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Viktor Build Guide by Sir Wargasm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Wargasm

Viktor: You will be upgraded.

Sir Wargasm Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Version: 1.05A
Last Updated: 31-12-11

Welcome Summoners,

Who am I?
Good day, I am Sir Wargasm. I have been playing LoL for some time now. want to know more about the oh so interesting me? No? thought so.

If you have some constructive criticism please do not be shy and comment on my build, I might even listen.... once in a while. If you want to flame or troll that is fine too, just kneel, close your eyes, clasp your hands and talk to your god / oblivion / dentist.

This build is updated on a regular basis and will be expanded to encompass more depth.

I apologise for any grammar or spelling errors as English is not my first language.

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* Viktor is extremely versatile
* Has a high impact in a match
* can surpress enemy champions from advancing
* has a shield
* Quite survivable

* does not have an instakill burst
* has a real hard skillshot to master
* has only 5 free inventory spots
* can't dance.

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Power transfer

This skill is quite useful due to the shield that you get (delayed, the projectile needs to return to you) The damage is ok and the CD is fine, cast range is rather short though.

Gravity Field

His teamfight skill, this skill allows for guiding your opponents into the traps or stunning them. don't expect to stun that often though but use it to seperate the weak from the herd.

Death Ray

This Is his bread-and-butter skill. Great range, decent CD, Acceptable mana costs, Great damage. It's biggest con is how hard it is to use though. It is a dual step skill shot, first pick a castingplace then hold down your mousebutton to pick the direction.

Chaos Storm

Decent ultimate, it is a bit harsh on the normal cooldown and lacks single-target damage but is great for doing that bit of extra damage when an enemy runs away. Doesn't have a large impact in teamfights though can be used (due to its awesome animation) for a psychological advantage

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I have chosen for this setup of runes because you need the Magic penetration more than anything else. To slightly offset viktor's early lack of mana regeneration I have picked the greater seals of replenishment.

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Masteries are pretty straightforward with 9-0-21. These are not set in stone. Some things that you need to keep in the back of your head when picking your own masteries is that viktor needs mana regen and for his defence he needs Cooldown Reduction.

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At start buy a sapphire crystal. This is to make sure you will not run out of mana before your first recall and thus have some more sustainability. Logically you ahould buy 2 health pots as well. This allows you to stay in the lane longer and survive DPS-ganks.

About those health pots; during the game try to have around 2 with you right up until the late-game. This gives you a bit more flexibility instead of having to recall all the time.

Next up you need to buy a tear of the goddess, the earlier you can buy it the higher your mana will be (and the more you get from the later archangel's staff bonus)

if possible buy the Boots of Speed at the same time, if it isn't possible then you need to buy it when getting the other parts of the archangels staff.

Next focus on getting the archangels staff for your AP bonus. Usually your mana bonus will be around 400-500 mana (if you spammed E) which will grow into 1000 during the game. and combined with your own mana should give you a 80-100 AP bonus (at level 18).

Now you need to upgrade your Hex core to the Augment: Gravity variant. The range increase will give you more zoning power and will help your team a lot in teamfights. The added stats bring should give you that little boost in mana regen and CDR that you needed to keep (most) enemies from running away all the time at low health.

Next build the sorcerers shoes for the added speed boost and the Magic penetration.


Next up you need more AP and a bit of CDR to help keep your Shield with Q up. Therefore you buy Morellos Evil Tome. The added mana regen should help you keep your mana around 70% of max outside of teamfights. during teamfights this should help you keep the enemy where you want them.


Next up you build the mage's staple, Rabadons Deathcap; Rushing it would have put you behind other mages and decreased your impact throughout the game but it is still one of the best items a mage can get.

optional finishers

That concludes the fairly mandatory basic build and brings us to the optional finishers, now a great help whilst saving for your finisher is buying the stat-improving potions because it boosts your utility and keeps you on par with other people that have bought finishers already.

Buy a deathfire grasp if somehow you can't kill their off-tanks in ganks or non-team fights. Its active delivers a whopping 30% of max health punch with a 1 minute base cooldown. This is more single-target damage than your ulti does. Great item and if you aren't getting targeted I can really recommend it



if you are getting ganked or targeted too much you finish with Zhonyas hourglass. It's active shields you for 3 seconds (in which you can still control your storm cloud) AND is just long enough to get your Q off cooldown most of the time(after first shield is depleted).

