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Viktor Build Guide by XingStyx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XingStyx

Viktor: The Functional Paper Shredder

XingStyx Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Viktor is a very malleable character. He's a great support thanks to his W and he can absolutely destroy minion waves with his E. He's a bit weak early-game, being very squishy and not dealing alot of damage. However, if as soon as you get any AP he begins to shred through the competition like paper. Engage with his W, then Q to give yourself a shield and do some serious damage, and then E when they try to escape. Also, your ult will give you some really great AOE damage/silencing. He is a bit mana hungry early game, which is why I set him up with a Clarity and I put the Tear as the first thing you must buy. My preferred upgrade to his passive is the Death upgrade. It makes your E THAT much deadlier, and gives you a decent amount of mana if you buy it first. I recommend right after the Tear of the Goddess, and before the soulstealer. Also, the soul stealer should be a situational item. If you have a good start, then go ahead and get it, otherwise, save up for the hard AP of the rabadons.

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For Runes I tend to go all out. Early game he needs all the help he can get mana and damage-wise, so I'm loading him up with all AP/level runes, and general AP runes. He has enough surivability if you play him right, that you want to be dealing as much damage as you possibly can early game. This way you could also farm kills alot easier.

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Masteries are pretty simple. Just a pure AP build.

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As far as item go, I build them based on the fact that he is very mana hungry early game, and the fact that all of his damage is based off of AP> By getting the boots and health pots first, you give him a bit more survivability at the beginning, which should buy you enough time to farm up enough for some of the further items.

Afterwards, I immediately invest in a tear of the goddess, therefore eliminating his mana problem almost entirely. At this point you should be pretty steady overall, so afterwards you want to go for his Death upgrade to his passive. This will give your E alot more use and it will help you farm religiously. Also, the AP boost is very nice.

After that you get your Sorcerer's shoes. Pretty basic, helps you deal more damage.

Now at this point you have a choice. If you are doing pretty well for yourself, damage wise and farming wise - then you might want to invest in a Soulstealer. If you're doing enoughb damage, then you should be getting assists and kill every now and then, which in the long run will help you out alot more that hard AP items like rabadons deathcap.

However, if you're struggling damage wise, just start building a Rabadon's death cap instead of the soulstealer. This will give you alot of hard AP, which will make you set for the rest of the game. Personally, once I have a rabadon's I don't need much else until late game.

Finally, After rabadon's, you again have a choice. If you're doing great and getting a bunch of kills, go for the soulstealer in order to buff your AP. If not, or afterwards, finish building an archangels staff., It will eliminate any mana problems you may still be having, as well as giving you alot of hard AP. It should be mid - late game at this point, so you wouldn't need any HP boosts from rod of ages, which is why I chose the Archangel's staff instead of that. Once you have that, the last thing you should build is a Crystal Scepter. The slow will help you out with positioning, alot with your W and E. The AP boost is nice as well, along with the health boost giving you ab it more survivability in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty straight foreward. You want to grab his Q first in order to give yourself damage + a shield early game. By level 2 you'll want to get you W in order to have some form of CC. It is one of the most useful spells you have, at any point in the game. It can either save your life, or hold them in place long enough to finish them, or help other people. However, you keep it at 1 skill point until the end of the game, becasue you really only use it for the stun and slow. By level 3 you want a point in your 3. This is your main source of damage, your laser. Combined with the Death upgrade, this is a very powerful AOE DOT. By late-mid game, this will clear an entire creep wave in under a second. It also does the most damage, as well as has amazing range and maneuverability. In order to use it, this of a dragging motion. It's hard to aim at first, but thinking of it as more of a drag helps.

Finally you have your ult. In my opinion, his ult is just a backup. It's an amazing Damage over Time spell. It deals alot of damage in an area, it deals alot more damage over time, and it can move around to new targets when you're done with one. Also, on cast, it silences any champions it hits, making it extremely useful in team fights, considering it also has amazing range.

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Basically, he is a very efficient AP caster that has alot of support capabilities. If you play him right he can decimate entire lanes just as easily as Brand of Corki.