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Vayne Build Guide by SteelMyst

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SteelMyst

Vayne - You probably think this guide is about you.

SteelMyst Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my Vayne build. I couldn't think of a reason to post any of my endgame results, since results vary based on your play style and experience. I do, however, have an almost unhealthy amount of success following this build, which I no longer deviate from... ever. This is not a build that I learned from another Mobafire guide to Vayne, and any similarities to other builds are strictly coincidental.

Now that the disclaimer stuff is taken care of, let me start by telling you what Vayne is, and what she is not.

Vayne is:
-The bane of your opponents' respective existences.
-A hard hitting champion.
-Faster than almost everything except Teemo and Yi.

Vayne is NOT:
-A cheap date. Her items are expensive.
-A tank. She is way squishy.
-A first-timer character.

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Skill Overview

I say Vayne is not for first timers because she draws on experiences that are better learned from other champions. Her skills combo well, but take time and practice to use appropriately. Let me explain the skills quick.

Tumble: Tumble is a buff/movement skill, of which the game has few. While moving you in the direction of your cursor a short distance, it also grants a damage bonus to your next physical attack. Tumble is good for chasing, escaping, and harassing.

Condemn: Condemn is a damage/chance to stun spell/enemy throw spell. It doesn't knock them airborne, but instead moves them away from the point of the cast. If they strike terrain they are stunned. Condemn is good for escaping, chasing and ganking. Condemn should not be used as a general damage spell or a nuke, but used as a utility spell.

Silver Bolts: Silver bolts is a passive damage buff. Each third attack deals bonus damage and ignores all armor. Silver bolts is good for anything you decide to hit. Make sure that you are focusing the same target consistently, as the stacks do remove themselves over time or if you hit a new target.

Final Hour: Final Hour is Vaynes ultimate. At it's maximum level, FH grants a massive attack bonus for a short time, and the ability to go invisible for a short period of time if tumble is used while FH is active. Since the ability's timeframe is so short, FH is mainly good for ganking and escaping, or in team fights, when massive damage is needed to turn the tide or deter enemies from engaging.

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The rune build is simple, since Vayne only does one thing: physical damage. Your archenemy is the tank, so you're going to want the following.

9 x Greater Mark of Desolation

This is a very, very big deal. If you just hit 20 and you're not sure which chunk of your rune page to start remodeling first, do the marks. Vayne's 'Silver Bolts' passive ability is your most useful tool. Through this you do most of your damage, and it comes right off the top of your auto-attack. The marks of desolation help you to ignore some of that pesky base armor every hero has, and will help you put enemy tanks in their place: under your boot.

9 x Greater Glyph of Celerity

The glyphs of celerity give you about 9% reduced cooldowns at level 18. For Vayne, this basically means you can skill cycle between 'Tumble' and 'Condemn'. While one is on cooldown, the other should be up. By the time you find a reason to cast the one that's up, the other one will be back.

9 x Greater Seal of Alacrity

These seals bump your early game and late game AS alike. Vayne's auto-attack and stacks of Silver Bolts do most of her damage, since Tumble and Condemn are primarily utility skills. You'll use them only to optimize your auto-attack damage and attack position, so why not max your AS out?

1 x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity
2 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Attack speed and armor penetration are the focal points of this build. Seals and glyphs support your character for early and late game, but marks and quints determine your damage output, and that's what a character like Vayne is really all about. Pile on the AS and armor pen. Armor pen should take the larger share, since it's not present on most of your gear. You'll need to plan into it. The AS is just to help you hit 2.5 attack speed and pour the hurt on, but you do see a lot of AS in your items late game.

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Kick it off by taking a vampiric scepter. Doing so makes you basically broke, but it pays off, trust me. You won't have potions early game, but if you get into a mess tumble should be able to get you out of it. This item is the first step of the 'win all things' plan.

Steps of winning all things:
1. Do not leave your lane unless you want to buy something or gank someone. Not leaving includes not dying.
2. Get attack speed. The faster you can hit, the faster they'll want to run away.
3. Get attack damage and crit. Make it hurt.

The next thing you'll do is start building Berserker's Greaves. I know it says Boots of Swiftness in Vayne's recommended items. Ignore it. The attack speed is key, and the move speed lends some serious threat to an already high move speed champ.

Thirdly, build a Phantom Dancer (PD). The whole thing. Start with Zeal, and then build it off of that. This item is CRUCIAL. See the three step plan up top? This things fits every step. It gives you move speed, which is survivability. It gives you attack speed. And it makes you hurt them. A lot. Plenty of crit on this item.

Got the PD? Build the Bloodthirster all the way. This item is wonderful... Lifesteal and AD makes you mean, and it's your middle item. This build only gets more expensive from here.

Build another PD ASAP. AS, AS, AS. You just got more damage from the Bloodthirster, and it will keep you hitting hard for a while. A little later you'll need more AD, but we'll solve that.

By now you've only got two items left to build. Please, for the love of GOD, do them in this order:

Trinity Force.
Infinity Edge.

If you get the Infinity edge first, you do get the bonus damage and some crit chance. But here's the thing: it's super expensive, and the game could well be over before you can get to it. It does NOT give you nearly as many benefits as the Trinity Force. Even though your damage thinks so, trust me: this is a UTILITY item through and through. Bonus damage after spellcast, slow on hit... all good things.

Getting the Infinity Edge last is the icing on an already fantastic cake. More AD, and if you followed this build you now crit 100% of the time. How cool is that?

