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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yados

vayne the night elf mohawk

yados Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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vayne is something something dark side....
with massive damage and more gothic darkside stuff.
that means she is evil and she pwns ^^
and she actually a really fun char to play, because u can see people vanish away :P.
thats awesome isnt it

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i wouldnt have a cleu dont flame on me cuz i never bought runes on her :D.
i would say take a few cdr runes so that when u use ur ult and u tumble ur stealth most of the time. Since alot of ur damage output is going to be ad i would say also take a few armor pen runes, and the rest is up to u, u could takes some armor runes or something so u can even her*** harder without losing hp but i wouldnt know :P. hp runes are also welcome :D.

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i put 21-9-0
21 in offense because u need allot of damage ^^
and the 9 in defense for a little bit of survivability.

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i start of with a dagger, because u can built it something else and a hp pot.
u can also start with an dorans blade if u want, it gives survivability and life steal. but i always prefer not to waste money in something i wont use further on the game. but thats all up to u.

boots of swiftness. i take these boots, because vayne needs the movement speed when running away your passive won't help and it combines good with your passive ^^ when chasing someone. i prefer not to take berserker's it slightly slower and we alrdy have allot of attack speed and lonian boots is a waste if u have bought the runes u it wont help u that much more tumbling.(it freaks u out when u tumble to much). u could also take boots of mobility to roam the map

sword of the divine this items i find is the key to vayne and it has a decent active. this items works so good with silver bolt skill. those cirkles will popp so fast on them. and every fourth attack the item does 100 m. damage but i dont real care about that :P its just like the active. but combine active with the passive it great and add your silver bolts to it and it is devastating.

Madreds bloodrazor, this items fits in this build because of your going to have allot of attack speed and this also a bit similar to your silver bolts but without true damage instead its hits 4% hp with every attack.

phantom dancers, i wasn't really sure of taking these, but i choose them because of the attack speed and crit chance and movement speed. movement on vayne is required so that she can bruise, run away and is targeted harder. of course attack speed ^^ and u get some crit chance which is decent. (if u don't like it u could take malady or wit's end).
and also if your losing health to much and need to return to base to often u could take stark's fervor before phantom dancers

stark's fervor, this item is a really underestimated item thought it has allot of benefits.
attack speed, life steal and hp Regen for u and u allies and it arp if enemy is to close.
this item is awesome!!. and this is way much better than blood thirster, because as vayne u will lose stacks it a fact and u can deny it :D (joke)! you could go blood thirster but it is much more expensive and it has less life steal and no arp.

the black cleaver this is our last item and its optional.
this give us ad, as and arp gotta love it is a very good item on vayne, but if u look at the item build it doesn't conclude any survivability items, so if u think fck i die to fast i would say take frozen mallet or banshee veil, frozen mallet give u decent amount of hp and it slow's enemy's on hit and it gives a small amount of damage. banshee veil this is if casters are bugging you or the have allot of chars who can stun you, then u should take this item and not as the last item but way more early or else your death meat if they stun you.

so this item build give u allot of attack speed and passive's form items which combine together and a decent amount of arp. and don't forget the most important thing why i choose the as because it matches so well with silver bolts that its just devastating.

2nd item build will explantion will follow.

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Skill Sequence

i choose tumble first so u can bruise allot early game since most of the time u can't get 3 hits fast for silver bolts except if you use my method which i will explain later on. then i will go for silver bolts cuz at mid game is more ganking involved. at last i take condemn cuz actually you need 1 point in it to stun ^^.

how to use your skills

tumble: this is a fun skill to use u attack them and tumble out or you tumble in and attack them which will hurt them even more. u can escape and her*** with this skill. awesome skill!

silver bolts: actually u don't need explanation for this skill, it just hurts allot at the third hit.

condemn: this skill can be a life saver and a good gank skill. u can push people away if their getting to close and u can push them into walls to do huge amount of damage if their stunned.

know listen the way to combine these skill is simple, aa once tumble in further hit once and then use condemn that will absolutely have hurt them, because u got 3 hits and their way to far or even stunned to attack you.

your ultimate is great if u have maxed out tumble. your like invisible all the time and doing serious amounts of damage.

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Summoner Spells

uh i'm not really going to pay much time to this, because allot of summoner spells are awesome.
i chose for exhaust so that if they attack u they wont do much damage and slowed so u can do massive damage to them without getting to much damage yourself. flash if u see allot of chars coming towards you this is great escape, i their still behind you tumble away and use condemn if their to close.

u can use heal don't flame on me for this it is a noob skill i know but it helps, you can fool people that your almost death but u have heal ^^.
i talking to much :P but cleanse, ignite and ghost are spells who fit vayne to.
and maybe teleport, because its actually good on any char.

the other spells i would leave alone.

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what this build provides is that u have allot of attack speed and the items combine together
and decent amount of armor pen so that you can kill any type of champ really fast. but my last words are which i didn't tell over the whole guide always stay in the back because your gonna get focused being a huge damage dealer and your the easiest target to kill. also you need to have a good team to play vayne with. because in this build u don't have much survivability so u can't run off alone :D. and also red buff is awesome on vayne :D!!!
in the end vayne is a fun char to play she has huge amount of damage but she die's really quickly so be aware of evelyn or master yi and fidle popping out of nowhere and slicing your head off.

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Pros / Cons


great dps
decent escape skills.
assassin so u can pop out of nowhere and kill off someone really fast.
you walk real fast so u can roam the map.

vulnerable for stuns
focused in team fights.
casters needs to be ambushed if u want to kill them :D.

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basic info to succeed

farm alot!
don't initiate!
and roam the map go for the ganks don't be afraid.

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upcoming changes

i will ad an attack damage version of vayne, so u can bruise enemy so hard out of the lane that they will get crazy.
uh and i don't know if i am going to ad a survivability vayne, because u shouldn't play vayne like that :P. it is possible that i am going to add allot more guides to annoy all of you with my brilliance and you will like omg he is friking awesome :P