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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagePower

Veigar, The Nuker

MagePower Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Hi, welcome to my Veigar guild

Ty for chosing this guild, hope you like it

I like to play veigar as an early farmer, then in mid game harraser/nuker, then in late game nuker. Please check the skin and the launcher, just take a look ;)

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Greater glyph of force (Ability power per level) Many will say that AP runes are better then AP per level runes for veigar, but when i play him, im trying to farm untill level 7-11 cuz veigar isnt any good at the start, and allready in level 6 the ap per level runes have the same ap as ap runes.
Greater mark of insight (magic penetriation) This runes owns when you have the Sorcerer's Shoes, cuz your magic penetration will be at 28,55 + those 15% and thats 28,7675. Remeber the % penetration will go after your (number) pene and thats the reason i dont like void staff cuz, if we see a normal only thinking of damage guy, the guy would have 30 magic resist, if you take a nuke, your pene would be like 28,55 + 15% + 40%=
1,2325-40%= Almost 0,6 penetriation you will get from void staff from those guys you shall nuke, thats useless and veigar never nuke tanks, so why void staff?
But back to runes, 28,7675 penetriation then those guys who dont buy magic resist will only have 1,2325 magic resist, and thats almost nothing :)
Greater seal of replenishment (mana regen) This will make your farming start easier.
Greater quintessence of potency (ability power) This rune i chosed since, like i said you get the same ap at level 6 when you have ap rune or ap per level rune, but the big ones is difenrent, then you have to wait to level 12 before its the same ap, so thats why i chosed this rune.

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I think 9/0/21 is the mage masteries and veigar should have it, but if you have some problem with hp regen, since we have no hp regen runes/items, then you can go for strength of spirit, when we buy 2 archangel staff and 1 rod of ages, then you have alot mana.

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I recommend my items, but if you like to buy(Archangel's staff) or(Lich Bane) Then you can just buy it, i think it makes the combo harder but you can chose yourself ;), I recommend to buy only 2 archangel's staff if you buy either lich bane or deathfire grasp
You can also chose(Mejai's Soulstealer) if you had a good start like 2/0/0 or more, then you have to drop Deathfire Grasp or archangel's staff, or if you want to make the stun more possible then buy(Boots of Swiftness)
And if you dont need more damage but more armor/magic resist then go for(Guardian Angel) instead of(Archangel's Staff) or(Deathfire Grasp)
In late game Deathfire Grasp deals 50% of their health, then your nuke is complete

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Why i have taken on these spells/Skill Sequence

I have taken 2 on stun, cuz when you take 1 on it, they can sometime run out of it, and the reason i have dark matter on level 4 is that you only have stun to use your metour right, and then you can allready nuke level 7, but remeber, if you use your dark matter to late, then you have wasted your ultimate. Your skill sequence should be like this:thenthenthen

You may think why this way? But its because, you have to use dark matter right after stun to hit, you have to use ultimate last, so if they flash, and one baleful strike had killed then, then you wasted your ultimate, and stun first since thats when you know they cant run and it has longer range then baleful strike.
But if you have lich bane or Deathfire Grasp or ignite then it would bethenthenthenthenthenthen
But it can also end withthen, you chose

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Summoner Spells

Flash I took flash cuz you can easily nuke which flash then your combo
Teleport I took teleport cuz then you can easily farm at start, and its funny when you tele, they just ignore it think they can just hit you and run, but then you make your combo xD

Ignite You can also take ignite to make your nuke even better, but i do mostly recommend teleport and flash, for sometimes you cant put your nuke without flash and you can often "ambush" them with teleport and get better farming at start

In 5 vs 5 i have flash and tele
In 3 vs 3 i have flash and ignite, then my masteries is the same only the tele masterie go to spent dead masterie

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You should farn from level 1 to level 7-11 for AP and money, and you cant make kills before 7-11 too.
Your AP often lands on 50AP on level 7-11 so thats a great start.
Remember baleful strike only hits 90 damage in rank 1 with runes, so if you have problem just stand next to the minion you want to kill, that would be easier

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Cool Custum Veigar skin and cool Veigar launcher
I have not made this skin, but i can show you how it works.
You have to go to the folder riotgames\league of legends\game\data
Then you must make a folder named character, now when you install the veigar skin and unzipped the file, then you will have a folder named Veigar Force of Nature and Veigar Force of Nature - Particles 2, in those folders there is a character folder and 2 particles folders, copy everything from the both particles folders and paste it in riotgames\league of legends\game\data\particles folder. Do the same with the character folder

Now if you want a cool veigar launcher then go here
Merge the whole html folder with your League of Legends folder (C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\) or put all the files into html\images\ with background in html\images\en-US\ or equivalent for your language.

Hope you like them or didnt have any problems installing
If you want a program that can unzipp a file here is a link

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Hope you liked this guide, please comment if you find some mistakes or good things i should put on this guide :)
If you want, you can buy 3 archangel's staff ;)