These items will essentially allow you to tumble into a fight from the jungle and 3-hit whatever poor sucker is standing there. These 3 hits will all take place in about 1.25 seconds... Faster than most people would be able to get their cursor on you and retaliate. And god help them if they're together and you popped Final Hour.

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It's important to note that your points into the utility tree only matter if you are staying in your lane to gain EXP and not running around like a damn fool.

That said, the physical masteries are very straightforward... You take the point into exhaust to lower armor, which stacks well with your armor penetration rune setup (if you followed my rune guide). You're already faster than all get-out, so you don't need the exhaust really. The important thing to note is that it is ALSO A DEBUFF. It is not just a slow, as long as you take this point.

The rest of the points aren't in need of in depth explanation, simply look at the masteries above. You're big kids, you know what to do. Just try to focus on attack speed and armor pen wherever possible.

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Play Tips

You've heard me mention the three step plan if you read the section on the item build:

Steps for winning all things:
1. Do not leave your lane unless you want to buy something or kill someone. Not leaving includes not dying.
2. Get attack speed. The faster you can hit, the faster they'll want to run away.
3. Get attack damage and crit. Make it hurt.

Sounds funny right? Well, even though it sounds over-simplified, it's legitimate. Almost everything Vayne is about, from damage to chasing, and even ganking, is based on her speed. In every way. I'm going to talk about four major points:

-Team Fights

So, here we go.


YOU WILL GANK. If you do not begin ganking your mid lane (or top/bot if you are the mid) sometime around level 10 or so, you're not likely to get fed as much as you need to. I recommend ganking off return trips from your base, especially if the people in your lane saw you port back. A lot of people do not call MIA if they see you port back to base, and this is an excellent way to get a free kill on mid. They'll have no idea you're coming, and you hit like a truck.

When you gank, it goes without saying you should come out of a bush. Here's the basic strategy...

-Tumble out of the bush as close as you can to your target. Try to land between them and where they're about to run to. If you have your ulti, pop it prior to tumbling. You'll be invis for about 1.5 seconds, hopefully enough time to secure your position.

-Nail them with condemn, and try to hit them into a wall or away from their escape. This pushes them away from their escape route, forcing them to run at you, and if they hit terrain, stunning them. It also puts a charge of silver on them.

-Begin auto-attacking them. You should still have the bonus on you from tumbling when you do.

-By the time they recover from condemn or try to run past you and get away, tumble should be back up. Tumble after them, if they haven't been killed yet.

It's very simple. Silver Bolts does most of the work for you. Positioning yourself to best prevent their escape is a big deal, as it allows you to make better use of skill cycling.


You need to lane as badly, if not more so, as you need to become a successful ganker. This build costs a fortune, and that means farming. Vayne is not a Tristana. Vayne has a very hard time farming multiple minions at once early game, as every ability she has is single-target. This means that you cannot flash-farm: that is, you cannot kill many minions in a short period of time early on.

This means staying in your lane. In order to do so, you will need a strong lane presence, and you will need to remain on your toes. Tumble is not just a ganking and chasing tool: it is an escape tool. If you're being attacked or chased, tumble is an excellent way to put yourself out of range quickly for other ranged characters. Tumbling away from a melee character is wonderful, because you should have time to turn and use your tumble bonus on them without risking your neck to them in the process.

Try to tumble behind your minions, as minions do intercept a fair number of 'skill shot' abilities, like Mundo's cleavers or Brand's fireball.

Condemn is also a brilliant escape tool, in my opinion one of the best in the game. Much like Tristana's ultimate, it can be used to push enemies chasing you away from you. If they make contact with terrain as a result, they become stunned also.

Using the two together, you can preserve yourself against champions very well, by shooting them far away and then tumblings towards your minions or tower, you can almost always make a clean escape.


I'm not a huge fan of diving, but this hero can manage it well if you are careful. If you can see an enemy champion, Vayne will gain a movement speed bonus if she's running towards it. This means that if you can see a champion with very low health porting back at the base of a tower, you can sprint in very quickly, something most champions aren't good for. Sprint directly for them and hit them with condemn, preferably angled so that they hit the turret or the wall near it. If they're low health, this is very likely to kill them. Do not tumble into the tower at low levels. It is much better to save tumble for leaving the tower, since you're squishy.

If an enemy is running from you, first off he's dumb as a box of rocks. Chase them down, auto-attacking where possible. If you can pace them or catch them, tumble next to them if you can, and try to angle condemn to pin them against terrain. If you can pull up next to them and stun them with condemn, you've most likely just killed the poor bastard. When his team arrives to clean you up, or tries to save him, pop your ultimate and tumble away. Stealthed and safe. Hell, if you're well into your build, you might just stick around and kill them all, too.

You are a carry, and it is your job to make sure you are giving your team the upper hand in every team fight. This means focusing the squishy targets first. If you armor pen is high enough, it's possible to ignore the base armor on most non-tank champions, making them easy prey. Every champion you slay is one less dealing damage to your team. The tank can always be taken out at your team's leisure once the enemy support characters and fighters are gone.

Your ultimate, Final Hour, is a tool to be used. With the cooldown glyphs, you have no reason to fear using it, since it will cooldown in less than a minute. If you have the mana, do not be afraid to dump it to flee a teamfight or score a kill. If you want to initiate a fight or remove a target quickly, pop this ability before the fight even begins and tumble in to ice them in a hurry.

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That's all I can think of to tell you, and I apologize if I have left out anything you wanted to know about Vayne. If I have, feel free to message me and ask questions.

I hope you enjoyed my build, and I look forward to hearing about your penta-kills.

May all your hits be crits.