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League of Legends Build Guide Author BetaTestThis

Vayne, The Night Should Be Scared Of Me! Hararar.

BetaTestThis Last updated on July 8, 2011
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An explanation of vayne and her nerfs.

Vayne is a AD carry assasin. As you all know. Now any assasin deals out alot of damage but can't afford to get hit, this applies to with vayne. But, now with vayne it is now EASIER to avoid being targeted because you are the first ranged assasin! nerfing has put down vaynes damage but she still hits like a truck. Vayne is a fun champion to play. BUT NOT TO PLAY WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE AT LEAST ONE TANK! the tank has to have a taunt otherwise you may be able to avoid being targeted a litte, with tumble, flash and condemn but if you attack them, they will target you soo bad, this is why i don't pick vayne when we don't at least have a tank and a tanky dps (prefered outcome). Just all too many times going solo 5v5 everyone is squishy and they still target you first, or your team dies to fast, then you die shortly after.

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Why No Crit Chance Or Trinity/Sheen???

I have tried crit chance all too much, and it is very viable and it works. I will put crit chance as my third build, But i like percentage hp more because your crits don't really hit all that hard to tanks or people with armor, even though you will be targeting carries and squishies, because you are an assasin the percentage hp damage will still rip through them, probably a bit slower then crit or maybe even in the same time while probably reducing the time by half to take down a tank. with your 4% per hit when you get madreds which will probably be 2.5-3% ish because of magic resist, but this is why you have archaic knowledge 15% magic pen for madreds to hit harder, also when silver bolts is maxed you will be dealing 8% per three shots so around 15% damage per three shots, to anyway tank or not, plus your 150-200 damage per hit with tumble procs ult pill, and for this build i use condemn as more a stun or knockback not at damage until late game.

I have also tried trin force, and i personally don't like it, the survivability is nice, but as a carry i don't like it because its more burst type, with the sheen proc and when you don't have it you don't hit as hard, but you can constantly do around 50% damage to champs per 5 seconds or so.

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There are many choices actually but I prefer runes to help early game.

Marks of Desolation - 15 armour pen. hit 15 damage harder. Standard AD Champion

Seal Of Strength - 4 attack damage. It doesn't seem like much but early game last hitting minions and procing with tumble, it helps

Glyph of Alacrity - 6% attack speed - proc silver bolts faster, more DPS, proc madreds faster.

Quint of Strength - 7.5 attack damage - Give you overall 20 plus attack damage with dorans blade and runes, also with 3 damage, and 4% attack damage from masteries will make you hit harder early game so its easier to last hit and hold your own in lane. Better than Armour pen because, Quints of Desolation only give 9 armour pen whereas you can proc tumble and condemn with 7.5 attack damage.

There are many other viable choices like armour pen Quints which will help out more late game, or armour seals which will give you around 14 armour and magic resist glyphs which will give around 14 magic resist, but with vayne its basically if you get caught in some CC 14 armour and magic resist isn't going to keep you alive. Killing them first might.

For second build its full attack speed, 38.% attack speed, which with my calculations give you around 1 attack per second at lvl 1 (making this guide while servers are down) haven't tried this yet but the theory seems good and i think this will be my main build.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost - Movement spell, vayne have 305 movement without boots when running away. She needs to run away when focused.

Flash - Another Movement spell, for getting away again

I use this combo because i find flash by itself not enough, because of your slow move speed without PD and even with it its not enough to run away especially with slows, to get out successfully a flash ghost tumble will have a high success rate

Other viable spells are

Exhaust - for first blood and just general shutting an AD carry down.

Teleport - To get you back into lane to last hit, because you need to farm like a boss with vayne because you aren't going to do enough damage without items and that's what vayne is about.

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21 in offence, giving you 4% increased damage helps on an AD carry like vayne and the 15% magic pen to boost madreds damage with armour pen flat damage and attack damage.

9 in utility, giving you better ghost some mana regen and hp regen, even though it won't help all that much as everyone goes on about preservance is horrible. Yes, Yes it is, but i like it because you can always use tumble, I like it better than 10 seconds death timer, because if you're dead late game and they are in your base, you have lost being alive will only feed them more. Utility mastery to get increased red buff time, you really need red buff for the damage per second, kind of like an ignite with the slow so you can easily get your hits off.

