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Build Guide by strikeman111

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League of Legends Build Guide Author strikeman111

Veigar, Onehit

strikeman111 Last updated on February 19, 2011
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Chapter 1


I played a lot of games right now and I think Veigar is one oft he best heroes in the game.
There where a lot of games, where my opponents wrote " overpowered noob champ" and something like that to me. When u hear (or see in chat) things like that, you know that you are on a good way. I always enjoy it, when the other team insults me.

I will now show you my personal way to play Veigar.

First I will show you, how to play in early game, in mid game and in late game.
I dont want to always write the whole name of the skills, so I will write down my shortcuts:

======================How to play======================

Early game:

At first, try to get mid. When u play mid, you are able to kill much more creeps and get a lot more exp.
In any case, always try to play defensively with Veigar. He is a very bad early game hero and you will not be able to kill the enemy mid champ in the first minutes, unless he is a very big noob.
Your first skill must be "a". The only thing you do in the first minutes is, to last hit minions with "a", or with normal attack. Every time, you last hit a creep with "a", you get 1 AP.
You will get very strong, when you make a lot of "a" lasthits.
At level two, learn "d". It stuns all enemy champions, when they run trough the confines of the jail you can place now.
Use it just, when you or a team mate is in trouble. It is very expensive(mana) and you will not be able to ("a") kill minions without mana.
When you learned "s" on level 4, also dont use it all the time.
I saw many noob Veigars, who used "s" all the time, and went out of mana.
You will never strike with "s" in early game.
At level 6, you will have about 25 AP.

Mid game:

U can now try, to harras you opponent a bit with your "a" skill. You make a lot of damage with "a", when u have already bought.
When he has lost a lot of life, stun him with "d", make "s" over his head, make "a", and when you think he will die, use "f". At your first games this will be very difficult.
Its not easy to make "s" fast enough, to hit him before the stun ends.
Before you attack him, be sure that you have enough mana for all four skills, otherwise, when he escapes, it was just a mana waste.
Don't forget to last hit minions with a.
When you have the time, you can help and gank at the other lanes.

Late game:

You should now have your first. That means, that you have no mana problems anymore. Try to gank as much as possible. You will be now able to kill other casters with your 4 skills form full life.will help you to harras and kill even tanks.
Veigar is a very good initiator for team fights. Try to stun as much enemys as possible and then focus the casters(kennen, ryze, morgana, annie,...) or low life heroes(yi, tristana, ashe, miss fortune,....) with your skills.
You will also get ap for killing enemy champions.
And I can't mention it often enough: don't forget to kill minions with "a".

====================Summoner Spells====================

Now I will write something about the frequently taken summoner spells with Veigar, and which I recommend:

It can maybe help you, when a damage dealer attacks you, and you need to escape, because your skills have cd, or to prevent an allied from damage. But I think there are many better summoner spells for Veigar, because you already have a stun, and so you dont really need exhaust.

In my opinion it is useless, and it is often used by noobs(that means not, that all clarity Veigars are noobs). When you don't waste your mana in early game, you will not need clarity. And in mid- and lategame it is useless anyway, because you will never have mana problems. Moreover in my build are a lot of mana items in early game, to prevent mana problems.
You also have a passive, that increases your mana regeneration, when you have low mana.

Is a very good spell for escaping and for ganking. You can follow enemies faster, until they are in your stun range.

Is a good alternative to ghost. You can get very fast closer to low life heroes to stun them. I highly recommend, that you take flash or ghost. You can aso take flash and ghost to improve the advantage.

A lot of people say, that heal is a noob spell, but I really like it particularly in early game. I made a lot of kills in 1v1 situations when my opponent underestimated me, because he had more life than I. Its very helpful when you and your opponent have very little life.

I would not choose ignite, because you have a lot of damage dealing skills, and not much time to use them. When you take ignite, you have another damage skill, and I think you dont really need it and you don't have the time to use it. I don't really like ignite, but when you think it helps you to make more kills, take it.

Taking teleport is also a good option, because you can return very fast, when you went back for buying.


I takeat first, and I think, you must take it, to have enough mana.
Don't take, because the 200 extra mana will be away very soon, and then its useless.
When possible, go back the first time when you can affordand another. You will notice, that you deal much more magic damage with the boots. They are very important.
Then buyand try to use it's passive as often as possible. I always forgot to use it, when I played Veigar the first times. It gives you a 15% cooldown reduction as well.
Next item is. It will give you a lot of mana regeneration and ability power.
Then buy. It will give you a lot of ability power. I usually have about 500 ap after buying it. It's passive is very good, when you get focused in a team fight, don't forget to use it.
The next items depend on the oponents.
1. When there are a lot of low life heroes, buy two timesto get the maximum ap.

2. When there are tanks with a high magic resistance, I highly recommend.
It penetrates 40% of the magic resistance. Thats a very good item to deal damage on tanks. Then buy.

3. When you get focused a lot, you can also buyfor more hp (but I don't do that normally).

Lategame Items:

1. maximum ap - - - -,
2. against tanks - - - -
3. when you need life

I can not exactly discribe my purchasing order, because I vary it depending on my situation and on my opponents, but that are the items I take usually.

That was my build, I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to a lot of feedback. Thats my first build and I hope you can also give me tips, how to make better builds.
And don't give up, if it does not immediately work.