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Annie Build Guide by Hskkyy

[Video/Written] An in-depth Simple Annie Guide ;]

[Video/Written] An in-depth Simple Annie Guide ;]

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hskkyy Build Guide By Hskkyy 2,759 Views 0 Comments
2,759 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hskkyy Annie Build Guide By Hskkyy Updated on July 8, 2011
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Sup guys this is Huskybro here with another simple guide . Before I go on with this though i would like to tell you guys that i've tried some new things in this guide compared to my other ones so please leave a comment/suggestion below at the end of this video =] thanks so lets get on with this

Annie is a Nuke ap Carry. She is typically strong in each phase of the game, from laning phase til end game. Her simplicity is more rewarding than most AP casters in the game, She is an absolutely smart choice to play as your first AP caster because of how easily you can execute her combo.
if your an average player looking to increase your rank elo, then you should grab Annie. Many people are qqing in forums about how strong annie currently is in Patch
What they fail to notice, however, is that she is very squishy and can be countered by simply building magic resist or engaging her smartly, such as when shes level 6 and you have little to no magic resist, dont be a dumbass and walk up to her and die and say* OMG OP! QUE IN FORUMS!! YES OP NERF SOME MORE!* its equivalent to saying that Garen is op because you cant walk into a bush without being raped. you can simply counter it by not walking into the bush.
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Video Guide

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Runes and Masteries

For Runes, i generally go my typical ap rune set, which is mana regen seals, ability per level glyphs, magic pen marks, and health quints
-the interchangable runes i use are flat ap or cd glyphs to have more of a strong early game or being able to summon *my bear tibbers* more

Masteries are self explanitory, 9-0-21. Any other build i dont find necessary as you need your summoner spells cooldowned asap so you can oftenly have a get out of free card when you need it
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First item build: The complete nuker build
2x Doran's Rings, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff, Banshee's Veil/ Zhonya's Hourglass

This build focuses on damage and thats it. Pure damage. I start off with 2 dorans rings because it provides 200 health, 30 ap, and some mana regeneration. On top of that 30 ap, you get 10 ap from your ap per level runes by level 6. With 40 ap + a rank 3 desintagrate, which does 170 damage, you do 210 magic damage plus some magic pen and some more if you have your magic pen shoes minus whatever magic resist they have at 6. At level 6 thats probably 1/4-1/5 someones health and dominates, especially squishies, early game. After sorc boots, i rush rabadons deathcap to further increase my pure damage. By the time you have this item, you should be in Mid game dealing a TON of damage. If you aren't facerolling squishies from at least 60% to 0, then your doing something wrong or they have a ton load of magic resist. After rabadons deathcap, i usually go zhonya's ring or void staff to increase my damage output over beefy targets or to have a invulnerability if i am being focused. If im dieing alot, i get banshee's veil

2nd item build, The Pure damage Early game to somewhat beefy mid to late

Boots,Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass

This build focuses on making your magic damage pure damage. Basically, early game you build a haunting guise and sorc shoes to get 40 MP + your 8.5 magic pen which is 48.5 magic pen. This makes your magic spells do pure damage to most opponents because most champions either have 30-40 mr by level 6 and this build decreases it to 0. Once you snowball early game, you become beefy with rod of ages and later banshee's veil/zhonya.

3rd Durability build

Sapphire Crystal, Catalyst the Protector, Sorcerer's Boots, Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass
This build is more torwards durability. You start with a mana crystal so you dont, if ever, run out of mana. Rarely you'll run out of mana with annie, but i guess if you spam it so often for some reason, youll run out. The main reason though is so that you can make it into a catalyst , which makes you last the laning phase and enables you to get harrassed but last hit often, and eventually turn it into an early rod of agaes. This is basically a safe build if your trying her out, so i suggest this to beginners. Then, as you get better, try the previous builds before this.
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Your first combo is going to be with your ultimate first, then your q and w spell. Only do this if you are for sure that you can stun your target

Another is opening up with your q spell. For example, lets say an annoying *** teemo with his movement speed quints and w move is on with ganking boots. You probably feel iffy to land your ult on him. Have no fear, just q him with a stun, then ult and w. Does the same job, but youl probly miss out on 1 auto attack or 2 by tibbers.

Hide near walls and flash in and stun. Very effective and can catch lots of opponents from suprise.
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Early Game

Unless you did a 1v1 team fight, you should be last hitting with your q spell every chance its up. Best things in life come free, and this is one of em. Q is free, just as long as u last hit with it. By the time your level 4-5, harrass your opponent so that when your level 6, you can finish him off.

When you hit level 6, you can either dance around with your opponent and eventually land a kill, or gank.
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Mid Game

By mid game, because you had a solo lane, you should be at a descent level advantage to do TONS of damage, especially if you followed my complete nuker build. By the time you have rabadon's deathcap, youll be able to nuke tanks in there baby stage to death. Keep in mind, your going to be more attractive to the enemy at this point
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Late Game

Late game, you'll either cast all your spells at once and run, or just get caught out of position and die. Because you are squishy, you need to be on top of your position. If you get caught, your going to die and porbly lose a team fight because your team lacks your nuking damage/stun. Position is key, as with all squishies late game. Dont initate the fights if there tank is in front, but if there not and they have a squishy dilly dallying around, take that chance and burst him down and run away.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hskkyy
Hskkyy Annie Guide
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[Video/Written] An in-depth Simple Annie Guide ;]

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