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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gehrom

Vayne, tank/fragile killer. (aka Twitch / Rammus killer)

Gehrom Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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Hello, this is my Vayne build. When I\m on Mobafire, I often see builds I just cant really get.
I understand you need some survivability, but. Yeah. Here`s my build:

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Summoner Spells

You can use whatever spell you`d like, but I mostly like Exhaust in case I need to run away, or Fight a meele dps champion. And Tumble = Flash(In a way) So its usefull to have a Ghost ready for escapes, or really fast chases(Your passive will help here)

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Marks=Armorpenetration runes is a must for AD champs.
Seals=The attackspeed will help stack your W(You dont really need this so much before later in the game, when champs have a higher HP pool)
Glyphs= Here you can choose, between atkspeed, or just survivability.

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I like the 21-0-9 build because I get a maximum dmg output(+ armorpene,crit and atk speed)
And the nine in the utility gives me a faster Ghost, so I actually have a chance to run.
+ the money bonus, 1 gold per 10 isn`t so much. But take a 5v5. The game has an average game time of: 40-60 minutes? Thats 240-360 gold. And thats only 1 point, not so much i`d rather have on that 1 last point. Its actually alot of money. Might be exactly what you need to get that item that made you survive and win that teamfight.

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Not so much to say here, but here is an explanation:
First grab Dorans Blade
Then go after Berserkers greaves right away.
After that go for a zeal for the extra movementspeed and atkspeed(Save this for Phantomdancer later)
Then grab a Infinity Edge for the dmg and crit bonus, all your attacks scale after dmg(Espesially Tumble(Which is your main dmg spell))
After that finish the Phantomdancer for the critchance and atk speed + more movementspeed(Remember your passive, and Ghost, no way Twitch is getting away this time around)
After that you are going to realise, or very soon. That SH*T, ur fragile. So grab a Guardian angle for the nice passive(This will make you able to maximize your dmg output by being able 2 nuke hard, then die(They will loose their focus on you) and then being able to pop right back up and take down their fragiles(You are an fragile/tank(Depending on your build) killer).
Now you are going to need some lifesteal, so I always grab Vampiric Scepter.
After that, they are starting to get a little to much armor, or HP, or maybe both? Then you can choose between Last Whisper(For tanks and brusiers with little hp, and lots of armor), Black Cleaver(For tank or Brusiers with some health and some armor(The atkspeed stacks ur W faster and reduces their armor)) or Madreds Bloodrazor(For tanks with just alot of health(Eks. Cho Gath?))(You will need to sell Dorans here, to get enought room for the items)
After that finish your Bloodthirster for the dmg and lifesteal.

Enjoy your build, and take some elixsirs for the cool glow :D

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Skill Sequence

Tumble is your main attack spell, used for dodging, and getting of attacks faster than normal.

Silver Bolts(Tipped?) is just an passive, it is a little overpowered because it does a set percentage of the max hp of the target as true dmg.(Not so needed before late game when the HP percentage will be high, and they have alot of armor that you can penetrate)

Condemn is your "assist" spell, you will only use this as an harras after a Auto, Q and then the E, to trigger W on a target early game, or as a last nuke medium-late game or a stun(Mjst hit terrain) Thats why this is worth having a stack in early, and ranking medium.

Ulti: Rank in 6,11 and 16.

I have seen in most builds that they rank W before E, but why need true dmg and to take damage of their max hp percentage when they have no armor nor health? Thats my reason for ranking it late.

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Unique Skills

All her spells ar unique, the most simmilar spell to any of Vayne`s is Poppy`s charge.
Using her spells on time, and to dodge skillshots, is what seperates a skilled Vayne, from one who just rides her dmg.