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Viktor Build Guide by PhilipQLe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhilipQLe

Viktor(y)- Tanky yet strong.

PhilipQLe Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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As you have noticed, Viktor is very squishy early game. His health is below average compared to many champions at the start. But I can change that. In this build, you will have both durability, and ability power to help out a lot in team battles. Viktor took me many games to master, and I suggest playing this build many times before making a conclusion that is it bad. This build was created by me before his champion spotlight. If you have seen it, it is very similar to Phreak's build. Now, this introduction is getting too long. I will get to the point. Play careful when laning at top or bottem. If you are asked to go middle, or you volunteer, then take it. Viktor can handle middle very easy. Harrass in the beginning with your power transfer (Q). Then, add some death ray. At level 3, train gravity field and leave it at one before the other ones are maxed. I say this because gravity field with an extra level will only add movement speed deduction to the enemy. This means that it's pretty useless until teamfights later on. Put this to one to stop enemy jungler or just an enemy ganking. Max out your power transfer immediately, which has a great cooldown and damage. If you have the blue buff (simply try asking a teammate to help you, because this is super useful at the beginning), spam your power transfer and death ray to harrass as much as you can, and even throw power transfer for easy kill on minions. I've noticed that his attack damage is very weak at the beginning, so farming is quite hard. With a blue buff, you do not have to worry about this. Moving on the next chapters, which will eventually tell you how to play this build completely throughout the game.

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Now, these runes with both give you ability power at later game (get these, because you will have a lot of ability power and health), and mana to spam your skills. These are both very recommended for Viktor, so grab these runes if you can. There is not much to say about these runes, but although I recommend it, you can customize your own. Moving onto the next chapter...

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Masteries masteries masteries... Can't get enough. I just want all of them, am I right? Too bad we can only have up to 30 mastery points. If you are level 30, these masteries could look strange to you, so please just adjust your own mastery page. I work fine with this mastery page, so I just put it here if you want to try it. Remember, you can make many mastery pages, so get to it. I'm not going to explain my mastery page, because im hoping you make your own. You can not copy the same exact play style as someone else, so do whats best for you. Moving onto items! Read it, it's important.

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The main foundation to a build is it's item. I have tested it many times to ensure you that this is a great build. I have noticed that augments (the item core upgrade for Viktor) is not in the items list. This is going to make it harder because I have to explain to you about that. This build will give you above average health (because you are below average early game) and huge ability power for such health. I reccomend that you choose an augment that best suites your situation. Buy that augment before the deathcap, and after the crystal scepter. I suggest the red one, if you want more ability power and you are great with your death ray aim. Because I struggle with it, I do not buy this unless I want more ability power. The yellow one, which gives you 30% movement speed after throwing your power transfer, also gives health. This is great if you want to survive longer and escape or run faster. When chasing someone with very low health, you can power transfer a nearby monster or enemy minion to catch up and finish him/her with a death ray. Now the blue one, which add more range to your gravity field. I only tried buying this once, but it's obvious what situation you need this. This is needed for team fights or when you can't land your gravity field. More range= more likely to trap enemy(s). Now that I established augments, I suggest buying the right one. This is because you can only buy one of the three throughout the whole game. Once you have chosen one, it's a done deal. You may not resell and buy a different one. Moving on to skill sequence, which I mentioned earlier.

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Skill Sequence

Okay first of all, power transfer is a great skill. You do tons of damage, get a shield, and also it has a short cooldown. This is best for harrassing, and useful if you get the yellow augment (refer to items chapter). This should be the first skill you start with. Next is death ray, for harrassing even more. At level 3, get a point in for gravity field, and leave it. This is useful, as I mentioned earlier, for slowing or stunning gankers. This is important also for a kill early game. I will talk about how to harrass and which skills to use when you got someone trapped with the gravity field. If someone has low hp, and he/she is trapped, throw all your skills at them. I can not stress this enough, but seriously take an extra second to aim your death ray. I have had many problems of my own for quick casting death ray. I missed quite a lot, and i realized that it does not hurt to take a second to aim it. Don't look like a newbie by missing your death ray. It can make you lose a kill. The main skill you would throw first, is obviously your power transfer. You will get a shield in return. When she/he is unstunned and moving again, use your death ray. If the champion is low health, flash in and use your ultimate or ignite. Maybe both for a secure kill. The ignite and ultimate combo will DEVAST your enemy. Literally, it will suck the life out of it. If you get a kill like this, which is easy to do, the enemy will get extremely scared, and will not mess with you again. They will now have to play safe because of that extremely scary kill. In teamfights, use your gravity field to trap, and use your ultimate on as many enemy champions as once. From my observations, they usualy ignore this ultimate and continue fighting because they underestimate the damage it does. This is good, because after a few seconds, it really makes an impact. This is when they scatter, so try flashing in for the kill. Now that the skill sequence is established, lets move on. (Note: You can control your ultimate by pressing your ultimate key (r) to the direction of your cursor. This will make your ultimate travel there. Oh one more thing, the ultimate storm gets slower the further it is away from you. If you have problems, use flash, or get a yellow augment for speed buff to catch up.)