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Build One

For this build i rush bloodthirster with dorans blades, hp pots, boots and vampiric scepter in between, to give good laning with the 100 health bonus per dorans, and 10 damage. you should aim for 2-3 dorans, and with that you will have 21% life steal with the scepter, turning it into a bloodthirster to give you good sustained damage and lifesteal.

I have tried this build without madreds but in my opinion ITS JUST THE WAY TO GO, even against squishies it still does the best sustained damage, although maybe not killing them as fast with crit chance it is an overall better item with better stats. if you're looking for a squishy destroyer go to build 3.

Then i get some cheap magic resist with a cleanse. (Quicksilver sash). So if for example, WW ults you then the whole enemy team would focus you down = dead you :O, but for 1400 gold, you just use it and tumble away, staying in the team fight and probably killing WW or worse case, tumble ghost and flash if they get close.

Then i get Black Cleaver for the armour pen because every AD needs armour pen, and it'll give you damage and attack speed to proc madreds and silver bolts.

Last is wits end, to give you an extra 42 damage per hit, giving you around 120 damage every
three hits plus the attack speed to give your silver bolt and madreds even more procs. for when tanks try and pwn you, you turn around and kick their ***

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Build Two

This is a build i thought of while making this build. But i love the idea and hopefully it will work wonders.

I skip dorans blades and RUSH madreds as fast as i can while maxing silver bolts. This probably won't be the best mid build as you won't be able to hold your own as well against aggressive mids, such as kogmaw. So this would work well on a side lane but still viable mid if you be careful. The damage will come when you get madreds, by that time they will probably have an average of 1000-1800HP and your attack speed will be around 1.2-1.4ish, and you will be dealing around 15% of that garanteed damage every three hits with 8% true damage with silver bolts and 3% ish with madreds per hit, and that doesn't include the 100 damage or so that you will have with tumble procs and ult pill. As carries will try and stay away from you unless they have the advantage because you can take them down easy now you can take down tanky champions now.

The next items are kinda self explanatory, Boots, bloodthirster for damage with lifesteal, black cleaver for armour pen then wits for attack speed with the 120 damage per 3 hits procing everything more, giving you some magic resist.

The last item can be either of the four last items, two give attack speed to proc more and two are for magic resist survivability. You choose, although you will probably need the sash or banshees.

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Build Three

By now you'll know where im going with this one, rushing bloodthirster like in the first build, then PD for move speed and crit chance, Infinity edge is next for its damage, next is quick survivabilty (quicksilver sash) Then Black cleaver for armour pen, then at the end take out boots and put in another PD because you'll have enough move speed with two PDs and then you'll have +85% crit chance which is more than decent.

(YOU CAN USE LAST WHISPER IF YOU WANT IN ANY BUILD, ITS CHEAPER BUT IT'LL GIVE LESS DAMAGE AND NO ATTACK SPEED, BUT BETTER IF THEY STACK ALOT OF ARMOUR) especially good for build three because its AD crit build others deal alot of true magic damage and AD.

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Trinity force

At the end of each build, you can trade out an item such as, Quicksilver sash and put in trinity, or maybe the wits end, its your choice what item to take out, take a look at the other team and decide what you need the least.

I don't put trin in my builds because i feel it doesn't live up to the way i play vayne, for the 4000 gold it gives you a little nuke every 2 secs plus slow and a little bit of everything, but i'd personally rather rush a madreds to give you armour attack damage speed and 4% per hit, for a slightly cheaper price of 200 gold, and then again there are better items you can get for your gold than trinity in my opinion, i dunno give me hard evidence and i will start getting trinity again. its just i haven't had good luck with the item.

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Please Give Suggestions

I'd really like suggestions and comments to say if you liked the build, or if there are any ways i can improve it, also improving my vayne game. Thanks for reading :)

<3 YOU ALL! xD, especially YOU! <('.'<) <('.')> (>'.')>