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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author caesrr

Veigar - The definition Of Pain

caesrr Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Veigar the Definition of Pain!

Its my first Build ever but feeling confident it will please others.

This build was made for people that like play offensively with veigar and just start with playing. Do you play well with veigar but you think you can kick it up a notch, hover with me than.


1. Explanation Masteries
2. Explanation Skill Sequences
3. Explanation Runes
4. Explanation Item Build
5. Explanation Veigars Playstyle + Spells

1. Masteries

Using the spell ghost makes it inevitable not to ugrade haste.
I build the masteries like this because in the early stages it comes in quite handy if your an offensive style based player. Your Cooldowns are faster and you have more mana as you level up. The mana regen will have no more effect on you once you bought the "Tear of the Goddes".

2. Skill Sequences

-Bale Strike, its an average low damaged magic spell. Another ability of this strike is "when you kill an champion" your AP will gain some AP permanently.
- Dark Matter, This spell is an high damaged spell. An meteor strikes in like an nuke doing splashed damage. The inevitable part about it is, they can see you activating your spell showing the target you chose.
- Even Horizon, The spell for your running opponents. Once you targeted your spell and people try to run through the edges of it, they will get stunned.
-Primordial Burst, This is your ultimate Attack which deals an amount of damage + your own AP and your enemy's.

When playing with veigar people at start forget the Dark Matter spell. Try and use it upon them and get some minions with it. Whilst you level two you learn the Event Horizon this spell is very easy to use, the edges of this spell will stun them making it very easy for you to use your dark matter upon them again. This way it is very hard for them to escape from it. After leveling you can combine your spells on one target very easily.

3. Runes

-Quintessence, More Ability Power meaning more advantage in the beginning fase of the match.
-Marks, Throughout the whole game your armor penetration is very low. With the Magic Penetration marks it will make you allot easier.
-Seals, The Seal runes are the lower runes. I choose the Cooldown seals so again in the beginning fase your cooldown is faster.
-Glyphs, More Ability Power meaning more advantage in the beginning fase of the match.

4. Item Build

-Some people start of with the Amplifying Tome to build the Mejai's Soulstealer, but i prefer to use my skills more than 5times per minute so i buy the mana regen "Meki Pendant. The Meki Pendant builds into the Tear of Goddes later on.

-2x Health Potions keeps you alive, restoring hp per second.

-The more offensive playing style will not work without the Mejai's Soulstealer. It will stack 8 AP on each Assist and will hand out 2 stacks on an champion Kill(giving out 16 AP each kill). The Stacks will go up to 20 maximum. Giving you 160 AP on the full stack. Beware! When you die you loose your stacks and you will have to build them up over and over if you die.

-Buy the sorcerer's shoes to enhance your movement speed everyone needs the boots to keep up with your enemies. The sorcerer's shoes give you +2 Magic Penetration. You can switch your Boots with the Mejai Soulstealer if needed when you are failing at the beginning fase.

-The archangel staff hands out 45+ AP and 3% of your mana is converted into AP. Also each time you use and ability you gain 4 manapoints. Although this has a Cooldown of 3 seconds. Because you build this item with the Tear of Goddes you still will get your mana regen of 25 on every 5 seconds and giving you the 400 additional Manapoints.

-The Relais Staff will add 500 HP, since Veigar is so Squishy its A plus for you to have more HP, when your opponents run towards an turret you can still chase them down if you are sure to kill them cause you to survive whilst the turret is shooting at you. Also your Relais staff gives out an slow of 35%(25% when hit on multiple targets) making it easier for your Cooldowns and their cowardliness.

-Zhonya's Ring will add 150 AP + its passive skill it will increase 25% of your AP. This also has an Active skill. Once you use it you will turn untargetable and invulnerable. This helps you allot when you get Ganked.

-The last item is normally use it the Void Staff but it depends on your opponents, if your opponents buy allot of AntiMagic armor than this is the item you should definitly buy. If your opponents dont have it you can think about buying the Lich Bane.

5. Playing Style + Spells

When you already have been playing with veigar and your going at it offensively than veigar is definitly a teamplayer. Make sure you are the ones behind your team playing Tanker. You are one of the players that stun your enemies and could get them on their lower health status with just your Event Horizon+Dark Matter spell combination, you can even edit your bale strike when your on it. When you are sure to kill your opponent use your Primordial Burst before you use your Bale strike.

On your own you can kill squishy champions, especially the ones are based on AP. I recommend to use your combination E,W,R,Q. At the early stages try to get your opponent at a lower health status before combining it on the early stage of the game.

When your opponent is running and you Cooldown on the Event Horizon is to large. When no other opponent champions are missing you can easily Hunt him down and try your dark matter spell on places it might have run into. Your dark matter spell can hit them on their base grounds take advantage of it when standing near a turret or so.

Spells: Teleport, Ghost.

-The teleport spell might come handy when teleporting into an opponent with lower health. Again try and use your E,W,R,Q spell combination. Your teleport Spell is also very handy is gaining up on your teammates.

-The Ghost spell is really handy in escaping situations + offensive situations. Rushing into your opponent might scare them off and will make them run away. Use your ghost on it and stun them while you can.