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells. As you can tell, I picked ignite for obvious reasons. First of all, your ultimate + ignite will destroy your enemy. Flashing, can help you throw your gravity field in front of someone running and trap them in. Then, you can finish them off. Now, those 2 summoner spells are strongly reccomended, because the others just don't help as much. An alternative would be trading ignite for exhaust, but I still reccomend ignite over exhaust. But hey, find what works for you. Next chapter please!

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Ranked Play

Ranked play, which can be played at level 30. This is where the pros go. Many people can be very mean in this competitive game. So, to avoid being yelled at for stupidity, I have played a ranked game to test it out. This build works, because your health makes the enemy harder to kill you. Your teammates yell mostly because they see you feeding. This is not a problem with this build, but as I mentioned earlier, Viktor is very squishy early game. This means, play safe. If you die once 3 minutes in, your teammates will start being mean. So do not let this happen. Cooperate with your team, and ask for help when needed. This includes asking for help or to have the blue buff. Playing safe, being nice, and cooperating is the elements to a successful ranked game. Good luck! Moving on.

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Pros / Cons

(Only listing a few, because im not biased)
-Can stay in lane for such a long time, before recalling.
-This build can ensure that.
-Useful in team fights, and can catch up easily.

-Below average health at early game, this means play safe until you get catalyst the protector.
-Teammates can yell at you easily for the dumb things Viktor can do.
-Missing a death ray can be bad, because of the mana consumed to use it.

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Creeping / Jungling

As you have noticed, Viktor is not a jungler. Im adding this chapter for a short note. The enemy jungler can be killed easily if you do this right. If you see an enemy jungling, and you are hidden withing range if spells, this can be an easy kill. (Maybe even a buff steal). Find when the time is right, and if it is early game, let the monster wear him down. When he is low enough, you can jump in there with gravity field, and kill him. But if it is a buff monster with low health, steal the kill before he can get unstunned. Then finish him off. And remember, ask your teammates for blue buff. You will absolutely love what you can do with this much mana regen. The cooldown will also make a big impact.

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Team Work

Very important. You may find me repeating this, because much was said about this earlier. So I will remind you with a short conclusion. Throwing your gravity field to trap enemies is a great start. If you have a bunch of enemies trapped (about 3 or 4), use your ultimate right away. This changes the tide of the battle very fast. They will seperate from each other, and take damage. This will make them lose their formation and your team can jump in to kill one by one. Make sure you aim for the same person as your teammates. Faster kill and much more easier to control the rest if one of their teammates die really fast. Not much more to be said if I want this short. Three more chapters, stay with me. I'm almost done.

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Unique Skills

Like I said, this build will give you huge health and ability power. You will have above average health, and enough ability power to do devasting combinations. This will scare them all away.
This build dominates the other builds I've seen, for the above reasons.

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Farming is quite tough for Viktor at the start. This is because you can not throw your power transfer without enough mana to stay on the lane. If you have blue buff, this is super easy to farm with. Power transfer can finish a minion in maybe 1 throw. But at early game, your basic attacks won't be easy to use for that final minion hit. Farming is very important to Viktor, because his items are expensive. This means harrassing the enemy champion(s) so they can play safe while you farm. Remember to dodge (Karthus with his laying waste, Sivir with her throw). Last but not least, the summary!

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Okay, I think I explained much of it in the chapters. But since this is a summary, I will try to rephrase as much things as I can. Farming, blue buff, and playing safe is very important early game. At early-mid, you can get agressive because you now have catalyst the protector. Later on, joining teammates in a battle is super important. You can help out a lot. When the team fight is over and your team wins, push push push. Try to take down as much towers. Your team can get the dragon, or drake. Then, you can kill Baron if you can. Recall and spend the money you've earned from the monsters and team fight. Late game, you should stop farming and join your teammates. Keep your eyes on the mini-map because it's very important for you to know where the enemy is. The enemy will probably do the same, such as gathering in a group for a team fight. If you miss a team fight, your team mates will be mad, and plus you should be there anyways. Viktor has good potential when it comes to team fights. Well, I guess this guide is over (finally!). Thank-you if you have spent your time to read every single word that I have typed. This means you will be as successfulas I am. Good Luck!

Philip Le
P.s. Philipqle
See you in the game!