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League of Legends Build Guide Author tzero316

Vayne the Tank Destroyer

tzero316 Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Hey guys, tzero316 (also ign) here bringing you a guide for Vayne, The Night Hunter. I have seen alot of Vaynes try to use tumble with trinity as there only source of damage, and it works okay, you relay want to focus on her w skill because of its huge total% of health damage. Combined with a Madreds and you can be taking down tanks in about 2 seconds. P.S. this is my first build so some constructive criticism would be nice.

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Pros / Cons

-huge damage
-can destroy tanks
-very good chasing ability
-large movement speed
-escape isn't the best
-dead if focused
-very little CC

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In this chapter I will be explaining why I chose the runes I did.

Greater Mark of Desolation- Not alot to be said here, armor penetration to deal more damage.

Greater Seal of Resiliance- Vayne is VERY squishy, so you should do everything you can to try to counteract it.

Greater Glyph of Warding- Same reason as the Seal of Resiliance.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation- Add more armor penetration, need anymore explanation?

Greater Quintessence of Alacrity- I like this quintessence over the other one because it gives you a slightly great early game harassment with you w skill.

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I do a preaty standard 21/0/9 masteries for more armor pen, attack speed, and increased damage with Havoc on the offense tree, and extra experience and gold, decreased death time, and improved ghost on the utility tree. Not alot to explain here either, better damage, and better escape with these masteries.

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The items I chose will help to supplement you W skill while giving you some good damage with Tumble (I said a Tumble based build ALONE isn't great, it is still good thing to use tho).

Dorans Blade is a great starting item because of the extra damage, and health it gives which helps a bit with your squshyness.

Sheen will add extra damage with tumble and builds into a Trinity Force later on.

Berserkers Greaves will give you a bit of extra attack speed which is always good, however, if the enemy team has quite a few disables then I would recommend switching to Mercury's treads.

Black Cleaver will also give you a some attack speed and damage but the best part about it is its passive, which will help you destroy enemy tanks.

Madreds Bloodrazor is one of the most important items to Vayne becaus of the attack speed, but its passive is the real reason for this item, 4% of targets health in bonus damage every hit, combined with your W will destroy that Alister who thinks that hes safe with all that armor hes stacked up, or that Cho Garth that thinks hes safe with all that health.

Trinity Force is also preaty important because it gives you attack speed, health, mana, improved version of sheen, chance to slow, just all around great item.

Wits End, majic resist, attack speed, not much more to explain.

The Bloodthrister will give you quite alot of damage, especialy when fully stacked (a total of 100 damage and 25% lifesteal).

Elixers, I think that you should always buy all the elixers at the end of any champion build because even tho its a small bonus, any advantage you can get over your enemy will help.

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Summoner Spells

The only thing I realy agree with Phearak (spelled wrong?) about on vayne. Her escape ability like I said earlier isn't the best and she realy needs the extra speed and flash. These can also help with ganking however which I will be discussing next. While you may think that getting exaust for her would be good because she has very little CC, I think she needs the extra escaping ability, however remeber this is a GUIDE, change whatever you like on it.

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With vayne you realy want to be harrasing early on (be careful tho, you are squishy) becuase her early game is quite good (okay ONLY other thing I agree with Phearak). Once you hit level 6 you will want to start ganking tho. WHen you gank you want to come in from a bush and use your ultamite, Then tumble in so you are stealthed, try to hit them before your stealth is gone, but if you can, position yourself so you can pin someone to a wall using condemn. Then continue to use tumble to whittle down their health.

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Well this is the end of my guide, hope you like it, remember to vote, and comment, also I am sorry that I don't have a picture of won games, I am preaty new to Mobafire (as in I made this guide about an hour after I made an account) and some instructions on how to do so would be nice. Good Luck Have Fun!