Vayne for her range damage and to upgrade her to a speeding demon, here is my build - There are though problems, or circumstances when using this, Like any build. In one way, you will always lack something. Here it is defense. I will explain that later.

Start off, you get your small amount of gold, use it on a Dagger - This provides you with 15 attack speed, it is small to start but helps to quickly farm minions and get the extra gold at the start of the game - What you have to remember is that Vayne can be weak early game, she is quite dependant on items.

Again, another cheap item, once you have it, it's really useful, and considering Vayne is not Usane Bolt, they help loads - Grab yourself some Berserkers Greaves, these will give you 25 attack speed and Enhanced Movement 2. That's all you will need for movement speed - I would not really say any others, the attack speed is so useful that you end up earning the gold back pretty quickly.

It can be tempting to spend gold sometimes, but I strongly say, save for a Zeal. This item is insanse for Vayne - 20 more attack speed, which by now, she should be tearing through waves, and be very quickly doing damage to champions, zoning them out of XP range - You could go for kills here depending on your level, that all comes down to if you think you can 'take em'. The Zeal also gives you 10 Critical Strike Chance, which can be handy when chasing down champs with the tiny health bar and its getting close to turrets, it also gives you 6 movement speed multiplier.
By now you should see a big difference in Vayne - As long as you play her right and level her up accordingly (I will talk about that below) she can start to take down champs easrlier on than you think.

So, you might notice, now your Dagger is gone, that's because it becomes part of the Zeal build, which is good as it gives you more room to add in. The next item might be annoying to save for unless you manage to grab some quick kills on champions, so level Vayne up some more, save up to 2865 gold and harness the Black Cleaver, this is one hell of an item for Vayne - I do believe it is recommended and it damn well should be - It provides 55 attack damage! and even more attack speed + 30%. The great thing about this is it's passive can have a great effect as it reduces armour by 15 for 5 seconds, also, it stacks 3 times max. As a passive of an already awesome item, it's a definantly a good purchase, though an expsensive one.

At this point in the game, I realised, Vayne is now a literal monster, machine, superman disguised as a woman. No, really she is just cool - So, I look into the recommended and see Banshee's Veil - This item is cost-worthy, as later game, you already have your speed and damage, but your health - Meh, it still is not tip top shape - So build it now - It is not the most important thing in the game but as you progress, the extra stuff can really do you good - 375 Health, 50 Magic Resistance, 375 Mana - It's passive is also quite neat, being able to block one negative spell every 45 seconds.

You might be thinking, okay, Vayne is damn good, (Well I hope you are, at this point if you disagree then ok, everyone has their own opinion) But, Vayne only gets better - She is just a damage dealing rapist at the moment but it's always good to add some more, so if you can afford it before the game ends, grab a Last Whisper - This gives you EVEN MOAR Attack damage, + 40 and extra armour penatration +40% for any of those tankers who try to escape your grasp. The reason I go for this item is simple - The others have already made Vayne strong as hell, and the way I'm playing, I'm not going all in and pushing too far - This is why I dont look towards extra HP items. So, what about Mana Items you say?
Really, her mana is fine, and her basic attack is strong with all the build items backing you up, so you can save the ability spamming for champions only (Talk about that below)

So, late game, didnt know what to buy - Got myself a Stinger for 1090 gold. It's cheap, effective and its passive is probably the reason to go for it - It adds more attack speed, but the passive reduces cooldowns by 10%. Her cooldowns are not bad at all - But any help late game to push in and make the kill or make an escape always helps - Annoying when you realise you need like 10 seconds more before you can roll on in there, catch up and end them.

So, that's the build of items. Now its more of abilities - What to level, how I think you should use them.

Purchase Order [For those who cannot be bothered to read paragraphs: Adil]

Bersekers Greaves
Black Cleaver
Banshee's Veil
Last Whisper

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Poppin' Those QWERTY's

I know you dont use Y for the abilities ^^ Don't get all technical, it actually does your camera lock setting, I know.

Okay, so her abilities - I'm not the guy for pulling in crazy combo's, pictures and explaining in detail - If you want that then go look in game on the description of Vayne and see how they work - Videos in game too!

But yeah - An important descision to make is qhich ability to level up first?

I would go with your Q Key - Tumble, always. This rolls you forward, gives you attack damage. It costs literally nothing to use manawise - Just a measly 40 manna, and its colldown is fast. As you roll without pointing in the direction, you of course just go wherever Vayne is facing, which makes it so much better for a wide variety of uses - You can get closer to minions before engaging, which makes it great for last hitting. It works for chasing since your damage increases for 6 seconds meaning your closer and now more deadly. Its pretty damn useful for a huge amount of ways, this by far is something worth levelling.

Her second ability, not to level but Keywise is her W key's passive, Silver Bolts. This is a great, and some consider it an OP passive - The third consecutive attack or ability against the same target deals a percentage of the target's maximum health as bonus true damage. Once levelled, it can be very effective in making the shot count when taking guys down since Vaynes low defense means speedy kills are sometimes a requirement.

Her E key ability - Condemn can be used for teamplay extremely well, on it's own it works, but it is not a damage output ability, the damage it does you can ignore - It will help but ignore it - This ability is your way to get the bad guys where you want them - A great way to use it is jump in the brush and flank an enemy - I would say keep the flank to 1 enemy, multiple could be a problem since Vayne's low defense means she will suffer if they turn on you to quickly. So - Get behind them and fire them further towards your spawn, into the jungle, close to your turrets, and generally away from their teammates. It will push them, giving you space to attack and do speedy damage before they even have time to make an escape. What is even more effective is pushing them into walls, as it acts as a stun and deals extra damage - Just remember, Vayne has low defense, this can be used quite well in defense, if you need to recall, get close, push them back, turn and run. Just be careful, if you dont get it fire off quickly enough, you could end up dead.

The ultimate: Vayne's ult is really nice in my opinion, it can be used both offensive and defensive, just make sure you save it till last minute ikf your going to use it when running away - Dont want to waste it.
It's called Final Hour - It gives Vayne extra attack damage and extra speed - This is why on the offense it is very useful. It also, helps your passive - Night Hunter which makes Vayne move faster towards enemy champions - So, when you chase with your ulti - Its quite likely that you will catch up.

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What to take?

Easy as summoner spells, right now being a noob I use the standard combo of Heal & Ghost, when you have them all, I know many people would still say Ignite & Flash but since you dont want to be popping your ulti just to escape, I think Ghost can remain and maybe use that with flash - Saving your manna and maybe allowing you to play a little bit risky since you know you can make it back to safety.

For runes - I dont have them yet and wont get them till tier 3 available. And for masteries, I would go for whatever you feel Vayne needs, with this build she is fast with items so maybe increase the attack speed so your starting game can improve, maybe critical chance improvements - I would really go for defense in some areas of Vayne depending on your playstyle so let me take a guess around - 21 - 9 - 0

Thats it more or less from me, hope you enjoy any of the information you take away. This is my first guide and I dont know if their would ever be a second, probably not. Just remember, I'm more or less all text - Not fancy pictures or links - I dont want it to become to top of the range guide - This was made for a few reasons -
1. I like Vayne and want to share my opinions
2. I think some builds people use are less effective so think if people see and like mine, maybe one day my build could be something more than my random scrub guideline.
3. It was fun making this, end of.

I won't beg for vote ups or anything, just test it out and comment with your thoughts, any, oh this is BS comments, well - Maybe you need to 1. Grow up and realise this is the internet, I dont give one hell of damn for your opinions and 2. I like it so GTFO...