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Veigar Build Guide by 8196coltonlol

Veigar Best build out there

Veigar Best build out there

Updated on June 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 8196coltonlol Build Guide By 8196coltonlol 4,548 Views 0 Comments
4,548 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 8196coltonlol Veigar Build Guide By 8196coltonlol Updated on June 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


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Hi, I'm Colton Hill i'm awesome and i can prove it. And here it is my first and only veigar build and why its awesome. Because it gets to over 1000 AP easily. and not only that but it also causes your score to go sky high. I've played maybe 10 games with this build and won every game but not only that went 20 kills or more and 10 or less death
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I choose these runes because they help you not only put out a lot of damage early game, but also allow you to stay alive longer, and with veigar that is necessary. The quinttesenses can be changed to relatively anything to do with magic. i don't recommend health or any thing like that just simply because it wont help you much late game and late game is where its at. If you change your seals make them AP same or marks.
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With these masteries you will be able to pump out damage and quickly especially with your Q it has a 2 second cooldown. that's just as long as your stun duration. and not only that but without any items you will still have around 60 AP to work with+ your passives gain.
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Items & Summoner Spells

These items cannot change if you want to hit hard this is based on mana and AP you must get as much as possible with veigar to really be considered a cannon. If you have something better tell me ill try it out in game and maybe if its good tweek my awesomeness a little bit.

These spells are for 2 easily told reasons getting away, Attacking, and so you can keep casting. always utilize these spells they are of no use if not used and very good when they are used. Flash especially needs to be used every gank or team fight you initialize someone always gets away right well with this build and flash that should not be possible
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Be very aggressive with this build always be casting a spell whether it be on champion minion or jungle. the more kills and minion kills the more AP so keep killing the creeps. no matter what try to get as close to the enemy as possible. and in any case if you are getting pounded get out of there because it is not worth dying. veigar is amazing in team fights and needs to be involved in all of them. the spell steal also will help you in team fights if your close to dying throw dark matter down on a champion near minions or just minions them selves just for that extra 1000 hp your gonna get and the gold you can use to buy potions and elixers. Also Never ever get assists always go for the kill even of it means KS remember at 18 your kills count as 5 AP doesn't seem like much but 20 kills is 100 AP assists are not. If you can lane mid if not go to a lane with a melee or someone not very strong against you. DON'T LANE WITH KASSADIN or against him. he will take the majority of your kills
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If you don't believe me...

If you have trouble believing me then well i have 2 ways to solve that problem. First is my youtube channel.

The second is my awesomeness shown also known as my livestream on I do not always play viegar but if requested will do so. believe it or not hes not my best champion so tune in to find out who it is.
League of Legends Build Guide Author 8196coltonlol
8196coltonlol Veigar Guide
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Veigar Best build out there

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