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Veigar Build Guide by jacks i p

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacks i p

Veiger, my team don't think i'm evil

jacks i p Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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So from the comments i had been getting I was told to pull the lich bane and add a deathfire grasp earlier in the build; so that's exactly what I did. I also updated the description for event horizon. Added an extra little tip on how to maximize the power of that stun.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great burst damage
  • AOE stun
  • Potential 1 hit kill on mages
  • Very slow early game
  • Very dependent on opposite team comp and Baleful strike farming
  • Squishy early game

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Passive-Equilibrium-Veiger's mana regen is increased by 0.75% for each 1.0% of mana missing.
-this is a great passive for him because during lane phase, if you get the mechi pendant first, you should always have enough mana to baleful strike a minion. And if you don't, you will shortly.

Q-Baleful Strike- This is the most important spell for Veiger. It is the spell that you want to completely level up first. When you last hit a minion with this spell it permanently gives you 1 ap. And the passive on this ability is that when you kill an enemy champion you permanently gain ap according to the level of the spell. So basically last hit as many minions as you possibly can.

W-Dark Matter- This is a highly damaging spell. Use it to farm minions after the lane phase is over and you have your archangels staff so that you don't become mana starved. It scales very well and if landed can hurt multiple enemies for a good chunk of their health. The damage has a short delay on from after it is casted. This makes your stun a great combo spell. Cast your stun and immediately after drop the dark matter.

E-Event Horizon- This is a potential Aoe stun. Its a ring where when an enemy touches the edges it stuns them for a short period of time. It will drop a banshees veil so that you can cast damaging spells on the enemy. It is also a good team fight starting option because the far end of the ring is a good distance away from Veiger so that you can safely stun and enemy for your team to rush in on. When casting this spell try to land the edge on the enemy so that it will instantly stun them and they don't have a chance to flash out of the middle. It makes it that much easier for your team to destroy that person you just trapped.

R-Primordial Burst- This is your ult. Late game it is arguably the hardest hitting single target spell in the game, if used correctly. It scales on 120% of your ability power so it does a lot of damage. It is best used against mages because it also adds 80% of their ability power as damage. So aim for champions like Leblanc, Karthus, or Annie. Low health mages that get a lot of ap. This will help you gain ap so that you are an endless killing machine.

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Mechi Pendant and two health pots is the only way to start the game. Some might buy a amplifying tome so you can get a soul stealer but i don't think that is how to play early game veiger. With the Mechi pendant you can keep your mana at a point where you should always be able to baleful strike the minions. The two health pots are just there so you can lane longer.

Blasting Rod/Needlessly Large Rod- I like to atleast get one of these before i get boots because then your spells do enough damage that you can start aiming for champions. That and you should be able to get both caster minions and melee minions from half health with your baleful strike. Although i will usually wait until i have enough gold to get both a needlessly large rod and boots before i go back to base. The only time i get a blasting rod first is if i get too hurt that i have to return right away.

Get a normal pair of boots to slightly increase your movement speed for the time being until you get your deathcap. It is such a great first item for him because you basically have a full item's worth of ap from your baleful strike and kills at this point so you will have a lot of ap. The get sorc shoes for that magic pen.

After that finish off your tear of the goddess and start building your mana. Cast your dark matter and your stun each time at the base to build free mana. Get your Rylia's Crystal Sceptor so that you can have more health to not be so squishy anymore and slow your targets with your spells. It doesnt matter what items you get first in the recipe, but i like to get the two ap items first just to have more damage in the mean time.

After that get your Archangels as quick as possible. By now your Tear should be fully stacked so that you get the most AP from the Archangels passive as you can. After that get your deathfire grasp. This is helpful to help burst down the tank quicker. Don't forget that active, it will do a lot of damage to a character with a large chunk of health. Make sure to use it first on them though as it only does a percent of their health, not max health. The added cooldown reduct is really helpful too. Finish off with a void staff so that you can get through all of your enemy's magic resist.

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Lane phase

He is a really good mid character because he needs to farm his "q." That is the main goal of the first fifteen to twenty minutes of the game. Last hit minions with baleful strike. If you don't play over aggressive and are able to farm up about forty minions with your "q" you will have enough gold to buy a blasting wand. Just because you are playing defensive doesn't mean you still aren't aloud to kill champions, if you can steal a kill, do it, without getting yourself killed. Death time in lane phase means that you are loosing precious farming time. If your opponents aren't being over aggressive, stay in lane and farm as long as you can. If you can stay in lane long enough to get the needlessly large rod over the blasting wand, do it; or just get both. If the first big item you get is the deathcap, you should have around 300 ap at the 20 minute mark, provided you have farmed enough minions. Then immediately go for Sorc boots for that little amount of magic pen that will tie you over until you get your void staff.

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The team fight era

After lane phase is over is when Veiger becomes a really fun champion. His dark matter should now be strong enough that you can just place is on Wraith camp and they should all die, and also wolf camp, the large wolf may not die, pending on how fed you are, just baleful strike it for that extra ap. Do this whenever you can because that extra gold will help you finish your build a lot quicker. Now is when you can be really aggressive in team fights. You can either start a team fight by getting someone in your stun ring or you can wait for someone else to start the fight for you. But after the team fight is started, do what Veiger does best, destroy mages and all the squishy characters.