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League of Legends Build Guide Author rickyrascal

Vayne the Violator

rickyrascal Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Ok , so this is my build for Vayne. Now ive tried a few setups with vayne , the champion spotlight one was "ok" . Ive tried using other rune setups but I found this one really benifit her the most with my play style.
Now im not claiming this build is the best possible way to play her. Im just saying for my play style this works reall well. Give it a go and please give feedback. Possitive or negitive just please post reasons / suggestions.

Again im still working on this champion and im sure my build will change over time. However this seems pretty solid at the moment.
Also please note im new to mobafire builds and not sure how to insert the images of the moves ect. Sorry if its all text.

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The Proof.

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Pros / Cons


    Amazing ganker
    Nice range
    Good attack speed
    Tanks worst nightmare
    Her moves just look cool
    Ultimate can help with attacks or escapes
    Very squishy
    often focused
    terrible dance animation
    scary voice

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Ok here I will detail the runes I have chosen and why. I will also give good alternitive runes for those of you who have diffrent play styles.
Greater Mark of Desolation
Ok , so i choose these marks becuase armor pen is vital when playing this champ. In my opinion you benefit far more from the armor pen than you would using attack damage runes.
Greater Seal of Alacrity
I did try dodge , also tried armor , and even health seals. I just found stacking attack speed runes with Vayne was amazing dps and let you rip up lanes.
Greater Glyph of Alacrity
Again , I tried magic resist in this section and although it did give surviverbility I find the extra attack speed is too good to pass up. My build ends with nice life steal and attack speed hitting the speed cap. So 13 magic resist just doesnt seem as valuable to me
Greater Quint of Desolation
More armor pen , 25 armor pen with your marks is very nice. Expeshaly if your up against tanks. Vayne excells at killing tanks from what ive seen. Il explaine more in the item part of the build.

Attack Damage Marks
Attack damage is nice with your moves damage increasing based on your attack damage. However with massive attack speed I still think armor pen is more vital to this champ
Armor / Health seals
Armor is always nice , would give more surviverbility. Health is also as good. with my main rune setup your very squishy and have to really focus to not get targeted and killed early game. If your worried about dieing too often I would suggest maybe using armor. I always perfer armor over health as id rather reduce the damage taken than just soak it up better. Personal prefrence really , Id stick with attack speed.
Magic Resist Glyph
Now these are a pretty nice set of runes to have. They keep you alive longer when facing casters. I just love hitting 2.5attack speed so sacraficed my magic resist for more attack speed runes. Again , if your worried about being very squishy then take these runes.

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With my masteries I use a 21-8-1 build. I have also used the 21-0-9 build and will discuss why I Perfer the defence tree over utility.
Normaly , I take 21-0-9. However I found with this champion , even without mana regen runes or items you really dont use that much mana.
Early game you may get a bit low , however after the first few levels your pretty much sorted for mana. The way I play this champion I sacrafice armor/health/magic resist runes and felt the defence tree would help me be a bit less squishy to counter the fact ive got no defencive runes in this build.

Some people may perfer the utility tree , Im sure it works well and if youve taken armor/health/magic resist runes you may find its better to take a 21-0-9 build. However if your using my rune set I would strongly suggest a 21-9-0 build or my 21-8-1

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Ok Im going to explaine my Item build.I never use the exact same item order , some games I replace these items but I will explaine my core build items and situationals:

Core Build Items:
I start with the vampiric scpeter , I then lane for as long as I can until ive got enough money to buy a Recurve bow and boots. If im having trouble and not getting cash fast enough I will turn the scpeter into an Emblem of valor. Either way I take Starks as my first build item. I then upgrade my boots into beserker greaves.
Why?I do this becuase I will then have enough attack speed and life steal to lane and recover of minions. This also gives a nice buff to team mates and is reasonably priced. I perfer this as a first item over the phantom dancer as the life steal keeps me in lane more than a phantoms as my first item does.
After getting my starks and boots I go for a phantom dancer. The attack speed on this item is a must have in my opinion. Optional replacements are the ghost blade but my personal prefrence is the phantom dancer.
After getting the phantom dancer I then move onto one of three items.
If the team im fighting is not paticularly tanky , and Im playing well and not worried about loosing my bonuses I will buy a blood thirster. The life steal ontop of your attack speed will basactly let you 1v1 most people and then heal up on minions.
If im fighting a tanky team who are stacking health items like leviathan or Warmongers I counter this with a Madreds Bloodrazor. The ability on this item works so well with your silver arrow skill that you can literaly rip a warmongers tank to peices.
If the team are tanky and the tank is stacking armor rather than health. My next item would be a black cleaver. This again works very well with your attack speed and silver arrow skill. Ripping tanks apart.

