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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kreuzritter

Vayne, The Ultimate Glass Cannon

Kreuzritter Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Vayne is often misunderstood by baddies as being OP due to her true-damage passive, Silver Bolts. The purpose of this guide is to strike fear in those who feel she is already OP and cause ragers to quit. This build will focus almost entirely on damage and crowd control, and NOT on survival. For this reason, those of you who often find yourselves taking ridiculous damage or are unable to properly use Ghost and Exhaust should not attempt this build.

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Ok so the reason I chose the runes I chose is because, as was stated above, this build focuses almost entirely on demolishing anybody in any scenario where fighting is involved, right from the word "go," so without further adieu, The breakdown.

9x Greater Mark of Alacrity will have you starting a match with about 0.75 attack speed which will in turn have your Silver Bolts triggering at a staggering speed right off the bat.

9x Greater Seal of Defense were chosen in order to grand higher physical defense end game. This difference of only 24 armor may seem insignificant but may be the difference between dead and survival when facing off against heavy AD hitters such as Master Yi or Xin Zhao.

9x Greater Glyph of Shielding serve the same purpose as the Greater Seal of Defense runes, except these are for magic defense.

3x Greater Quintesscence of Alacrity will give you another boost in initial attack speed which will bring you from 0.75 to about 0.82 at level 1. The purpose of this is as it was above. Since this build is focused on attack speed and, in turn, damage, these runes are essential.

Optional Rune Modification

Swap the Greater Seal of Defense and Greater Glyph of Shielding out for Greater Seal of Alacrity and Greater Glyph of Alacrity. This will have you starting the game with 1.100 attack speed which will have your Silver Bolts triggering faster than even Vladimire can out heal.

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A classic 21/0/9 build will be used here

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Some of you may be looking at my items and thinking they have no place on any cannon because many of them lack any sort of damage. What you fail to realize is that with maxed out Silver Bolts, you do 70 (+8%) true damage against whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught in the cross fire.
This means that no amount of armor can stop the damage, and in turn, no amount of AD can boost it higher. With this build, you will end up with almost 240 attack damage and Final Hour adds another 75 on top of that for those 2 shots between Silver Bolts and an almost capped attack speed to trigger that bone crushing true damage almost 3 times per second. Do the math...this means that deal 80% of anybodies health in damage in 10 will take a tank from full to dead when you also add in the side-damage from your other abilities.
Coincidentally, this is also the reason that a good Vayne player can cause kids to cry OP...This master Yi ages ago when everybody thought he was OP until they realized a thornmail = byebye yi. So without further text walls...The build.

So I chose the Berserker's Greaves for obvious reasons. With Silver Bolts being an apply on attack effect, we want to build up your attack speed rapidly.

Next, immediately rush the Frozen Mallet. Again, since your Silver Bolts are apply on hit, and your passive makes you run much faster towards the enemy, the Frozen Mallet will cause every single shot you deal to slow them. Obvious math is obvious...slow the enemy, while running faster towards them means nobody can escape you, and you will almost guarantee a kill from everybody you desire it from.

After Frozen Mallet, get your Phantom Dancer. The combination of attack speed and movement speed make this item an absolute MUST for Vayne. The Critical strike is thrown in there for some added incentive.

Right after Phantom Dancer you will want to get Trinity Force as soon as possible, starting with Zeal for increased attack speed. The fact that Trinity force does, in fact, synchronize with both Tumble and Condemn makes this a dangerous weapon to wield. Think of it like this. You have 2 stacks on an enemy but they are about to get away, so you have to think fast. You use tumble which adds 75% of your attack damage to your noxt shot causing it to deal well over 300, but wait...trinity force also triggered so now it will do an additional 100% AD on top of that, so now you are looking at about 650 damage...thats awesome right? yes...however since they ALSO had 2 stacks of Silver Bolts they are about to take 70 (+8%) of their life as well...thats 3 procs all happening at once for an absolutely bone crushing 720+8% of their life...If you crit, thats ~1200. If you aren't convinced that Triforce is going to be your key item, then leave this guide.

Next go for Stark's Fervor for some survivability and increased attack damage. Some may ask why wait so long to get life steal, and my answer is quite simple. Nobody will be able to do significant damage to you until later in the game. Early game they will see you and flee like wild animals if you master this build correctly.

And lastly, if all goes well and you now have 15+ kills, you should be ableto obtain a full build within about 50 minutes. So You have almost a capped attack speed and lots of damage behind your punch, so what is left? You can either go for more life steal which is entirely plausible, or you could go for Infinity Edge. I personally prefer infinity edge, because with your items you end up with a hefty 70% crit, so making those critical strikes do even more damage is vital to making 4/5 of the enemy rage quit.

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Summoner Spells

The reason i chose Ghost and Exhaust is actually quite simple and need not warrant a large paragraph.

I chose Ghost because while your passive lets you chase extremely well by granting movement speed while running towards enemies, it will leave you high and dry once you turn your back. Ghost is your movement speed to quickly exit dangerous situations.

I chose exhaust for pure survivability. Between Tumble and Exhaust, nobody will be able to catch you when Ghost is down. A nice alternative would be Ghost if you are better with that.

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Pros / Cons

So an obvious question is probably looming in your brain, and that is "Why would I choose this build over others?" so I will be nice and break it down for you.

1) The ability to absolutely decimate any enemy champion you find and demoralize the enemy.
2) Excellent early-game farming capability with maxed out W before the end of laning.
3) Dominatrix play style in the middle or either side will command respect and/or fear.
4) If played well enough, you will cause kids with fragile ego to rage quit.

1) You may find yourself dying fast...that is the nature of Vayne which is why this guide is for experienced players only
2) All of the items, save the boots, that I listed are quite expensive, so if you fail to land early ganks or high creep score early, you will be the team feeder due to no money or items...again, another reason this guide is for experienced players only.

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All-in-all, Vayne is far from OP, although you wouldnt be able to convince others of this once you master this build. With this build, you will have enough AD to crush squishy players, enough attack speed to trigger your Silver Bolts to bust tanks down, and enough movement speed to enter or exit combat as you see fit. This build is THE Vayne build for the laner in all of us*.

* ---> Untested in the jungle situation, results may vary.