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Viktor Build Guide by Pinky Happyhead

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pinky Happyhead

Viktor is OP (you build full AD)

Pinky Happyhead Last updated on May 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! This is my first guide here on this pro gamer site! I think Viktor is a pretty cool looking champion, but lets face it! He is useless. His spells are way to hard to use. In my entire life I've never seen a good Viktor. Late game, he has problems just handling the Super Minions. So, he have pretty good range. So what we do, is that we ignore all his useless spells, and build him Attack Damage. It's a little hard to build him full AD because of his useless passive wich grant him with 5 items instead of the normal 6. But that doesn't stop us from making Viktor a very good AD carry. Just remember in the start of a game, it's all about farming til you can afford all your items. When you have all your items you're a killing machine!

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The runes is pretty simple. Because you're going to die a lot because Viktor is useless you're going to need some shorter revive time. The other runes will grant him with more attack speed and attack damage. Almost all the runes are late game runes, since that is what we're going to focus on with this build.

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You probably think I'm an idiot because i go 0/27/3. Well, guess what. Viktor is terrible because he is so squishy. If you're not super fed, you can't even handle the super minions if the eventually arrives in a game. And you need shorter revive time cause you're probably gonna die a lot. But with those masteries you'll not die so much as you're expected to do!

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The item build is a bit speciall from other AD carrys. Since he doesn't deal a lot of damage, we need him to be bit quicker, and a bit more tanky than the other AP carrys. But again, because of his totally worthless passive it's a bit hard to make him just as good as them. Because carries like Ashe and Caitlyn has an extra item spot free.

I always start Boots of Speed and three Health Pots. And then I take it from there!

NOTE: If you follow an item build the same way every time, uninstall LoL please. You ALWAYS build different from time to time, because you're never up against the same team setup twice. The item build is just an example of what I usually end up building.

Boots: I would prefer Ninja Tabi/Boot of Swiftness/ Mercury's Treads. It all depend on the enemy team really. Ninja Tabi if they got a fed AD carry. Boots of Swiftness if you are have problems catching up with them. Or Mercury's Treads is you're being bursted down by a AP carry. Beserkre's Greaves also works if you are dominating, though i would not use it.

Black Cleaver: I really likes this item. Gives you attack speed and attack damage, pluss it's passive is quite nifty. Other items you can buy instead are Last Whisper or Madred's Bloodrazor. Like I said, depends on the enemy team.

Frozen Mallet: This is the only item i would recomend you buy ALL the time. You need the extra HP. Plus it slows down your enemies from time to time. Really a must have! If you are going a little more deffensive; buy a Warmog's Armor.

Phantom dancer: Really a must on a AD carry, if you ask me. But if you are pinned down by AP, buy Wit's End. And if you feel like going a little bit more Hybrid. Buy Lich Bane.

Infinity Edge: This is your nr. 1 source of damage. And is really one of the best itmes in the game. The only itme i would recomend changing this with is Trinity Force, if you feel like going a little hybrid, even though his spells are trash.

And then you got the worthless passive item. Just buy the yellow thingy, because it gives you a little HP.

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Summoner Spells

This is not a joke. Even though you may believe that heal is a noob spell, it's not on a AD carry. The revive is because you're playing Viktor and you're probably gonna die a lot.

If you're feeling up for it. Flash or Ignite are good picks too. But you need heal!

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I hope you are going to give this build a fair chance! I spent 5 school days researching and testing out builds and runes! A special thanks to Espen, for granting med the RP to buy Viktor <3

As us on LoL, we are on EU West

Lordkul - Me
SVT Scarlety - Espen