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Veigar Build Guide by DEWO

Veigar, Fast Fingers of Doom!

By DEWO | Updated on November 2, 2011
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DEWO (497) | September 20, 2011 3:27am
@ letsgoROSH
Thank you VERY much, for both. I play Veigar totaly for fun of disintegrating champions from 100% health :P
letsgoROSH (23) | August 10, 2011 7:06pm
This is an awesome guide! Really lovin it! Love some of your humor in it, along with the real stuff! +rep given too!
DEWO (497) | April 5, 2011 4:47am
@ Trav
Summoner spells are always player dependant. If you prefer going back to base to regen buy stuff and come back it is a great way to pick tele. I prefer staying in lane a bit more. Personal preference.
Thx for comment :) glad you like the build.

@ Gr4yF0X
I dont like Soulstealer on him. Dunno why but it never works for me and slows down the progress of getting DFG which is core in this build.
Trav (3) | April 3, 2011 8:45pm
Love this build, had my first two games with Veigar today and went 15/5/16 around on each game. However, I personally pick Teleport and Flash and I feel like clairity isn't really necessary, but that's all opinion based
Gr4yF0X | March 20, 2011 1:37am
Really nice guide, as always, dewo ^^
anyway you should add a tip : if you want you can get mejaj soulstealer after deathfire grasp, if you go good you get at least 2 stack every enemy player you meet, and thats good!
I play with your build but with the mejaj, but if my team is sucking bad i keep buying as you advice ^^
D3aN0 Supr33mo (2) | December 17, 2010 12:54am
Hey DEWO, like the guide. :) But I don't think I'm experienced enough for the fast fingers. Could you please check out my Veigar guide and tell me what you think?

Thanks a lot. :)
DEWO (497) | December 7, 2010 4:19am
DEWO (497) | December 7, 2010 4:11am
@ paultheduck
Its a build for expirienced Veigars imho. You have to control your fingers quite good.
You can always train your skill in notepad try typing EW1RQ as fast as possible. If you master that... you will pwn almost anything. This should take you about 1 sec to type. Needs some practice but it is rewarding seeing tanks dropping down in 2 sec burst.
paultheduck | October 9, 2010 7:11pm
its a okay build =/
DEWO (497) | September 28, 2010 1:19am
OK. Some clarification. I am going for staff coz i swapped unusefull Chalice for Tear. And its either going for staff or Manamune... You need Tear or Chalice for early game Mana/Mana regen.
At the end you have 2640 mana which means 79.2 AP just from passive + 45 AP flat. That gives us: 124.2 AP from staff single handed. Not even couning mana regen and mana pool it provides. Ring has 120AP and nothing else. Costs 605g more.
I will NEVER ever skip DFG in Veigar build. This item is just too good for him.
About AP with this build you will end up with 639.3 AP + XXX (Flat AP gained from last hitting)
In good games, when i can complete this build i end up with about 850AP that also gives DFG a nice (8.5*3.5%)+30%=59.75% just from DFG itself. (ofc it is reduced via Mres).
If you realy want, you can sell the tear and buy later on Lichbane or Will of the Ancients. But i will stick with my staff.
Mummy#13222 | September 26, 2010 5:09pm
You shouldn't really be getting an archangel staff unless you're planning to stack on Mana, in which the only item that is giving you more mana is the staff itself. IF you're planning to stick to the archangel staff, drop the rylai staff and Deathfire Grasp for either a Rod of Age or more archangel staffs. Get a mejai while you're at it too. Honestly, go with the mana stacking and you'll be over 600 AP late game.

Also, why not max out balful strike and event horizen before promordal burst? Those two skills basically combo with each other great, balful strike hurts like crazy when hitting directly and is basically what makes this guy shine 1v1 when stunning opponent.
DEWO (497) | September 25, 2010 12:27pm
Well the speed is all that matters here. If you are fast enaugh with your fingers, the game always looks like 4v5 on begining of teamfight. Tank or not tank, doesnt matter. 1 person should be dead instantly with your combo.
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