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Viktor Build Guide by PhreaKsOpinion

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhreaKsOpinion

Viktor, The unstoppable war mashine

PhreaKsOpinion Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Info About This Guide

Welcome, to my League of legends champion’s gameplay, featuring Viktor, The Machine Herald. This is my personal guide; do not copy any ideas from me without requesting it. I am a high ELO player and I created this guide to show you Viktor’s game style and suggest my opinions about this champ. In this Gameplay I will cover all your questions, about Viktor’s build, masteries, runes and of course, game style. Before we start, have a look at Viktor’s Skins:

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Watch Me (Video)

It is a little bit failed, but That's viktor. Plz vote if u found this video and this guide usefull. Ahri is a long range spell caster, so it didn't go well. Viktor is not worth in rankeds, because he is only good in teamfights (But with this team, nothing i could do). This video maybe not enforce you to buy viktor, i recommend you not to buy viktor for rankeds too:(unknown embed type)

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As u can see, Viktor is equipped with a hand that can be used as a laser-cannon and Gravity field creator. It also Throws blades to enemies and creates clouds of thunder. Viktor is a mage, but the style of mage is up to player. Whether choosing a mid, ranged tanky mage, bursty damage dealer, or a longer, ranged supporter, Viktor has a variety of tools to dismantle the competition. Viktor Has enough a lot of mana power to cast spells a lot of times.
Note: Remember viktor is not for wide open space battles, so be careful before you start a team fight.

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For runes I take magic penetration marks, ability power seals and glyphs and health quintessences. This setup is aimed to give me significant damage with my abilities and some health to begin the game without health potions:If u are going to build for tanky power transfer build, consider armor seals and magic resist glyphs instead.

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My masteries are 21-0-9 focusing on increasing my ability power, magic penetration, mana regeneration and neutral buff duration. Like with the runes, this build is aimed at granting significantly increased damage:However, for a tanky build, consider 10-11-9 forgoing some ability power, armor, magic resist and health:

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In classic, I open with a Doran’s ring. I know that is sounds crazy, going Mid without health and mana potions, but viktor has a great range cast spell, so u can harass your opponent without losing health. I rush for the:and upgrading to rod of ages and sorcery’s boots soon after: The choice of Augment is up to you. I recommend the red, for those who want to harass their opponents, the blue for those want to stay back and cast spells, in team fights, and the yellow, for those who like to Gank. There are number of strong items to consider regardless of your build, including: and finally 1 of these 2 options
In dominion my build end similarly but it starts differently:

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Skill Sequence

• Viktor’s passive is evolving technology:
Viktor starts the game with a hex core in his inventory. This hex core can be upgraded within the in, game shop to one of three upgrades. Corresponding to his three basic abilities. Each upgrade grants different stats and benefits its eponymous in some way. I will go over these upgrades shortly.
• Power Transfer damages a single target enemy and returns a portion of that damage as a temporary shield to Viktor: Be continue
If Viktor upgrades to “Augment Power” then power transfer also gives Viktor a movement speed buff, whenever he uses it. As the most consistent damage tool, I max power transfer right away (I suggest level 9).

• Gravity field creates an area on the ground that slows all enemies inside it. Enemies who stand inside it for too long are also stunned:

If Viktor upgrades to “Augment Gravity” then gravity’s field cast range is increased. As his main utility spell, I grab one early, but leave it until level 18 to max it.
• Death Ray allows u to choose a start point and a trajectory, damages all enemies along the path:
If viktor upgrades to “Augment Death” then death ray will deal bonus damage over the time to every target it hits. As an area of effect spell, it is more useful in mid game, not in late game, so I max it by level 13.
• Finally, Chaos Storm, Viktor’s ultimate, damages and briefly silences all enemies in an area, and also it leaves behind a storm for a few seconds that continuously damages every enemy around it. U can command the chaos storm to move to your cursor by reactivating this ability. As an ultimate I rank it by level 6, 11, 16.

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Summoner Spells

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Pros / Cons

• Excellent farming
• Nice harassment
• Easy escape
• Ability power without buying it
• Q that makes akali cry
• Op burst damage dealer
• A lot of mana
• Cheap spell casts
• Low ability cooldown
• Bad farming without using Death ray
• Easy target, especially in team fights
• Hard escape without the gravity field
• Not much ability cast range.
• Viktor’s Passive gives you some benefits, but it reduces the items u can purchase by 1.

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Tips playing with him:
1) Use the combo of gravity range, death ray and finally damage transfer. Using gravity range, your opponent will be disabled, so u will easily cast spells to him.
2) Use death ray to farm and harass your target by long distance.
3) Because u will be always the basic target in team fights, consider buying HP items or a guardian angel.

Tips playing against him:
1) Viktor can easily die, no matter how much health he has.
2) In order to kill him, u must dodge the gravity spell. Be careful when u Engage him, or just buy banshees veil for sure.
3) Viktor shield blocks about 200 Damage, and it needs only 50 mana power to cast this spell. It is also low on cooldown. So, if you want to harass viktor, I recommend u to harass by a long distance. Like Brand, Orriana etc.
4) If victor get close to u, without using gravity field, this means he is going to use power transfer. If your character can cast a spell faster than viktor, then go ahead and engage him. Do not cast spells to him, as long as he is under the shield’s protection.

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Ranked Play

I recommend you not to play ranked with this champion. Not because he is not good, or because it is hard, but viktor must farm a lot. If u have a long range spell caster enemy champion, viktor is useless, so you will probably feed, or you will not manage to farm, especially in high ELO. If your opponent pick a character like Annie, they need to get close to you, then pick viktor and dominate the lane. MY VIDEO IS ABOUT VIKTOR IN RANKED.

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Game Style

• By ranking power transfer early, u can trade blows with enemy champions and come out ahead. Walk over the enemy and tag him/her with power transfer.
• Try to stick around for a few attacks, as your shield will block most of the enemy’s champion counter attack.
• Make sure to keep gravity field available for jungle Ganks.
• As someone comes to Gank u, aim gravity field such that u are on one edge of it and your opponent on the other and walk through the entire diameter of the field. This means that if your opponent chases you, you are sure to get away, as the enemy is stunned on the field. Use flash if it is necessary.
• As soon as you get level 6, try to Gank as much as you can. I like to Gank in top lane. Surprise the enemy, appearing behind him and chase him with your teammate. As he tries to escape, use gravity field to slow him and stun him.
• Viktor’s full damage combo is extremely potent.
• When someone dives to kill you, hit him with power transfer to shield you and try to stun him with the gravity field, and keep running until he comes back from cooldown. Then activate your ultimate to silence him with death ray and ignite finish him off.
• Gravity field is a great way to set up a team fight. As the enemies come close to you, drop it to separate almost all of them. After casting all your spells, let your teammates do the rests.

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