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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snarkoon

Vayne - The immortal Hunter

Snarkoon Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Summoners
I just want to present you my first Guide.
Its about Vayne the at the moment newest champion in League of Legends.

I hope you like it, so please thumbs up ;)

One word before we go to next chapter. This guide is for those who die very fast with vayne without getting a kill.
With this guide you should be able to own more enemy's and stay alive.

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I chose those runes, because with vayne attack speed is very important, because if you attack fast you can stack silver bullets even faster too and so you make amazing dmg.
Then i took armor penetration marks to do more dmg against those you buy armor, i got some games were this saves my *** ;).
As glyphs i take attack speed to, like I said before its very important. You can also took cooldown reduction there if you want, but if you take blue buff you won't need that.
As quintessencases I take armor penetration or attack speed, I prefer the armor penetration because at the begin of the game it helps you to farm kills and be op in the end game.

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I took those items, because they really make you more durable.

First go fast lanternhave a ward to be not ganked in mid or on lane and also to farm easy gold with his passive. It also gives you more armor and dmg for the later fights with melee or ranged dps like ashe.

After that i go for the beserker, for more attack speed. Like i said above its very important to stack silver bolds fast and make nice dmg.

Then i go for more health and dmg -Phage is here very usefull cause you get about 250health and 20 dmg. And also you get his amazing passive the 30% slow. This is very nice to follow enemies and hit them while they ran away. Or if you have to escape you might kite someone and lane him down.

After that go forZeal for even more attack speed, movement speed and critical strike chance.
this increased movement speed is very usefull to escape or to kill some enemy's in combination with phage. The 10% critical strike are very usefull to do lot of dmg in early or mid game.

Then go for morelife steal to prevend that you can stay in lane and go out with more life after fights.

Now you got the first items complete this should be for ruling the early game.Now upgrade Phage to Frozen mallet for more slow and dmg and life to be more durable.
Then go for phantom dancers for more attack speed and movement speed and crit.

When you got those you should be nearly immortal. You just gonna die if then focus you and got stuns.
Then go for more dmg and crit I prefer infinity edge for that amount of crit and dmg.After that when you don't win yet, you can go for blood thurster for more dmg and lifesteal.

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Summoner spells

I took flash and ignite as summoner spells.
Flash, because you can escape well with it in combination with your movement speed from dancers and you can easily can follow people with it very fast in combination with your passive and dancers you will get any champ who tries to escape.
Ignite for dmg overtime and to kill people who escape into towerrange or something like that.
It also increase you dmg output amazingly in a fight.

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Skill sequence

Start with normal attack, then tumble hit again and do normal attack to hit with silver bold stacks. Or use tumble to start a fight and if you got the chance to stun someone with your condemn do it. Its very usefull and often get me the kill and easy kills ;)

Use your ulti as much as you can in fight it increase your dmg amazingly and make them to not focus you, cause you get steahl with tumble for 1.5 seconds.
You can also escape good with your ult and tumble ;)