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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skeldon

Vikings thunder - Olaf build

Skeldon Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Introduction / Updates

My first build and most likely depending on how well this one goes, my only one. This build is about olaf, usually used as a jungler but I think he has better laning capabilities. Well I hope you enjoy my guide. This build kinda focuses on damage more than survival, but feel free to give me any ideas you have.

Oh and don't expect this build to be all cool looking and stuff, I'm new to this.

Edit ~ #1 Added a new build, for runes and skill points, just do the same as the first, I've been testing around with the 2nd build and I find it works pretty well...I know its kind of a copy but I have a diffrent way of building with it, I also wont be changing any of my guide for it. Due to the fact that im lazy ;) Sorry.

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Runes are basically used for early game so armor pen will make you hit harder. Armor will make sure your not hit to hard. Then ability CDR will make your Reckless swing has less a cooldown.

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Put this chapter here only to explain about the one point in Archmage's savvy, its just so you can get to the more useful masteries in the offence tree, you can also switch it out to the exhaust spell increase. But since you have Q, phage or Frozen mallet, the only use it would be is for fights where your fighting 1v1 which shouldn't be a problem since olaf is one of the best 1v1 fighters in the game (lifesteal, massive low cooldown nuke, damage reduceing ult).

Since the rest of the masteries is pretty self explaining, olaf needs to be tanky to stay alive with his job of team fights.

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Start with Dorans sheild, it give you armor, a lot of hp and some hp regen, so laning will be very easy, you can also start with regrowth pendant if you want to be able to spam Reckless swing more.
Then you grab a boots of speed
Then phage since people run away from olaf a lot and this item will make you a bit tanky and give enemys a slow.
Then you finish your boots, Greaves if you want more damage, Treads if your versing a high CC and magic team and swift boots if you are dominating and kills are getting away from you a lot.
Finish frozen mallet.
Get a warmog's armor as soon as you can so you can get all the extra health from minion kills and it gives you extra damage when you have vicious strikes active.
Now get a B.F. Sword so you have some more damage so that when your abilites are on cd your still doing some damage.
Grab a atma's impaler so you get damage from your health even when you arn't using vicious strikes or if you don't like atma's impaler feel free to grab a starks fervor instead.
Next finish your bloodthirster so you get more damage and even some lifesteal, olaf dosn't die a lot if your not stupid and think you can take on 1v3 you will get some stacks of bloodthrister.
Doubt it, but if the game lasts long enough, sell your doran's sheild and buy guardians angel it gives you armor, magic resist and gives you a cool little revive after you die.

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Skill Sequence

Basically, Undertow -> Vicious Strikes -> Reckless Swing -> Keep applying vicious strikes whenever you can and using Reckless Swing, use ult if you think their dealing to much damage to you.

For team fights, wait for the tank to engage the other team, use your ult and rush in and get rid of their heavy dps or carry by using vicious strikes then hitting them with reckless swing, since most carrys are pretty squishy they will run away from you and your team will have the upper hand. However if the other team has a olaf and hes rushing your carry, rush him and try to save your carry.

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Play style

Early game - Try to last hit minions and if you see a opening to hit the other team with reckless swing, do it. If there are 2+ minions with low enough health to hit with undertow and they will die, go for it. Play as aggresive as you can and if you see a melee dps trying to run in and hit you, smack him with reckless swing and show him whos boss. Try to rack up as many kills as you can.

Mid game - people are most likely starting to group up in middle for a final push to see who wins, so refer to my skill sequence chapter to know how engage team fights. If your team is holding out well by itself, don't be afraid to go and steal a tower. The other team will most likely try to go save it by sending 1 or 2 people, giving your team the upper hand in a fight.

Late game - Honestly no one knows how late game goes, basically if your winning try to push hard and kill them all so you can finish the game. If your losing try to be defensive and when they over extend, wipe the out and push towers.

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Thanks for reading my guide, I'll answer any questions you have, constructive critism is alright. But please no trolls.

2 votes and a troll already go figure ask for something you don't get it, don't ask for something you get it.