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Veigar Build Guide by MuStyler

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MuStyler

Veigar-Tiny Man with Huge Burst

MuStyler Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone I want that you can see how I play [Veigar].
It is a simpel guide but I want to hear your opinion what you think about this guide and my play style. If you want to play with me, i am on EUW server with the same name: MuStyler :)

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If you find some mistakes or if you have some good ideas what to change in my first build pls comment or send me a message.

And this guide is not stolen!
I made it by myself in the last days when i had time.

(My english is not very good sry ;D)

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Pros / Cons


  • Awesome mega damage :DDD
  • nice passive for every caster (high mana regen)
  • best AOE stun in the game
  • awesome passive of q with high late game damage if played right
  • very fast fed :D
  • easy to take down squishy champs
  • counters most ap casters very hard
  • in him is much more as you think :D

  • very squishy
  • early game low damage
  • fast countered by kassa and lb cause silences
  • your combo fail if someone has a spell shield or something like that
  • cant escape if Event Horizon is on cooldown
  • some people hate you for playing him^^

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ignite are the best choice for Veigar I think


  • Ghost: Only ok if you are not lvl 12 i think. I know this summoner spell has some advances too. It is playable on Veigar but not optimal like flash.
  • Exhaust: You only should take Exhaust if your team has no one who took because it is great against ad carrys. Very helpful for your team but if you are good at stunning with Event Horizon you do not need this one.
  • Clarity: Clarity is nice spell on veigar for example if a Lee Sin comes for a gank. But the cooldown is high like the most summoner spells and you have with your passive already a nice mana regenaration.
  • Heal: The enemy will be surprised if you use Heal and you can win a fight. And it is very helpful in teamfights too. Because you can heal maybe everyone and this can make maybe a lost teamfight into a won.
  • Cleanse: This is not the best spell because you do not always know how much stuns they have. Sometimes I wished I had taken Cleanse but only sometimes.... Better take one on the top except its ranked and you know they have many stuns.
  • Teleport: I love this spell and maybe it should not be only optional but in some games you dont need this and a spell without a use is useless is not it?

Dont Pick!!

Surge, Revive, Clairvoynce and Garrison

I will explain it very short:
This summoner spells are for supporters or for a dominion guide and veigar is not a supporter and this is not a dominion guide. ;)

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With Veigar i go 21/0/9.
I will not explain these Masteries because everybody knows what they do and how they work. If not just read the description of each mastery. :D

You still reading this part? And you do not know what they do because you can not read then i do not have to explain more. ;)

If you want some other mastery pages which are good for Veigar pls comment. ;)

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Greater Mark of Insight

You know. Magic prenetration runes are standard for casters:
Magic prenetration=More damage.
And they are the most efficient runes for casters
Is not much to explain.

Greater Seal of Clarity

This are awesome runes for Veigar because they helps his passive. They will help you in early game a lot.
(For all the math haters just skip this part ;D)

So if you are lvl 18, got 100% of your mana and with [*] deatfire grasp and no dorans anymore
= 38,23 mana per 5 sec

And with 50% mana
= 38,23x37,5%
= 14,34 additional mana regen

Greater Glyph of Force

Again standard runes of ap champions:
More ap = More damage.
They will give you a good ap boost per lvl.

Greater Quintessence of Potency

THIS are for me must have Runes on ap champions.
Because they give you awesome early game damage boost. You should have this in your rune page.

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Skill Sequence

Baleful Strike: The passive is what makes Veigar so op late game. Why?
You get 1 ap for every monster you killed with it and 1-5 ap (depends on the lvl Baleful Strike is skilled) for every champion kill not with Baleful Strike.
With this guide you will being fed by the enemys the hole game. One kill after an another one and veigar gains more and more power.
So i max this first and start with this skill.[/color](More in Farming)

Dark Matter: Another awesome but hard skill!
It does 100% of your ap but it hurts the enemys very late. You have still enough burst without maxing this first. You need a good timing, maybe a bit luck and skill to master it.
I skill this skill first time on lvl 4 and max at second after 3 points in Event Horizon.

Event Horizon: You need this skill for Dark Matter. Without this you will not hit the enemys.
You should take one point at lvl 2, 8, 10, 17, 18. The first 3 because you need a good stun if they have for example mercury treads and its easier to hit someone if he can not move for a longer time.

Primordial Blast: I love this skill because it deals 120% of your ap + 80% of the enemys ap. So you will do vs ap champs very great damage.
Thats the reason why you should focus in teamfight their mage and NOT the tank and only ad spuishys if there is no mage:

  1. Mages
  2. Carrys
  3. Supports
  4. Tanks

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(if you just want to see the facts)

1. Last-hit EVERY MINION you can on your lane with your Q for more ap!!
2. Look at your mana pool and keep enough mana for your combo ready when you gank them!!

In my opinion this is a very important part for Veigar.
In early game you get with your Dorans Ring, passive and runes a very nice mana regenaration so try to last hit every minion with your Baleful Strike for more ap. This will help you to do well the hole game.
Do not push your lane because you do not want to be ganked and you want some ganks by your jungler and here is another important thing that you should notice:
Always think about how much mana you need to complete your combo stun (E), use Dark Matter (W), then shoot your Baleful Strike (Q) on them. If they are not dead use depending on their life ignite or your ulti (R).
You can go back buy some staff after you killed one or farm.
You keep playing like until the laning phase ends.
You get about 100 bonus ap plus the bonus of masteries and Rabadons Deathcape:
135 ap.

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Team Work

This is another important part for veigar and everyone in your team.

As Veigar it is your part to stun so much enemys as possible at once and focus their ap champion but you should always stay BEHIND your tank because everyone will focus you why not??
Veigar is a easy and squishy target and the one who kills you will get some gold and you will loose the teamfight without a very good damage dealer like Veigar.
Stay behind your team use your stun then dark matter (should be save) and ONLY if you are sure that you will kill and not die use your ulti and kill one you need the gold and bonus ap!

If you are doing your job great you will kill one of them in like 2 sec and it turns fair teamfight (5 vs 5) into a advantage for you (5 vs 4)!!!

SO REMEMBER League of Legends is a team game and works only with a good team. You can not just walk alone into 5 enemys because you will die....

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Warding is very important in League of Legends but is most unattended because its called „gold waste“. Come on 75 gold for a great use like this.

BUT with wards you can:

  • escape ganks (300 gold for enemy)
  • see dragon what brings you a lot of gold too when you kill him
  • see baron/steal baron
  • start a teamfight at baron vs them when they have low life
  • and a lot more...

All in all you have much more map controll and you can easy gank enemys if they are poorly warded.

If you want more infos please look at Panglots awesome warding helper:Warding helper - More than your eyes can see

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I hope you like it and have fun :)