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Veigar Build Guide by Mekton

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mekton

Veigar - advanced

Mekton Last updated on June 23, 2011
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As we all know, veigar is a bursty AP mage, who is usually pretty straith forward. Its just cage, dark matter, balefull, primodial = kill. But when his cage fails, he just runs away because he doesnt have his stun. In this build, however, I want to point out, that veigar is not just like that. He can be played many different ways, but the way I play him, (and pretty much the way everyone does) he can instant kill almost everyone. But those, that he cant instant kill, prove to be kinda anoying. Im sure you had problems with melee dps, just walking toward you, soaking up your burst and killing you right after. In this build, I want to focus on this kind of champions, and how a Veigar can deal with them. Also, I dont really want to talk about the runes, masteries and stuff. I think its pretty clear, and this build is not oriented on that. If you never played veigar before, I wouldnt recommend reading this guide, because I only want to show advanced tactics. If you want to hear, how to last hit with balefull, rather go find another guide.


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Early mid - how to survive

So, in the beginning, you grab a meki pendant and 2 hp pots. If you feel confident, you can get hp and mana pot, but its kinda risky. You want mid, because not many champions can defeat you there. When you come to mid, you start last hitting. However, if you are getting harassed, you should counterattack! You usually like to start fighting from level 3, casually of course. You should try to autoattack back at the opponent IN your minions. Never underestimate the power of minions, they make a huge difference. for example, if you fight teemo, he will usually spit his blinding dart and autoattack. That means he will agro the minions, and you can cage him and with the minions, attack and balefull, you can do more damage than he did to you. They usually get scared, and beware harassing you again. If they dont, you just gotta stick arround and try to keep him away from you, aswell as last hitting minions. The key to this, or basically any other strategy, is hitting your event horizon.

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Event horizon

How to hit an event horizon? Well, there are 3 ways how to hit most effectively.
1 - the basic usage: The enemy is running away - Use your cage at max range, so they get trapped on the outer edge. The problem here is if they turn around - you gotta tell if they are in a position to turn around and if they are, you should place the stun differently. But usually in low elo, people will just run and try to escape, so this is an ideal chasing starter.
2 - advanced cage placement: The enemy is running to you or next to you - In this situation, I like to use my cage to hit them with the side edge. (too bad I dunno how to upload pictures :P) That means that you dont try to catch them by top or bottom of the cage, but with the left or right side. I find it to be easier. Maybe because the cage can stun the enemy in multipple spots, not just in one spot, if you place it differently.
3 - Situational prediction cage: The enemy is running to you with some kind of charge (ww, xin, irelia...) And you want to stop them. You can try placing the cage so they cant even get to you - that can work quite well sometimes, but I prefer caging myselve right before the enemy charges to me. This way I: 1) Waste his charge 2) Usually stun him in a better spot (tower, allies) 3) Can burst him without walking to him (I can freely walk away after the burst since he has no charge)
So this is basically how you use event horizon. I think Ive explained all I wanted, so lets move on :P

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Combat Veigar

Every Veigar played must have encountered an anoying Irelia, Warwick, Udyr, or people like that. Well, it is anoying, but Veigar does have means of defeating them. Lets say youre in a teamfight, nuking peacefully, but suddenly, an Irelia pops out and tries to kill you. If you have everything including flash on cooldown, youre boned. However if you have flash, you can begin your escape. With the full item build, you can be VERY bursty and still have some sort of survivability (Zhonyas, Will). You basically want to spam balefull, place dark matter your selve and walk under it (they cannot attack you or they take dmg and you heal, either one is good) You try to proc lichbane whenever you can so you exploit your full damage potential. And when youre almost dead, you still have your zhonyas. This is not the perfect explenation, but I just want to tell you, that veigar is not just burst and die if you miss your cage. He is way more, and also very good in a 1v1, even without the cage. Most dpses cant burst you instantly and that means that they should pay for trying.

