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Veigar Build Guide by a pwnzor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author a pwnzor

Veigar the master destroyer

a pwnzor Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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This is my first guide to be posted, I get a lot of compliments from players on my Veigar skills so I thought I would share them with the world.
p.s. Super Villian Veigar is the best, and increases win chances

I think Veigar is one of the best casters that takes some serious skill because of the delay on his meteor and the AoE stun. Veigar requires a competent last hitter to play him effectively I will go into that more later.

Please leave comments I Would like the feed back

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Pros / Cons

amazing damage output
great aoe stun if you can land it
Probably the best late game scale
Amazing late game farmer
Squishy as hell
normally targeted
normally no early game kills/easily harassed out of lane

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The runes I pick for Veigar are straight magic penetration runes with mp5/level seals. I tried some more defensive runes on him at one point, but found that if I was going to die that the runes didn't help any. Perhaps some magic resist runes for laning phase in mid might help but I doubt it, at least not for me.

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Once again a straight offensive build for me, as much damage as possible from the offense tree, before the masteries change, I did 9/21/0 as I did not like the Ability power masteries in the offense tree, and the utility tree seems lacking the deeper you get into it.

So the debate became for me in the new set was 21/9/0 or 21/0/9. I settled on the latter because I found that once again 9 points in the defense tree didn't save me from nothin'.
When I started writing this I realized I wanted improved flash and not reduced time spent dead like I previously had.

Early game mana seems to be an issue with me on Veigar until I get my tear of the goddess. But normally I try not to leave lane until I can get sorcerers shoes and the TotG so unless my jungler gets me blue I feel really stretched for mana. So I get 9 points in utility.

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The items I get are fairly straight forward. The Tear of the Goddess[TotG] is first to solve my early mana issues, followed by sorc shoes because that magic pen is amazing on veigar obviously x.x. Death fire grasp is the most amazing item on veigar, it basically gives him a second ult. A really powerful percent damage based ult. The Deathcap just makes your farmed q extra awesome, followed by lots of archangels. At 3k mana an archangels gives more than a second deathcap, so thats the reason for that. IF the enemy team is scared and starts stacking magic resist, get a void staff following your deathcap in order to cut that problem off.

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Skill Sequence

A lot of people will look at my skill sequence and go "What the **** are you stupid?! all those kills you are going to get aren't going to give you 5 ap! only 3! thats dumb". While techically that is true, most of your damage comes from the meteor, quite honestly if baleful strike was an effective farming tool at level 1 I would leave it at 1, but at 3 it is effective harass as well as a good farming tool. The problem with the skill sequence is that until 6 [and even then] you don't have a good harassing tool. However focusing on farmining is more important to make you a late game monster.



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This is the most important thing on Veigar, that many people have a problem with. You have to last hit with baleful strike, AND your melee. you will miss a lot because of the cooldown on Baleful if you don't.

When to last hit with your Q:

  • Q is level one: last hit when the minions are at 85 hp about [caster:30% melee:20%]
  • Q is level two: last hit when the minions are at 130 hp about [caster:45% melee:30%]
  • Q is level three: last hit when the minions are at 180 hp about [caster:60% melee:40%]

if you stick to good last hitting early you will probably get pushed to the turret. which is a GOOD THING, yes good. gives your teammates easy ganks as well as you being able to stay out of harms way while you farm up your ap and gold.

NEVER STOP FARMING, though don't leave your team out to die.

In the jungle once your meteor is level 3 you can use it on wraiths if your jungler oks it, generally if youre doing well it will kill the three little ones and almost kill the big one. Use your q to finish it off. You can do it all over the wall without leaving your lane. once the meteor is 5 if you are doing well you can kill wolves and wraiths in one shot with it.

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Killing things

The section everyone has been waiting for! How to kill everything.

Once you turn level six, you can start to be aggressive in your lane, use your stun meteor Q combo to see how much damage you got. Generally i notice it brings them to about half-ish. if it does wait for your cooldowns then use the stun meteor q ult combo to finish them off.

Also once you hit level 6 keep an eye for over extenders in the other two lanes. They push to far at half health and you got a free kill.

Once you have death fire grasp you should be able to kill or almost kill anyone who hasn't gotten some good magic resist, just stun them-> meteor -> dfg(before the meteor lands) -> Q -> R and bam a kill. if they are a little short just ignite them.

if they have an AP Carry with lots of ap you can normally one shot them with your ult late game and then use stun meteor dfg and q on the ad carry. this will make your team dominate if you do this successfully in the team fights

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Once it is time to start roaming, I tend to pick on the carrys that try to farm away from their team, because unless they have a good chunk of Magic resist, its a one shot kill, and you get some bonus ap. But while doing this don't find yourself left out for someone else to come jump on top of you. You are squishy, if someone gets the jump on you, and you cant kill them with dfg q r. you are screwed. normally if you find yourself in a tight spot. just kill their squishy and die. unless you think you can get away. In team fights, kill their scariest person. Their ap or ad carry normally. Kill them and then proceed to get out until your stun is off cd again. If your team is dominating the team fight you can stay and baleful strike stuff. Veigar is a decent chaser if you are equal speed because of the long range stun.

if they have an AP Carry with lots of ap you can normally one shot them with your ult late game and then use stun meteor dfg and q on the ad carry. this will make your team dominate if you do this successfully in the team fights