If the team im fighting has 2 or so tanks that are playing well I will pretty much always end with the bloodrazor and the black cleaver.

Other items I occasionaly use are the Trinity force. I cant deny the ability and the stats are nice. However for the cost I normaly skip it in place of a Phantoms dancer.
I sometimes take a last whisper. However I find with silver arrow and all my armor pen runes its not normaly needed with a Bloodrazor in the build.

If you have the money , why not try an infinity edge. I skip this item most of the time but if the game really goes On i sometimes pick this item up and replace my boots with another phantom dancer.

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Skill Sequence

I messed around a lot with the skill sequence. I find my skill choices are diffrent depending on the team Im facing. I will now explaine how you should know what order to choose the skills.

Standard mixed team:I max out my Tumble skill first , taking 1 point in tumble , then Condemn and then silver arrow. I then just focus on tumble and max it as fast as possible. Why?Tumble gives you a nice damage boost. Ontop of this with silver arrow stacking and all the attack speed you have you can pretty much spam this move and destroy anyone. Its also handy for evading attacks

Tank heavy Team
I take one point in tumble , then Silver Arrow , then Condemn. I then evenly level up tumble and silver arrow together. With silver arrow taking priority if needed. Why?Becuase silver arrows ability really hurts tanks. Maxing this up and getting your bloodrazor / black cleaver will really keep tanks at bay. Still taking points in tumble for the extra damage it gives.

Spellcaster Team:
I simply max tumble out , roll around and kill them all. Tumble > Silver arrow > Condemn then max tumble.

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Summoner Spells

Ok there are a few summoner spells I like with this build. I will prioritise them:
Best Choices:
1)Ghost:Great for chasing or escaping , probably the best spell in game in my opinion. Your passive helps you chase people down but doesnt help when your trying to escape. I take ghost becuase Vayne is squishy and if you get ganked your dead
2)Flash:Another great escape and chase tool , I dont take flash and ghost as I like to have one of the more direct offencive spells over 2 utility spells
3)Exhaust:Great in the rare chance an enemy escapes you and your passive+ultimate. Also handy for slowing enemies that are chasing your injured team mates.
4)Ignight:Great for finishing someone off as they run for the turret. I normaly use exhaust or ignight , I think both will serve you well

Dont use:
Heal:Can ocassionaly save your life , however I find that if you get ganked your dead. Vayne is too soft for heal to make a massive diffrence. Rather take ghost and escape
Fortify:Usefull spell but a tank is more suited to take this. You need your summoner spells and cant aford to waste one on this
Clarity:I really never see any mana issues with Vayle , I feel this would be wasted unless you have a heavy caster team and want to support them a little.

Im sure you can make up your minds about what summoner spells to take , So il leave the rest for you to accsess yourselfs.

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Ok here I will breakdown how you should be playing Vayne.

Early Game
Stay in lane with your partner. Vayne CAN play mid however I find her far better in a top or bottom lane. Play defencivly as your be uber squishy at first. Use your Tumble skill to line up shots on the enemy. Last hit creeps and farm for gold. Dont try anything stupid until you have your boots and starks.
Middle Game
Ok now you can start ganking , use the bushes to hit middle lane and other gank targets. Use tumble to close the distance and hit them for more damage. You should keep on them as much as you can trying to get 3hits so your silver arrow triggers for more damage.
Dont initiate fights , your soft and will get trampled. Feel free to fight 1v1s as most champs will fail due to your attackspeed / life steal / tumble.

Late Game:
Focus the casters in team fights and use tumble to break down soft targets. However remember if you have the bloodrazor you and your silver arrow will be the most important player for killing the tanks. Kill them when you can but only after the massive damage dealers are dead.
Remember to use your Condemn to get stuns or knock people away from thier targets.

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Tips to remember

Ok here is my list of things to remember for this champion:

    You are not a tank , dont be reckless
    Use your Condemn to shoot people into walls and score a stun , then follow up with a Tumble and kill them
    Always try to trigger silver arrow by hitting your target 3 times
    if you fear the enemy may get to the turret. Flash infront of them and use Condemn to push them back away from the turret.
    If your loosing a battle , your ultimate can make a massive diffrence. Pop it and when you use tumble your go invisible for a second. This is all it takes to roll to a diffrent angle and hit them with all you have.
    Use your ultimate to catch up to an enemy , it increases your passive ability and really makes all the diffrence.
    Silver arrow hurts stanks. If the games full of shiny armor lovers level up silver arrow fast and mix it up with a bloodrazor or black cleaver
    Have fun ! Vayne is awesome.

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Final Words

Ok so this is my first Real guide , please leave comments / suggestions / feedback and I hope this helps.