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Vayne Build Guide by Faronas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faronas

Vayne , the only way to carry hard

Faronas Last updated on February 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vayne is pretty much best late game ad carry in game but sometimes players building her so wrong that makes me sad even on this page almost all vayne builds are very wrong , so i'm here to share my experience with you guys , my current elo is 1600 at Nordic server and i have over 300 ranked games with vayne. So lets start it.

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Pros / Cons


- Devastating late game ad carry
- High mobility
- Any bruiser or tank will gonna have hard times playing against you
- Rarely banned


- Hard to lane against decent players
- Pretty much having hard times against any ad carry in lane
- Probably worst ad carry to play in lane at this moment
- Very depend on farm and kills
- Shortest range of all ad carries
- Low on health , low lane sustain
- In small fights like 1x1 , 2x2 you just have to land her stun otherwise you pretty much dead

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My runes pretty much all about Attack damage and slightly armor penetration that gives me easy early farming and early domination in lane , yellow armor seals very important for any ad carry to have sustain in-lane against other ad's and blue ones is pretty much players choice.

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21 / 9 / 0 , nothing special here 21 on offense and 9 for sustain , only thing is if you pick Flash + Exhaust put first point on Summoner's Wrath in Offense Tree , if Flash + Heal or Flash + Cleanse put point on Summoner's Resolve in Defense Tree.

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As for any champion items sequence is very important vayne is no exeption too. Many many peoples building items on vayne very wrong they trying to rush infinity edge , black cleaver and other bad items for vayne, so now i will try to explain what to build and why.

First item depends on support you are going with , if your support healer like soraka , sona , taric , etc , that means you can start Doran's blade as a first item. If your support is non-healing one like janna , blitzcrank , leona , etc you have to start boots and three healing potions for lane sustain.

Your Core item is Bloodthirster not Infinity edge or Black Cleaver , why? It's because vayne is not critical chance champion, her ultimate gives her damage witch is perfectly scale with Bloodthirster.

Why not Black cleaver? Because BC wont give damage for your Q and E but last whisper does it. Anyway in late game you are bruisers at tanks nightmare so armor pen is very important for vayne and other ad carries.

Defense item. Here you decide by yourself , if enemy team has hard CC team witch has many stuns you should go for QuickSilver Sash witch gives you magic resist and removes any debuff just like cleanse or you can take Banshee's Veil witch is double more expensive but if you facing ap bursters like Veigar or Leblanc you have to get it or just take second Phantom Dancer's if feel that your enemies cant catch you.

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Heal , good in any situations especially when you playing with premade that supports you , you can ask him to take exhaust + cv or other spell combos.
Flash + Exhaust , mostly using this spell combo for ranked soloq games.
Flash + Cleanse , must take if your lane is against ashe + sona / alistar and similar high cc bottom combos.

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Team Work

Always stay behind your bruisers and tanks , never inniate fights by yourself, it's a suicide most of the times. Always wait until someone of your team inniate a fight , don't even try to go in to middle of the fight to focus down enemy ap or ad carries, focus them only if you see that you got a chance to get them from behind or similar safe situations otherwise most of the time you will get focused by enemy bruisers and crowd control or sometimes as vayne you just can go and outplay whole enemy team just by yourself it's possible too.

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Vayne is still fun to play over normals and soloq but against decent players in tourneys, cups i would never pick her just because she got no needed nerf few weeks ago and there is much better ad carries to play and dominate inlane, but she will still be my favorite!