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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PumpkinPie

Veigar the fast (you) and the dead (them)

PumpkinPie Last updated on February 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Whelp, you had over 60 champions to choose from and you decided on the Black Mage. Now I'm sure that if Square Enix ever cared enough they could give the league some legal problems, but for now you, me and this midget are going to do our best to punch dump truck sized holes in the competition.

Insta. Kill opposing, Glass cannons before they can react
stun entire teams
Can farm both creeps and heroes

Has trouble killing high hp heroes
Ineffective if you have no mana or abilities are on cool down
Made of tissues and puppy dreams

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Magic pen. Red, Flat Mana regen Yellow, Leveling CD reduction Blue. 2 Health Qunits, 1 Magic pen. one.

Gives you a solid start, enough health to cover and mana regen for early farming a full 10% magic pen. cause I like even numbers, and growing CD reduction. You can swap the Mana regen for Leveling MR. and the Magic pen Quint for a health one if your having trouble.

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Simple and easy 9 points in offence for Archaic Knowledge and 21 in Utility for Presence of the Master. Focus on mana regen AP and CD reduction, and grab some points in Utility Mastery so that those sweet, sweet buffs you steal can last as long as possible.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Teleport.

Ghost gets you and out of fights a skill you need. It lets you escape ganks and run down opposing champions. It lets you run in cast your spells and run out again with out getting wasted. Cannot recommend it enough even if you don't do anything else in the guide, take ghost as a summoner spell.

Teleport, this build ignores mana regen in favor on busting power, this isn't normally a problem thanks to your passive and correct use of mana, but if you have to spam. This spell insures that you can wipe a wave go home to refuel and defend your tower, while also allowing you to meet up with teammates for a push or appearing in the middle of fight to kill and run away.

Take Ghost, but if you don't enjoy teleport Flash and exhaust are some good alternatives. If you have trouble with using mana efficiently take clarity. If you do take any of these make sure to adjust your Masteries accordingly.

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Passive: Equilibrium

Summary: Mana regen, It might not seem like much, but with good management skills you will never need to buy a mana item. The basis for you is that you must never waste mana. Every Baleful Strike you cast will hit the hero you want to harras or will kill the creep you want to kill. Every stun you cast will save your life, or kill an opposing hero, every rock you drop is a death sentence for caster creeps or the final hp an opposing hero loses after being stunned. Every time you waste mana on needless stuns or casts you prevent your self from farming creeps and having mana up when your going in for the kill.

Baleful Strike:

Summary: Nuker, farming tool. The passive on this insures that if you farm well you will always have ap to spare. Just don't over use it. If your just using it farm creeps try to use it every other wave and insure that each hit is a kill shot. Maxing this early helps you harass and guarantees a creep kill with each shot, while also maxing the passive for hero farming.

Dark matter:

Summary: Wow, an AP ratio of 1 not 0.5 or 0.8 but 1. Every point of AP is a point of damage. For this reason I like to get one point in it late, as the damage the ablity gives you with levels can easliy be made up for in items. When this is at level 2 if you have been getting all the ap you need a single cast should flatten caster minions and leave the rest a baleful strike away from death. This is what you use to farm creep waves with and is part of the stun, nuke, rock, ultimate, auto attack, maybe another nuke, combo you use to take down opposing heroes.
NOTE: where ever you cast this you get vision so NEVER FACE CHECK A BUSH use the rock to do it for you.

Event Horizon:

Summary: Nice movie, kind of a ****py end, though it did inspire one on my favorite games. Anyway this is a savior and killer all in one move. This is why every time you see more then one hero you don't need to fear getting your *** handed to you. Anything crossing it will be stunned.
It is what you initiate with, not what your team uses to initiate. It is what you use to initiate.
NOTE: Cool Down is looooong. So when you cast it make sure it is relevant. Nothing is more embarrassing then having the spell miss and not having it available to prevent you from getting killed by the opposing champs, Take note of heroes with Cleanse and Mercury Treds. For treds level the ablity early and you should still be able to use your combo (see below) for Cleanse. Well take note of it and try not let it ruin your day.
NOTE:Flash if you can land the stun on them and have it at level 3. Rock will hit befor they can flash. If you don't land it on them they can flash over it making you feel silly. If you cast rock to late, the stun will wear off and they will flash out of rock. Play tight and it will be a non issue.

Primordial Burst:

Summary: Nuke, It hurts anyone with AP not just casters, anyone, Sions and Gragases with AP will get hurt just as much as Ryze and Annie. Aside from that it has a substantially longer cool down then any of your other spells, so use it for kill shots and nothing more.

How to use your Spells

Here is how you kill a champion. Place stun. Try to place it on, or right in front of the opposing champion. Drop Dark Mater on them, Cast Baleful Strike, IF you know they will die cast your ultimate. After all of this Dark matter should land and get you your kill. Make sure to auto attack when you can, and it might take an extra Baleful strike to finish them off.

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This build goes for maxium blasting power with a minumum of everything else that makes a caster a caster. You will cast your spells once, just once each team fight, but if you've built your items properly there will be one less person for your team to deal with and a couple seconds where the opposing team is stunned.

After this you run just run. Speed is key. When you move in range if the opposing team knows anything about target priorities or simply has the motto "smash the squishes" you will have every spell cc effect and attack thrown at you. If you have accomplished the above though one less hero will be hitting you and they will be running into a stun allowing you to safely get away or help your team mates mop up the rest of them.

With that in mind start with a Tome and a Healing Potion. On your first trip back pick up the pick and boots. This is hopefully where you pick up your first kill, but that is never a guarantee, so if not farm farm farm. Last hitting is key, don't use your nuke to last hit as that should be going at the opposing champ. If he leaves the lane you can farm with impunity and last hit with both your attacks and your nukes.

ALWAYS have stun mana up though the reason you can farm so well is because even in their whole team ganks you, it only takes one stun to insure survival. Get that Needless rod and use it to bring the pain. Boots of swiftness are next, because being able to run down and run away from heroes is more vital then any kind of CC reduction or Magic pen. The reason the former is bad is because getting hit by one CC effect is basically death for you and latter because, there are better items for reduction and I cannot stress enough that the only thing that will keep you alive in a fight is speed. After that pick up your hat.

From here a little Magic Resistance goes a long way. Most tanks, brawlers and casters have a habit of splashing damage around and because of your low hp you can simply die by accident. This magic resistance can help you stretch out that hp for far longer then you should be able to. Turing it into a lichbane is just the icing on the cake though. It does everything, it gives you Mana, AP, MR, and the ability to cast an extra nuke for free. Most importantly though it gives you speed and the ability to push towers solo.

Now, if you avoid it you should never be soloing a tower but often times you will make it out a team fight thanks to the above items. Lichbane lets you take down towers with its on cast effect. Just make sure you cast a spell before each attack even if you have no targets.

NOTE: After you have these items the choice is yours just try to focus ap over anything else.

NOTE: The hardest part of this is farming up the Needlessly large rod, it pays for itself though when you buy it so even if you feel behind, buying it can rocket you ahead, now if you get stuck at this point or are getting owned repeatedly in game I do have an alternate item path time constraints prevent me from writing it right now as well as a lack of knowledge about the mobafire interface. If people show interest in this guide I will do my best to pretty it up and post alternate paths ect.

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Well kiddies that is all the time I have for today, looks like the coffee shop is kicking me out. Please post hate mail, non-hate mail, poetry below in the comments. I will get back to to it asap.

To the rest of you I hope my wall of text was not to intimidating my spelling and grammar were not to bad and you have fun killing people as the best midget ever walk the fields of battle in League of Legends.