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League of Legends Build Guide Author vani1

Vayne, The Night Hunter : Tank slayer*

vani1 Last updated on May 13, 2011
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8. Pros / Cons
I wont go into the specific Pros/Cons of Vayne herself, just this specific way of playing her.

- Much harder to kill than a typical ranged carry.
- High, sustained DPS based around your true damage and HP% damage ensures she will kill her target sooner rather than later.
- Gets even more benefit out of the stealth from her ultimate given that her effective HP will make her extremely difficult to kill in the short bursts of visibility.
- Fairly tanky early game allows her to stand up to even the strongest laners.
- Scales very well into late game.

- Sustained damage over burst, cant play the assassin role quite as well as a more offensive variant.
- Build is quite expensive, Madreds and Frozen Mallet tend to be core items and are both very costly, requires a lot of farming.
- Really starts to shine later in the game as opposed to early on.
9. Working in the team
As Vayne, you're a hunter. The most important thing for you to do in a game is to choose your prey, and hunt them til they fear you in every team fight and are hesitant about fulfilling their role. And then you need to make them fear you some more til they just plain ragequit.

Selecting your prey

Regardless of build, with a decent attack speed, Vayne can take out any target. With ghost on and your ultimate, as long as you approach from an angle where you're not likely to take any real CC punishment, you can pick off a victim extremely quickly if you target the right person. Generally speaking you should prioritise based on the effectiveness of the enemy champion. Their effectiveness is also not just based around their damage but based on how well the player is actually using them. If you've got a bunch of high damage dealers on a team who are bad players individually but an amazing Janna keeping them alive, then Janna is your target.

Vayne is fast as lightning with her ult on if she's storming towards a target, even the most cowardly of enemies wont be able to get away from you without blowing summoners if you're making a beeline for them. You should pick out your target and mow them down. Activate your ult + ghost if you have it and smash them into a wall if there is one available, then just blast their HP down. Tumble constantly as it will keep throwing off any sort of enemy focus on you unless they purchase an Oracle. If they have one, chances are you're tanky enough to take out your target and escape anyway, and they've wasted 400 gold on you.

You should always try and go for the squishiest targets first since, as good as Vayne takes down tanky targets, she takes down squishies in a matter of seconds. Try approaching from different angles. You dont really need to stay behind your team all the time if you've got enough confidence to sneak around behind the enemy and have some sort of vision on them to make sure they're not going to catch you alone. If your tank engages from the front and you can wander in behind a Veigar with 1k AP blasting your team to bits, then you can easily take him out before he and his team even knew what happened.

If you're up against a team of tanky DPS and find yourself wondering who to focus, usually the person with the most disruptive ability is the best choice. A team of tanky DPS with an actual tank amongst them? Focus the tank. Most champs cant do anything against a tank but hope to wear them down, but Vayne is not one of those champions. Even a curl-balling Rammus or an ulti'd Alistar cannot withstand her sustained DPS.

Target selection and elimination is key to Vayne. Pick your target well and take them out. Vayne profits from hitting them hard and fast before they knew what hit them, so remember that when you approach them. Shock & awe tends to work best. Flashing in over a wall behind someone in a jungle and pinning them against that same wall with your E and killing them before they can respond not only looks bad ***, it gives them and their team mates no real chance to save them unless they're very, very fast. Vayne profits from team fight chaos, so exploit that to your full advantage. She has the mobility to position herself in places that are advantageous to herself so you should never feel like you have to hide behind the tank like an Ashe or Corki. Be aggressive and you'll profit, but dont ever be suicidal.
10. Summary
I feel that Vayne is a great champion with a very, very powerful kit available to her at the moment, and I can only hope that Riot doesn't nerf her into the ground. I personally feel that she is not overpowered, but that's my own opinion. Like any champion she can be countered. Just means you have to focus her if you want to not die, but hell.. there are very few high damage champs that you can let go without focus if you want to avoid death, so there's nothing really new there.

Hopefully if you follow my tips and item choices you'll end up with a very tanky Vayne capable of outlasting her enemies whilst blasting down their HP. Vayne will kill her target without fail if she can survive long enough to do so and is regularly hitting them with her Silver Bolts. That's the main thing you need to know about playing her, and playing against her. If you're able to survive and do consistent DPS, you will kill things.

This was my first guide and it took quite a bit to write, I hope you enjoyed reading it or found some sort of usefulness in it. I know this wont be how everybody wants to build Vayne but this is my personal playstyle for her and I find it works very effectively.