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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wspaniale

Veigar: Quick Kills Pay The Bills

Wspaniale Last updated on August 19, 2010
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Veigar: Quick Kills Pay the Bills Guide

Veigar is one of the strongest heroes I've played as, and against as long as he is played properly, here I will hopefully be able to shed some light on what you should be doing in order to succeed as this powerful character. Many people tend to shy away for he is easy to die as, but hopefully I'll be able to give you a build that you won't be dying too often if not at all.

Summoner Spell: Clarity
This is by far my favorite spell while using Veigar. With this you will barely ever have to go back to town except for when you have to buy your recipes. Very worth it early on.

Summoner Spell: Teleport
This spell is great for quick ganks while they're pushing towers, or if you need to stop the snowball of their minions.

Core-Item Build:

These items should balance you out perfectly imo. From high ability power, to good survivability, this really has been the best build I've personally used as Veigar myself.

Early Game:
If you can grab the chance to go middle lane with this hero do it, this is where you shine. Last hit Minions with Baleful strike to gain Ability Power. This will be a little difficult at the beginning, with a level 1 baleful strike due to its' low damage at that point. Once you get it to level 2 or 3 it will be dreadfully easy and your ability power will sky rocket from this in no time. Ignore the enemy hero for a good portion of the game, you're going to have to focus on getting your ability power up at this point, and honestly, continue doing so until you're about level 8.

At this point your ability power should range from 200-300 depending if you've gotten early champion kills or whatnot. This is where you will start to do some serious damage as well. Dark matter will begin to hit for insane amounts, as well as your ultimate doing incredible damage, you're a true force to be reckoned with. Without Zhonya's ring though you still need to play it safe, without that you will still be able to die extremely quickly, and of course, nobody wants that.

Late Game:
Team fights are erupting, and hopefully by now you've completed your Lich Bane, or are near it. By now you should have around 500 ability power (even without all of the items i listed) if you have been playing it correctly with your Baleful Strikes. Your ultimate will begin to do over 1000 damage per strike, dark matter does around 800, baleful strikes 500+ a pop, beautiful, you could kill a squishy hero with a quick barrage of all your skills, this makes it too easy.

What you should do to kill people, in the most efficient way
This is what I do when a team fight erupts, or we are performing a gank on a lone hero. This will also ensure you don't waste any mana by missing your Dark Matter strikes.

But of course the most important thing as Veigar :
~~Get a Killing Blow with his Baleful Strike for 5 more Ability Power at the max rank, this does wonders late game~~

Open with a Baleful Strike, this will generally get the lone hero on the run, stun him with Event Horizon, quickly place Dark Matter right on top of the hero, he will be hit before the stun is off, or right as it comes off, then you can hit him with your ultimate or another baleful strike to finish him off depending on his health. This kill takes only a few seconds and I'm sure we all know:

Quick kills pay the bills

This is my first guide, so hopefully you enjoyed the read and of course feel free to tell me what you think in the comment section, and rate if you like.