These last two are based on personal preference and are quite open to debate.

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Skill Sequence

Levelling sequence
Start of with your Q, followed by your E and then your W for your first three levels. After this you max your E asap, taking Q whenever your R and E aren't available. Max your W last.

1v1 Fights
1) (Use your Deathfire Grasp on your target)
2) Immediately follow up with your Q for the shield
3) Try and land your W right behind them if they are squishy and right in front of them if they are tanky.
4) Use your E in a line with their direction hitting them as much as possible. This is tricky and requires some skill before mastered
5) If still needed pop your R on them to finish them of, after they die send your R into minions or other champs.

1) Wait for iniate
2) Use your W right behind them
3) send a line of E through at least 2 or 3 (usually horizontal)
4) use your Q to survive their focus for now
5) use your R to keep them surpressed and allow yourself or your carries to get the kills.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Allows you to escape from ganks and increases your flight potential. A genre savvy enemy will have looked at your Summoner Spells and know that you have the potential to flash away. If your opponent has flash as well try to force him to use his before you use yours.

Ignite is to stop their healing and hopefully deal that last bit of damage needed to secure the kill. Using ignite for a psychological advantage is always a good idea.
If you come into a situation where you are fighting a carry and someone else, you try and get the carry to half health and throw ignite on him. in most cases the carry will think twice about chasing you and in some he might even start running away. This helps you survive their gank.

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Early Game

If possible take mid, if there are better options for mid, then you go bottom. Start with a little bit of harassing but wait for your E and W to start going for kills and zoning. One of his specialties is zoning an enemy. Just use your Q and autoattack them, try to send them backwards with your W and follow it up with an E.

Getting Tear of the goddess is your main focus during early game. This item allows you to build your 300 starting mana up to something more respectable. Follow it up with boots because the faster you get the more control you have over the battlefield.

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Mid Game

Your next purchase should be the Augment: Gravity upgrade which will allow you to zone your laning enemy better and help you defend yourself against ganks.

During this phase it is imperative that you keep your map awareness high and your health up. A dual-enemy gank is not something you'd like to run into with viktor.

Try luring your enemy near the middle of your lane and then hit him with your W followed by Q and then the E going towards his tower. Ignite him if he still has health left or hit him with your R followed by the ignite.

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Late Game

During teamfights you should always try to come from the right (if you are right-handed, if you are lefthanded it is the other way around) this is because moving your hand towards your body is slightly more precise and just a bit quicker than moving your hand away from your body. (this has actually been proven). Your main task during the teamfight is slowing their carries with your W and if possible hitting them with your E. Use your Q on one of their tanks First and try hitting their carries later. This is because you need your shield up. (This helps with being focussed in the first "round")

Your pushing abilities are grand, Use your E to kill the caster minions and your Q on a minion if you need to last hit their tower. Always be prepared to throw your W between you and the nearest lane entrance against ganks.

If somehow your team is being outpushed and you are forced on the defensive inside the base it is very important to throw your W a bit behind the enemy champions because the usual reaction to a champion coming into view is moving back slightly, you can even force this reaction by casting your E in front of them in a line. This might seem like a waste of mana and a round but 9 times out of 10 the enemy will move back slightly and run into your W.

Fight or flight
When is it a good time to fight and when is it a good time for flight? It should be understood that discretion is the better part of valor. And sometimes hanging to the sides slightly will help you escape or flank the enemy champions. If you manage to flank them you should try zoning their tanks away from the rest of their team and let your own team make the kill.

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To conclude; this build should give you enough insights to make you a decent viktor player.
50% of being good is knowledge;
25% of being good is skill;
15% of being good is luck;
10% of being good is bragging.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you found my build / insights useful. Comment if you think the build is lacking in any department and vote once possible.

Version 1.05C

(Anything in this build may be reproduced as far as MOBAFIRE's (E)ULA allows it) and with a clear mention of the original creator: Sir Wargasm.

Kind Regards,

Sir Wargasm