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League of Legends Build Guide Author Merlux

Video Games are about Fun. (Foul language included)

Merlux Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Hello, you may not have read my guide on Ezreal because it's got very few views and even fewer votes. (Hint Hint check it out!)
My name is Merlux. I consider myself (In general) an average player. My ranked game history is pretty piss poor and my Normal Games far surpass that of my Ranked game due to the fact that Ranked is serious in a bad way.
I got over 690 Wins (is which most people see.)
and I got around 680 losses (Most don't see that)
I also have absolutely NO leaves. (Except one in a ranked game back when I hit level 30 and didnt know Queue dodging counts as a leave in ranked. But what else are you going to do when your team makeup is HORRIBLE and everyone ignored the comments of their teammates! That's the attitude of a stubborn player and most likely a troll.)

This guide is primarily about how to play the game in a positive manner, while having fun, and enjoying the game without letting trolls or bad players ruin your experience.


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Normal Play (Solo/Duo Queue)

Alright, as most people have noticed, Normal Queue (Solo Queue) is the hardest version of the game, usually you will end up with a team that is either full of people who "don't care because its only normal" or "El nino queso pantelones!" Unfortunately matchmaking means nothing and neither does your level. You might have noticed that when your queueing with a friend thats a lower level than you. You do horrible and.. you look at the levels of the other team, they are all level 21-30, and your friend is level 19, and the rest of your team are all level 30's, if you play it by level and your friend went 2/4, and your other teammates went 0/8, 2/3, 1/9, and you went 6/4/2, your going to wonder why the hell your team lost and the other team buttraped you.

Or you could be that guy that was just hitting the 5v5 button and playing solo because nobody is on atm. Lets play, then generally the game is not about skill in most departments, it's based on skill working as a team and communication. Well, since matchmaking is really bad in this game and Riot could care less if your teamed up with a bunch of BR's that refuse to speak English or don't know how, or.. your teamed up with a Russian that knows English but its broken and that person has no idea what your saying because you speak in full sentences with big words.

Well.. I am here to remedy that. The answer to this is if you end up with a team of people who don't know your language.

KINDLY ask, Hey. Do you know (Insert Language Here), I dont know yours so can you speak in my language if you know it when something important is about to happen?

If they refuse, don't put them on ignore unless they are not calling mia's or helping you in anyway, becuase if they are not saying anything you understand and are not helping, the ignore list is where they belong and you wont get queued with them again.

Just remember that this is a video game and your here to win and have fun. Winning takes hard work and intelligence in this game. If you don't know how to play that well, then generally you wont win very often.

People who belong on your ignore list, Trolls, People who don't and refuse to speak your language, and just overall bad players that are making mistakes they should not be making at level 30. (Putting people on the ignore list is not just for reasons because your angry. It keeps people from ending up in a game with you again.)

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Ranked Play (Solo Queue)

Having fun in ranked. This is very difficult in Solo Queue because you get these players...

1. People who are genuinely good, these players just started ranked after tons of normal games, they normally have a good attitude and just want to reach a harder level of game play for some seriousness.

2. Trolls, these players came into a ranked game most likely from a previous ranked game and lost. They are in a bad mood or they are good and know it and never shut up about it because they are just that kind of person. There are other types of trolls but the ones above are the ones I normally come across in ranked. and I dont feel like making a longass section of troll types)

3. Just bad players or first time ranked players, these players are either trying to take an honest shot at ranked and are expecting to play with a bunch of elite and good players because they just don't know any better... or bad players that continually ruin other peoples ELO's because they aren't ready for ranked and they are playing because they have head delusions about how good they think they are and they are just in a VERY long string of bad games with bad teammates.

4. The Rager, he normally seems nice in the beginning and he's sometimes pretty quiet. Once someone picks Soraka and does not cast Wish at the exact time when he thinks it should have gone off, BAM! "GG, noob soraka." "OMFG! WTF IS THIS ****! WHY DO I ALWAYS END UP WITH A TEAM OF NOOBS!" "RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE!!!!!"

5. The player who is honestly having bad luck. MOST of us fall in this category, we are normally a little above average or average and we are just the guy who found the penny in the parking lot thats heads down. We normally end up with a bad team and good scores or bad team and bad scores due to some helpless circumstances.

ALRIGHT! now that I have finally described the players I normally come across now it's time to tell you how to have fun.

Ranked Solo Queue can be fun when you play the right champion, stroke people's ego's, RIGHT when the champ select screen opens up, bombard everyone with a nice greeting, and ask what everyone wants to play. Start saying things that pump people up for the upcoming game. Try to micromanage the team with hey, I can play a tank, but im not normally very good at them. Anyone got a great tank they want to show off? Normally for me, it's Cho'Gath, he's got great burst and most people I know have him. Ask if anyone has him and if they play him well. Ashe is free every other week, so if your good at her, shes not usually a ban, so pick her if your good with her, a good game comes with a good champion select.

Alright, most people already know a bunch of good champions, now your in game. Start the game off with a GL, HF! in allchat, and you might or might not get them back.

Few tips while keeping a positive attitude.

1.Talking in all chat with nothing but positive things to say usually brings the mood up in a ranked game. If your lucky, you get the player on the other team who likes to type alot and spends alot of time typing so try to start a convo and keep him talking, normally his focus will drift into his typing and out of his gameplay. He will start to become worse.

2. When your team pulls off a good accomplishment like getting first blood or ganking the enemy jungler. Congratulate them, be sure to make everyone know YOU really liked that. Alot of people love to preform and show off, if you make them think you think they are a badass they will generally try to play their best to make you more impressed.

3.When a teammate makes a really stupid mistake and you can tell right off the bat. Try to keep your team's morale up and make it more your fault than his, splitting up the blame keeps people from raging and yelling "gg" into allchat.

4. As stated above, once a teammate yells "gg" into allchat, this is where the game gets hella harder. Now you have 1 person who is dragging the game into the trashbin, and your dangerously close to losing and your ELO is one step closer to keeping you inside this ELO range for a few more games. So, if this happens... Start micromanaging like a GOD! Set up many ganks, if the enemy team seems like they are the 5man stonewall, stick with the turrets, nothing is more intimidating than a turret with your whole team around it.

5. You need to remember that this game is 20% Your skill, 60% Skill of teammates, and 20% Communication. Since you are keeping the team positive, Morale is a big game winner. Any General will tell you that.

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Im ending the guide here till I get some feedback, honestly no point in writing more until I get a little feedback to see if anyone is even INTERESTED in hearing more.

Point of this guide is to teach you to win with a good mood. Nothing is more enjoyable than winning and nothing is more frustrating than being frustrated. I hate playing this game when I get off because some guy pissed me off and the threat of a report means nothing when you see no evidence of it actually working.
So instead of taking countermeasures, let's fix it at the source, good moods spread. So keep up the positive and play smart, Don't down vote this guide please, it's not based on playstyle, its based on attitude. So there is nothing to down vote unless your just a troll.