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League of Legends Build Guide Author TommyTurtle

Veigar - Slaughtering every thing in my way ! 2.0

TommyTurtle Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there guys, this is my first build guide !

Amazing nuke
easy to play and a challenge to master
gains ap from last hittin with first abilty and killing heros

his voice can be very annoying
very little lane power early game, so if you are not mid and against a good stunning lane combo you will have to tower hug alot to not feed i.e taric and ryze.

The ones i use are Ghost and Clarity the reasoning behind this is i use clarity to more than double the amount of last hits i can get with my baleful strike, giving me more ap and gold before i go back to base to replenish and get my items.

I use ghost as my means of both chasing the enemy and gtfo of difficult sittuations. its invaluable for a character as squishy as this guy, and with your stun generaly being on a 10s cool down its a great escape tool!

Early game
Generally i go mid, and farm up my ap by last hitting with baleful strike as often as possible due to its passive ( each last hit gives you 1 ap). This is my oppinion but i rarly start to harrass the enemy untill im around level 8 as low level / ap veigar does next to no dammage to most heros. stay in your lane as long as possible hanging at the back of the wave and moving in for last hits only. i generaly get up to 2.5k before returning to base for my boots of sorcery, tear of the goddess and 2 sight wards. i use the wards to prevent being ganked mid ^^. i stay in mid till around level 10 before going ganking depending on how well my team is doing oc.
After experimenting with my build i decided to get the mejai's soulstealer before deathfires grasp, due to mid game before everyone starts to team up it is very easy as veigar to get stacks for your soul stealer giving you a good ap boost mid game and making it much easier to get 20 stacks during the game.

Mid game
After the deathfires grasp i used to go straight for archangles staff due to a quick ap / max mana boost. but now i get zhonya's ring instead, (it takes a little longer as farming gold with veigar is extremely easy mid - late game) due to the increased surviablity with zhonya's ability which has saved me from various ulties ect countless times! not to mention the massive ap boost you get as well ^^.

Late game
i now get two archangle staff's as my last two items due to the massive ap gain from stacking. i used to get a will of the ancients as my last item for a handy bit of spell vamp, but i came to the conclusion that as long as your playing intelligently you will never be in the middle of a fight and so the spell vamp is unessessary and with the second archangle staff i average at over 1000 ap a game (highest i have got in a game was 1256 so far).

Fighting with veigar.
understand this, you are unbeliveably squishy! under no circumstances should you be in the middle/front of the fight or initiating it. as both of these will lead to you being quickly focused and anhiallated. always hang at the back of your teams battle formation. popping up to unleash your haddoken and backing off for your cooldowns. veigar is an amazing nuke! it should be a very rare case that you cannot haddoken a squishy opponent late game with ease. try and cast your stun so the the edge is ontop of the enemy this will guarante a stun and make it easy for you to cycle through your attacks.
attack them in this order.

Event horizion, Dark matter, activate deathfire grasp for 30% hp damage, Baleful strike.
and if you know your going to kill them finnish off with primordial burst. if not repeat the sequence until you know u will kill them!

Thanks for reading my build like i said this is my first and so will contine to update and improve it as i get feed back^^

Sigh for some reason my build wasnt saved under my user name but as guest... had to copy it over here :(