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Summoner spell : teleport

The teleport spell is really important on Veigar. Its definitely not only a tool to get into lane, it has really many offensive and defensive uses. I usually go back on level 7 for my tear and basic shoes, but I dont teleport into the lane. Why? Well, I use teleport mainly for ganking - It would be the same if twisted fate ulted to mid because he wanted to be there faster. Thats not how this spell works for me, especially with that cooldown. When theres a fight at bot/top, I like to teleport in to save my allyes, and kill the enemyes. Enemy champioms usually tend to "minion dive" from level 3 up, because the minions are no longer really threatening to 2 champions. When they do that, you teleport behind them, and its suddenly a 3v2 with a surround. If they dont flash away, theyre usually both dead, if they do you may kill only one (if you dont screw it up ofc). Teleport ganks are incredibly powerfull, because it gives you huge map controll. This strategy really works well for me, and I allways feel bad about using teleport to get into my own lane. Overall, I think this is the coolest Veigar summoner spell, aside flash, and that every Veigar should have it.

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In this chapter, I would want to talk about the build for a change, because thats basically what this page should be about :P So , the items I build are usually tear - boots - sorcerers - blasting wand - needless - rabadon. I usually get this real fast, before they have any real resistances, and it hurts. You can instant kill a squish, over time kill an offtank and harass a tank. Thats kinda good, even though some would say that the Deathfire grasp is bether. Im not really sure about that, the power of DFG veigar is in its AP scaling, not in the base damage. Yeah, you can buy 40 spell pen + runes and do amazing dmg with it, but I dont really like that style, because you are really really weak until your DFG is off cooldown. After the rabadons, I get Will of the ancients - prevents me from getting harassed. You can sell the Will in late game if a support gets it, but you definitely should have one in your team. After the Will, I get Archangels and that gives me 600+ AP, usually more. Then I get either Lich bane (if I need the dmg) or Zhonyas (if I need the passive). If you fell like not getting Zhonyas, you can switch it with a Void staff. The same goes for Lich bane/Deathfire, however I personally prefer the lich bane, for the low cooldown and general usage. Then you just buy elixirs and try not to get killed.

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Getting ganked

If you get ganked and your chance of living is slim, you should not try to run away, but turn around and try to nuke someone. People are stupid - they gank you in 3 people, and they think that they have a guardian angel or what... They go in, even with halve hp and try to kill you. You should abuse that and kill at least one of them. For example, I was midding an akali and she was agressive, so I got her to halve hp when we got to level 4. a got ganked by Maokai, and I didnt have my flash, so I knew I couldnt get away. They snared me and went after me, so I went into my own minions and dark mattered myselve, aswell as stunning both of them. I was autoattacking Akali and with my burst (250 magic damage), minions and autoattack I was able to get first blood right before I died. With this I wanted to say, that its not allways the best idea to run when youre outnumbered. Dont get overcome by panic, running toward your tower, dying and doing nothing. Remember that and you will be a much bether player.

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The conclusion

Im definitely not a high elo player (1450), and I dont play ranked games very often. Im not saying that this build works in high level play, but it definitely does in lower levels. When I lose to soneone in mid, he is either really, really good, or gets really lucky, sometimes even both. The way I play veigar, is how I think he should be played, not just a ***** that runs away from every tiny bit of harass, but a character, that can fight off even the most anoying champions and wins. The most anoying champions in early mid for me to fight against, are Anivia, Nidalee, Gankplank and Kassadin. Thease champions have a strong early game against you, and its really hard to do anything untill level 5 or 6. Other champions can be challenging. For example Leblanc can really be a pain, but its an even match. It is a risc, but its fun because its just about how skilled you are and how it all works out. Nidalee, Plank and Anivia have strong harass, and you cant harass them as easilly as they harass you. Mordekaiser is not really that bad - he is just farming, sometimes hitting you with an AOE, but basically lets you farm up and thats what you want. After level 7, you just break his shield after he kills off your minions and then stunning him before he can charge on the next wave. He will be sad if you do this 2 times in a row and you can burst him right after. I would also recommend to buy 2 wards and place them in the brushes. That way you cant really get ganked that horribly and without a gank, your enemy will usually be very, very sad :)

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The ending

On the end of this build Id like to say, That Im very bad with Mobafire. This is my first published build and I have no idea how to add any cool features to this build. I know only the basics of the basics and therefore this build doesnt have any pictures, videos or other usefull stuff that makes it less boring to read and more easy to learn :). I hope you will find some of my ideas usefull, and dont be afraid to comment, Im loocking forward to it :)