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Veigar Build Guide by evil_pie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author evil_pie

Veigar the evil pain

evil_pie Last updated on September 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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You want to go with a AD or mid. if you go with a AD you shall be premade and he shall know that you shall get some of the last hit's. if you can it will be more awesome to line with a ranged AD so you can make small nukes all the time, that will be more awesome again if you got a Karhus with you so he will kill them with his ulti. well you can wait and see who is on with line's becouse of your ulti has a crazy damage on AP char's.
if you go mid and you roll the lane, will it be great if you have taken TP as your sommoner spell so you can gank all the time and get alot of kills and assists. Veigar is and awesome ganker so ask your Team mates to gank. start only gank when you got four more tower's down or can hit on a inhibitor. try to win team fight with killing the Baron. if you line bot with an AD so try to take the Dragon down at lvl 12 and when your ad friend got lifestell.
try to make combo's with your spells. you can cast Event Horizon on a oppent or two then after you have castet that you shall instatly cast Drak Matter and then Baleful Strike look at your spells before you nuke and check how much damage you will give and the see how much HP your oppends have. and try to attack the not tank char or the char with lowest Magic Resist.

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Pros / Cons


# good framer
# easy AP
# great stun
# late nuker
# Pwn's AP char's
# awesome ganker:)


# low HP
# low armor and magic resistans
# easy to ks from and with
# hard to escape
# high price build

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Masteries 10/0/20

I will take 1 in deadliness to fill so i can get more in that master page and 3 in arcmage's savvy for more AP.
i will take sorcery x4 for lesser cooldown's and then i will take 1 buming emvers for better ignite and 1 archaic knowledge for more damage.
Then i will go to Utility 3 x good hans for lesser dead and one in perseverence for more mana regen and fell so i can get more by that tree. then 4x expanded mind for more mana regen and 1 awareness for more xp + fell. then i will take greed for faster money and then i will max meditation for more mana regen. then max quickness so i will run faster and fell more. then one in blink of an eye for lesser cooldown on flash. max out intelligence for max AP.

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You will need to buyin the start of the game so you will have a bit more HP and AP. that help's you to get first blood and that is good when you get 400 gold for first blood. then you will buyto move a little faster and you will later upgrade them to. they will make you faster and will give more damage and that is great. well you as Veigar has the abillity to get more AP from minions. that is a great thing and you will get strong fast. then you will buyandso you dont need to go back all te time. later when you get some kills you will buy more items as. why that one? it will give you extra gold and you will faster get strong and you will be can upgrade it later to the awesome item,. Now i will buyfor some more AP and some Spell Wamp, with spell wamp is Veigar really strong. that item you will upgrade later in the game one of the best items in the game it will give you alot of mana, AP and mana regen, it is a awesome staff. then i will buyit will give you alot of AP, mana regen and lesser cooldown's.give's alot of AP and we want that. it give's 140 AP + 30% of what you have extra and that is awesome for all AP char's. now i will upgrade myto afor max awesomeness :) and finaly i will upgrade myto a. (you dont get extra gold fromwhen you upgraded it but your build is done so it dosent matter :), )

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Summoner Spells

I will takeas one of my Summoner spells so i can get away without dying. it saves me alot!

I will takeas the other Sommoner spell so i can finish my opponent fast and easy.

I will takeinsted ofif i got a Karthus on the team so he can finnish my opponent.make it easyer to help some one or my self. i can slow some one too so it will be esay to kill them.

I will takeinsted ogorif i go mid so i always can be on my line and late game it is awesome to TP around the map. The TP will i only use in 5 VS 5

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Farming is easy with Veigar because he has a AOe spell that has is realy damageing and he has a spell that he is you'sing low mana on and there is a low cooldown and it's damage is high + you will get extra AP for killing minions with it. you shall try to focus the caster minions with your Baleful Strike and Drak Matter.

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Skill Sequence

I will pick Event Horizon from the start so it is easyer to get first blood. then i wil take Baleful Strike two time's t get better minion framing and AP. In lvl four i will take Dark Matter for a litttle nuke. and then in lvl five i will take Event Horizon for longer stun = better nuke's. in lvl six i will take ulti and that is just an awesome spell. theni will max out Baleful Strike for getting so good as posseble AP and then in lvl 10 i will make my stun better. lvl 11 i will upgrade my Primordial Burst (ulti). then my next will be Dark Matter and then Event Horizon, then Dark Matter and Event Horizon. then Primordial Burst in lvl 16 (ulti) i will max my Dark Matter as my last skills.

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i will take 9 greater mark of insight for more damage.

then i will take 9 greater seal of clarity for more damage.

i will take greater glyph of knowledge x9 for more mana.

then i will take 3x greater quintessence of Desolation for more damage.

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Creeping / Jungling

He is not really a jongler and dont try to jongle ! it will go wrong.

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hey i think you are awesome if you have readed all my guide how to play veigar and i just say thans if you votet yes:) and if you liked it.

my sommoner lvl is 23 so i am not pro but mabye we can play together
Sommoner name : pie of awsome

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