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League of Legends Build Guide Author johnpotter

Veigar NUKE!

johnpotter Last updated on January 8, 2011
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This is a great Veigar build if you like to drop extreme damage! The main thing about this build is the throughout game gold farming to get all the items to make you a great nuker. Your team will love you for the damage you put out getting kills and ***its galore, easily being a top player. This build is mainly for Summoner's Rift.

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Basic Playstyle

You want to stay in one lane for awhile. Preferably will another person (don't worry if you at first seem to only be getting ks'd; it won't be that way forever). While farming your lane don't forget to use your dark matter on the minions, this attack does a good amount of damage and its splash damage eventually this will bring the minion to one hits if not one shotted late game. Don't worry too much about mana and porting back, keep an eye and don't over do it but otherwise this build allows for decent mana and regeneration. If you end up leveling really fast and get a decent amount of money at level six you can start to be on the move. Or once you get your first Rabadon's Deathcap it can be a good time to start going on the move and get jungling if you haven't already (better explained in the Jungling section). This is when you will start to get your kills and your baleful strike passive ability up. If you however are having a decent lane hold off you can stay in your lane, use the grass in your lane and event horizon the players to keep them in place and pop your attacks. The Sequence would look like this:

E,R,Q, and then place W your dark matter where you think they are going to run or just behind them if they are in combat, ussually they try to back up after you ultimate and baleful strike.

If you however don't have your ultimate available then you can just E,Q,W,Q. You can use your baleful stike again because it has a low cooldown and as you level the cooldown will be lessened even more. Using Ignnite and Exaust can real helpful where ever you can fit them in to your benifet.

Dark Matter works well with Exhaust because of the slowing and the little wait time for the dark matter to drop.

During the game it is not a bad idea to get Golems either, the buff is denifinetly benefiting. However if you aren't need mana that bad let another caster get or just go for it when you have low mana.

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The way to play veigar to your best is early game ***its and some kills; I'm NOT saying that it is always like this but ussually you dont have enough AP to kill the person only knock them down to little health. If your realy patient and don't mind jungling you can go save you teamates and towers. To do this jungle your way over carefully. Ussually try to keep a wall close to run around or even spell over. Event Horizon to catch them then your most useful spell Baleful Stike. If you have your ult cast that next. You can either exhaust them at this point and dark matter or just play their speed and get them. Your baleful stike has a pretty low cooldown and with your items it will be lower so if they're not dead yet hit em with it again.

By Late game your Ultimate should be feared by all. Dropping extreme damage

I WARN YOU NOW, Veigar should not be by himself til late game after you first Rabadon's Deathcap then you can solo your way through the jungle and get people on your towers or as ranged in the ***ualt of your enemies tower.

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I choose Ignite for early game. I can get kills with it while they run away or i pop it on them while im inbetween abilities. It can also be used while they chase you because by the time ignite runs out they mite be vulnerable for a kill. It's helpful also when you dont have alot of mana and wanna toss in some extra damage.

I choose Exhaust because you wannna be able to slow ur pursuers so you can drop your abilies, especially dark matter once it's upgraded. Another good thign with exhaust is being able to slow them then catch them in your Event Horizon (that claw catch).

Ghost or Flash can be subsituted in depending on how you play. If you don't want to rely on your Event Horizon to save you get ghost or flash and you can be out of danger in no time.

I have never really used Rally but with Improved Rally the AP boost is pretty nice early game.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is set the way it is becuase your baleful strike will get stronger for everyone of your kills and with its damage and bonus from AP with its low cooldown it is great for giving damage, that is why you wanna max this asap.

You get event Horizon second and save it to level at the end because the time doesnt change overall to much and it can be used for mainy situations. You can save teamates by dropping it and catching an enemy chasing your teamate. You can use it as a wall to block enemey pursuit on your tower or you. It can be used offensively when creeping and coming to kill those people with a bit of damage gone beign careless

You get Dark Matter 4th and it is wat you want to max out right after baleful stike as fast as you can. It will give splash damage to help killing large groups of creeps as well a goup of enemies attacking a tower or teamate.

Your ultimate should also get a point whenever it is available this is your real NUKE! By end game you wil destroying anyone even tanks will fear your catch and spells.

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The item sequence is makes it so that you will be able to do extreme damage and have good income and mana regen. While doing the build utilize your open slots and buy the materials to the items. Most items have AP boosts and only one or two build materials. When it comes to lich Bane get Sheen and then the Blasting Wand. I put two Rabadon's Deathcaps because they are just great for late game nuking with Veigars abilities, You will be dropping close to 1300 dmg with your ultimate. That's like half their life and with your Baleful Strike and Dark Matter doing extreme damage you should be Nuking people like Crazy. Most games you don't get your last Rabadon's but if you do and you want a even more damage you can get a DFG.

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I hope this build works for you guys as it did for me. Would love comments back and before you thumbs down could you comment and let me know why? Suggestions or if you have any questions let me know. Thanks!